Members Breast Jewel of the Order


  • The silk Maroon ribbon
  • The breast jewel is a metal gild
  • Polished to a high standard
  • Size is 3.5cm * 12cm
  • Excellent quality an
SKU: LR-RMJ-0806


Members’ Breast Jewel of the Order

Members Breast Jewel of the Order


  • This jewel comes with a quality wallet as attached to store your jewel, you can personalize the holder with a name and lodge insert to the front
  • Finest quality breast jewel
  • The silk Maroon ribbon
  • The breast jewel is a metal gild
  • Polished to a high standard
  • Size is 3.5cm * 12cm
  • Excellent quality and detail
  • Jewel has a stickpin fitting on the back


A comparable apron is worn by the Thrice Illustrious Master (i.e., Master) of a Council, with the symbol of the office of Master stitched in the center. A prior master’s apron bears a slightly different symbol. A district grand officer wears a crimson collarette with a golden gem of their office’s symbol dangling from it, whereas a grand officer’s apron (embroidered with his rank’s badge) and collar are the bordered with gold lace. The breast jewel’s ribbon is trimmed in white.

We are offering you the highest quality breast jewel, which includes a maroon ribbon, a professionally metal gilded jewel, and a robust stickpin fitting on the back. First and foremost, our professional employees have created this lovely breast jewel very beautifully with an outstanding level of detailing and quality, and this basic breast jewel is ideal for any Freemason.

Within the prestigious world of fraternal orders, the Members Breast Jewel stands as an emblem of honor, distinction, and commitment. This exploration delves into the intricacies of the Members Breast Jewel of the Order, transcending its material existence to unravel the layers of symbolism, tradition, and the profound transitions it signifies within the esteemed order.

Origins and Significance: A Historical Prelude

The journey of the Members Breast Jewel begins with a historical exploration of its origins and the significant role it played in the early days of the order. Understanding the roots provides insights into the evolution of the Members Breast Jewel, shaping its symbolism and role within the order.

Evolution of Design: Transitioning Aesthetics Across Eras

As we trace the historical trajectory, the evolution of design becomes apparent. The Members Breast Jewel has undergone transitions in aesthetics, reflecting the changing styles, preferences, and cultural influences across different eras. Each design iteration signifies a transition in the visual representation of the order’s ideals.

Symbolism Inherent: Decoding the Emblematic Language

The Members Breast Jewel is not merely a decorative adornment; it is a bearer of symbolism. This section decodes the emblematic language embedded in the design, unraveling the layers of meaning that make the jewel a profound representation of the order’s values, virtues, and aspirations.

Ceremonial Significance: The Jewel in Rituals and Rites

Beyond its visual aesthetics and symbolic representation, the Members Breast Jewel plays a pivotal role in the order’s rituals and rites. 

Initiation Rituals: The Transition to Membership

The journey of a member begins with initiation rituals, and the Members Breast Jewel plays a significant role in this transition. As the jewel is bestowed upon a new member, it symbolizes the entrant’s official entry into the fold, marking a profound transition from candidate to initiated member.

Rites of Passage: Transitions Within the Order’s Hierarchy

The order’s hierarchical structure involves transitions as members ascend to higher ranks. The Members Breast Jewel, with its unique design elements and embellishments, becomes a marker of these transitions. This section explores how the jewel symbolizes the member’s progression within the order’s organizational hierarchy.

Design Elements: Crafting a Symbolic Tapestry

The aesthetic allure of the Members Breast Jewel lies in its design elements, each carrying a specific meaning. This section dissects the various components—colors, shapes, and symbols—woven into the jewel’s fabric, unveiling the intentional choices made by the order’s designers to convey a rich narrative.

Colors as Transitions: Symbolism in Hues

Colors play a pivotal role in the Members Breast Jewel, representing a transition from one state to another. 

Intricate Symbols: Navigating Through Visual Allegories

The Members Breast Jewel is adorned with intricate symbols, each holding deep-rooted meaning within the order’s philosophy.

Membership Journey: The Jewel as a Personal Chronicle

For each member, the journey with the order is a personal odyssey marked by milestones, experiences, and growth. 

Accomplishments Embodied: Jewels as Markers of Achievement

Certain iterations of the Members Breast Jewel may include additional embellishments or variations, signifying specific accomplishments or contributions made by the wearer. These personalized touches transform the jewel into a dynamic narrative, celebrating the member’s unique journey and impact on the order.

Transitions Through Time: Wear and Tear as Testaments

As members wear the jewel throughout their tenure, it undergoes natural wear and tear. The jewel, with its evolving appearance, narrates a story of dedication and service.

Community Impact: Beyond the Individual Jewel

The Members Breast Jewel extends its influence beyond the individual wearer, leaving an imprint on the broader community of the order. 

Visual Unity: A Collective Identity

The uniform presence of Members Breast Jewels during order gatherings creates a visual unity that binds members together. This collective identity transcends individual differences, fostering a sense of belonging and shared commitment to the order’s overarching principles.

Civic Presence: Jewels as Symbols Beyond Lodge Walls

As order members step into the public sphere, the Members Breast Jewel serves as a visible symbol of their affiliation. 

Philanthropy and Service: The Jewel in Action

The Members Breast Jewel is not merely a passive adornment; it becomes a catalyst for action. 

Philanthropic Initiatives: Translating Values into Action

The order’s commitment to philanthropy finds tangible expression through the actions of its members, often identified by the Members Breast Jewel. This section examines how the jewel becomes a symbol of philanthropic endeavors, marking transitions from intention to impactful community service.

Community Engagement: Jewels as Beacons of Leadership

Members who actively participate in community leadership roles wear the Members Breast Jewel with an added layer of significance.

Legacy and Transition: Passing the Jewel Through Generations

As members advance in age or choose to pass on their mantle of responsibility, the transition of the Members Breast Jewel becomes a poignant moment.

Generational Handovers: Transitioning the Torch

The act of passing the Members Breast Jewel to a new generation signifies a transition of responsibility, knowledge, and commitment. This symbolic handover becomes a ritualized moment that reinforces the continuity of the order’s values and traditions across different epochs.

In Memoriam: Jewels as Living Tributes

When a member passes away, the Members Breast Jewel takes on a new role as a living tribute. 

Conclusion: The Members Breast Jewel – A Symbol of Everlasting Transition

In conclusion, the Members Breast Jewel of the Order transcends its physical form to become a symbol of everlasting transition. From its historical origins to its ceremonial significance, from personalized narratives to community impact, the jewel weaves a rich tapestry of transitions within the esteemed order. As members don this emblem of honor, they become active participants in the order’s ongoing journey, marking their own transitions and contributing to the collective narrative of the order’s enduring legacy. The Members Breast Jewel stands not only as an adornment but as a living testament to the order’s values, transitions, and the timeless commitment of its members.

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