Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar


  • 4 Inch wide plain ribbon
  • Stitched silver metal hook for attachment to the collar
  • Clip for securing a collar jewel
  • “V” tip fitted with Jewel swivel hook
SKU: LR-CMP-00305


Rose Croix 32nd Degree Collar

32nd Degree Gold Collar – Hand embroidered


  • Rose Croix 32nd Degree Handmade Collar with heavy embroidery
  • Finest quality gold and silver embroidery
  • 3D bullion design
  • 14mm silver braid all over the collar
  • 4 Inch wide plain ribbon
  • Stitched silver metal hook for attachment to the collar
  • Clip for securing a collar jewel
  • “V” tip fitted with Jewel swivel hook
  • Finished to a very high standard with a Neck hook and Swivel hook for the jewel.


Rose Croix 32nd Degree Collar, expertly hand embroidered with every little detail carefully tested to ensure perfection in all aspects. The collar’s borders are stitched with a silver braid over black moire watermarked ribbon, and there is a self-locking swivel hook for hanging the gem and a collar clip in the back.

You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to make an excellent first impression at the lodge. However, we have a devoted staff of production designers and shippers who work relentlessly to deliver high-quality regalia on time.

Within the grandeur of Masonic regalia, the Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar emerges as a symbol of eminence and profound significance. This exploration transcends the mere aesthetic appeal of a collar, delving into the layers of symbolism, tradition, and transitions woven into its golden threads. From its ornate design to the elevated status it confers upon the wearer, the Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar stands as a radiant emblem within the rich tapestry of Freemasonry.

Gold Collar as a Symbol of Distinction

The journey of the Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar begins with its role as a symbol of distinction. Crafted in gold, a metal universally associated with value and prestige, the collar becomes more than an accessory—it becomes a statement of eminence within the Masonic hierarchy.

Transitioning Beyond Ornamentation: A Collar of Significance

As the Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar graces the shoulders of a Mason, it transitions beyond being a mere ornament. The collar becomes a visible manifestation of the wearer’s journey through the degrees—a symbol of commitment, knowledge, and spiritual evolution.

Gilded Excellence: The Golden Transition to Higher Degrees

The transition from lesser degrees to the exalted realm of the Rose Croix 32nd Degree is accentuated by the gold collar. This shift symbolizes the wearer’s ascent to higher knowledge, enlightenment, and a deeper understanding of the esoteric principles embraced within the Rose Croix.

Symbolism Woven in Gold Threads

As the Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar adorns the Mason, it becomes a canvas for symbolism, each golden thread carrying profound meaning and representing the interconnectedness of Masonic principles.

The Radiant Glow of Wisdom: Gold as a Symbol of Illumination

The choice of gold as the medium for the collar is not arbitrary. It symbolizes the radiant glow of wisdom, enlightenment, and spiritual understanding. The transition from a mundane collar to one crafted in gold signifies the wearer’s journey towards the light of knowledge.

Emblem of Immortality: The Rose Croix Symbol on Gold Threads

The Rose Croix emblem, meticulously embroidered or crafted on the gold collar, undergoes a transition in meaning. It becomes more than a visual symbol; it transforms into an emblem of immortality. The gold threads represent the enduring nature of Masonic teachings and the eternal truths embraced by the Rose Croix.

Ceremonial Elevation: The Gold Collar in Rose Croix Rituals

The Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar transcends its role as a symbol; it actively participates in the ceremonial elevation of the wearer. From the private sanctum of Masonic rituals to public ceremonies, the collar becomes a conduit for transformative experiences.

The Collar’s Role in Initiation: A Symbolic Transition

During the initiation into the Rose Croix 32nd Degree, the collar plays a pivotal role. Its placement around the neck becomes a symbolic transition—a visible acknowledgment of the wearer’s readiness to delve into the profound mysteries and lessons embedded within the Rose Croix.

The Unveiling Ritual: Transitioning to Illumination

The ceremonial unveiling of the Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar is a moment of significance. It marks a transition from darkness to illumination, symbolizing the Mason’s journey from ignorance to knowledge, from obscurity to enlightenment.

Gold Collar as a Beacon of Leadership

Beyond its symbolism and ceremonial role, the Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar becomes a beacon of leadership within the Masonic fraternity. Its significance extends to leadership transitions and the responsibilities that come with guiding others on their Masonic journey.

Symbol of Leadership: Wearing the Collar with Authority

As a Mason ascends to leadership role within Rose Croix, donning gold collar becomes symbol of authority. This transition underscores the hierarchical structure within Freemasonry and the responsibilities associated with leading others on the path of enlightenment.

Guiding the Rose Croix: The Collar’s Role in Leadership Transitions

During leadership transitions, the Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar becomes a tangible representation of continuity. Passing the collar from one leader to the next signifies a seamless transition of responsibility and a commitment to preserving the legacy of Rose Croix teachings.

Tradition Embodied in Gold Elegance

The Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar not only symbolizes transition but also embodies the rich tradition of Rose Croix degree. It becomes tangible link to past, custodian of timeless teachings, and vessel for transmitting Masonic wisdom to future generations.

Transitioning Through Time: The Collar as a Guardian of Tradition

As the gold collar graces the shoulders of successive generations of Rose Croix Masons, it undergoes a transition through time. It becomes guardian of tradition, carrying within its golden threads collective wisdom and experiences of those who have worn it before.

Passing the Collar: A Symbolic Transition of Legacy

The tradition of passing Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar from one Mason to another is symbolic transition of legacy. It represents continuity of Masonic teachings, unbroken chain of initiation, and commitment to preserving profound truths embraced within Rose Croix.

Public Representation: The Gold Collar Beyond the Lodge

The transition of the Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar extends beyond the sacred walls of the lodge. It becomes a visible representation of the Mason’s affiliation and commitment to embodying Masonic principles in the broader community.

Transitioning Between Realms: The Gold Collar in Public Settings

As Masons step into the public arena, the gold collar becomes a symbol of pride and honor. The seamless transition between private and public aspects of Mason’s life reinforces idea that Masonic principles extend beyond lodge, influencing every facet of one’s existence.

Wear and Tear: The Collar as a Narrator of Masonic Journey

As Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar accompanies its wearer through journey of Masonry, it accumulates wear and tear. Each mark, scratch, or sign of use becomes narrative, visible testament to wearer’s experiences, challenges, and growth within Craft.

Wear as a Badge of Honor: Narrating the Masonic Journey in Gold

The transition from a pristine gold collar to one that bears the marks of wear becomes a badge of honor. Each imperfection becomes a storyteller, narrating the Mason’s journey within the Rose Croix. The gold collar, as custodian of these tales, becomes transition point between personal history and collective history of Masonic fraternity.

Conclusion: The Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar – A Symbolic Sentinel of Masonic Transition

In conclusion, the Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar, with its symbolic richness, ceremonial significance, and embodiment of tradition, stands as a symbolic sentinel of Masonic transition. From functionality to profound symbolism, from private initiation rituals to public representation, gold collar navigates diverse threads of Masonic journey within Rose Croix degree. As a beacon of leadership, a custodian of tradition, and a narrator of Masonic journeys, the Rose Croix 32nd Degree Gold Collar becomes an integral part of the Masonic narrative—illuminating the path to enlightenment, embodying tradition, and facilitating seamless transitions within the timeless legacy of Freemasonry.

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