Mark Provincial Breast Jewel | Masonic Regalia


  • Gilt Bars</span>
  • Gilt Maul &amp; Chise</span>
  • The Ribbon width is 25 mm
  • Size approx: 3,4 x 11 cm
SKU: LR-MRJ-00903


Mark Provincial Breast Jewel

Mark Provincial Breast Jewel


  • Finest quality breast jewel
  • Gilt Bars
  • Gilt Maul & Chise
  • The breast jewel is gold platted
  • Polished to a high standard
  • The Ribbon width is 25 mm
  • Size approx: 3,4 x 11 cm
  • Stickpin fitting on the back


This Masonic breast gem is composed of high quality materials. It is available in dual color blue and maroon ribbons, with the freemasonry ensign beautifully positioned on the dual color ribbon. It is one of the nicest gifts you can give to your loved ones and fellow Freemasons. On the back, there is a stick pin fitting attachment. We include a nice pouch with this well-designed breast gem.

The provincial breast gem for the Mark degree completes your regalia appearance at lodge meetings, activities, and investiture ceremonies. Mark Degree provincial officers wear this Masonic item. The expert craftsmen have created an aesthetically pleasing piece with a high level of workmanship and polishing. On various occasions, any Freemason may present this breast jewel to their Masonic brothers. It is available at a reduced price.

In the intricate tapestry of Masonic regalia, the Mark Breast Jewel emerges as a distinctive emblem, encapsulating the essence of honor and tradition within Freemasonry. This exploration delves into the unique significance of the Mark Breast Jewel, unraveling its symbolic threads and shedding light on its role in marking the progress of a Mason within the craft.

The Mark Provincial Breast Jewel: A Symbol of Recognition

At the heart of Masonic regalia, the Mark Breast Jewel stands as a symbol of recognition and accomplishment. This distinguished ornament is more than a mere accessory; it is a tangible representation of a Mason’s journey, achievements, and commitment to the principles of Freemasonry.

Crafting Identity: The Mark Provincial Breast Jewel as a Personalized Emblem</strong>

The Mark Provincial Breast Jewel serves as a personalized emblem, crafted with precision to represent the unique identity of each Mason. Its design incorporates symbols, colors, and motifs that carry deep significance, mirroring the individual’s progression and standing within the Masonic fraternity.

Recognition of Merit: Awarding Excellence in Masonic Endeavors

Bestowed upon Masons who have exhibited excellence in their Masonic endeavors, the Mark Breast Jewel becomes a mark of distinction. This recognition is not only a celebration of individual achievement but also a testament to the Masonic values upheld by the recipient.

Symbolic Threads: Decoding the Mark Provincial Breast Jewel</strong>

<span style=”font-size: 15px;”>The Mark Breast Jewel is a tapestry woven with symbolic threads, each strand contributing to the rich narrative of Masonic tradition. Understanding these symbols unveils the profound meanings embedded within this regal ornament.

Craftsmanship in Metal: Materials and Their Symbolism

Crafted in metal, the Mark Breast Jewel transcends its materiality, embodying symbolic significance. The choice of metal—whether gold, silver, or another alloy—adds layers of meaning, symbolizing purity, strength, and the enduring nature of Masonic principles.

Architectural Symbolism: Pillars, Columns, and Masonic Structure

Intricate engravings of pillars and columns on the Mark Provincial Breast Jewel carry architectural symbolism. These elements reflect the pillars of wisdom, strength, and beauty—a nod to the foundational virtues that underpin the Masonic journey.

Emblazoned Symbols: Square, Compass, and the Mark Degree Emblem

style=”font-size: 15px;”>&gt;Prominently featured on the Mark Provincial Breast Jewel are the iconic square and compass—the quintessential symbols of Freemasonry. The addition of the Mark degree emblem further signifies the wearer’s attainment of specific knowledge and mastery within the craft.

A Journey Through Ranks: The Mark Breast Jewel as a Hierarchical Marker

yle=”font-size: 15px;”>Beyond its symbolic richness, the Breast Jewel serves as a hierarchical marker, indicating the wearer’s rank and standing within the Mark Provincial structure. This hierarchical aspect adds an additional layer of significance to the regalia, showcasing the progression and leadership within the Masonic community.

Distinctive Design: Differentiating Provincial Ranks

The Provincial Jewel’s design undergoes variations to distinguish between different provincial ranks. These distinctions contribute to the visual language of Masonic hierarchy, allowing fellow Masons to identify the wearer’s specific role and responsibilities within the organization.

Wearer’s Progression: A Visual Timeline of Masonic Advancement

As a Mason ascends through the ranks, the Mark Provincial Breast Jewel becomes a visual timeline of their Masonic advancement. The evolving design signifies not only personal growth but also the increasing responsibilities shoulder by wearer within Masonic structure.

=”font-size: 15px;”>Ceremonial Significance: The Mark Provincial Breast Jewel in Masonic Rituals</strong></strong>

“font-size: 15px;”>The ceremonial aspect of the Mark Breast Jewel adds a layer of solemnity and ritualistic significance to its presentation and wearing. Understanding its role in Masonic rituals provides insight into the broader context of its usage within the craft.

style=”font-size: 15px;”>&lt;strong>Investiture Ceremonies: Bestowing the Mark Provincial Breast Jewel</span>

<span style=”font-size: 15px;”>The investiture ceremony, where the Mark Breast Jewel is bestowed upon a deserving Mason, is a moment of profound significance. This ceremonial act symbolizes the entrustment of responsibilities and the acknowledgment of the individual’s commitment to Masonic principles.

Symbolic Placement: Wearing the Jewel with Reverence

The placement of the Provincial Breast Jewel on the wearer’s regalia holds symbolic importance. Positioned close to heart, the jewel signifies intimate connection between Mason and the principles, values, and ideals upheld within Masonic brotherhood.</span>

Custodians of Tradition: The Mark Provincial Breast Jewel and Continuity</span></span>

The Provincial Breast Jewel, beyond its role in individual recognition, becomes custodian of tradition within Freemasonry. Its continuity through generations emphasizes enduring nature of Masonic teachings and responsibility of each wearer to uphold these traditions.

Passing the Torch: Symbolism in Heirloom Jewels

In some cases, the Mark Breast Jewel becomes an heirloom, passed down through generations. This act of passing jewel signifies continuation of Masonic tradition, with each new wearer inheriting the symbolic legacy of those who came before.

Continuity in Design: Linking Past, Present, and Future

The design elements incorporated into the Provincial Breast Jewel often carry historical significance. These design continuities create visual link between past, present, and future Masons, fostering sense of continuity and shared heritage within Masonic community.</span>

Unity and Brotherhood: The Mark Provincial Breast Jewel as a Unifying Symbol&lt;/strong>

e=”font-size: 15px;”>While Provincial Breast Jewel is mark of individual distinction, it also serves as unifying symbol within Masonic brotherhood. Its presence at gatherings and lodge meetings fosters a sense of unity, creating a visual language that transcends individual differences.

Shared Symbolism: Strengthening the Bond of Brotherhood

The shared symbolism of Provincial Breast Jewel creates common ground for Masons, fostering bond of brotherhood. The visual language of the regalia becomes a silent communicator of shared values, experiences, and commitment to Masonic ideals.

Camaraderie in Recognition: Acknowledging Masonic Achievements

<p><p>The act of recognizing a fellow Mason through the Mark Provincial Breast Jewel fosters camaraderie within the brotherhood. </p>

Conclusion: The Provincial Breast Jewel – A Living Symbol of Masonic Tradition

In conclusion, Mark Breast Jewel stands as living symbol of Masonic tradition, embodying recognition, hierarchy, ritualistic significance, and unity of brotherhood. From its distinctive design to its ceremonial role, this regalia piece encapsulates the essence of Freemasonry. As custodians of tradition, wearers of the Mark Breast Jewel carry not just a piece of regalia but a mantle of responsibility—a responsibility to uphold the principles, values, and legacy of Freemasonry for generations to come. In its symbolism, craftsmanship, and role in Masonic rituals, the Mark Breast Jewel becomes a testament to the enduring nature of the Masonic journey.

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