Collarette Past Active Grand Officer


  • It has a Stitched gold metal hook for attachment to the collar
  • The Clip for securing a collar gem
  • A “V” tip with a Jewel swivel hook
SKU: LR-CMP-00304


Allied Collarette Past Active Grand Officer

Allied Collarette Past Active Grand Officer – Hand embroidered 


  • A High quality Collarette Past Active Grand Officer
  • It has a Stitched gold metal hook; for the attachment to the collar
  • The Clip for securing a collar gem
  • A “V” tip with a Jewel swivel hook
  • The perfect color combination of the green and gold


The Allied Degrees Past Masters Collarette Best Quality is compose of the high quality materials. The moiré design on this green masonic collarette adds to its charm. Freemason fellows can wear this finely designed collarette item at lodge functions, events, dinner parties, and the annual ceremonies.

The Collars have long been worn by the knights, members of royal families, the high officials, members of noble orders, and the others, and if you want to make the best impression at the Lodges; you’ve come to the right place. On the other hand, we have a large staff of production designers; and shippers who work hard to deliver high quality regalia on time.

In the realm of Masonic regalia, the Collarette Past Active Grand Officer stands as a distinguished emblem, reflecting not only the wearer’s journey through the ranks but also the prestige associated with holding significant Masonic positions. This exploration delves into the multifaceted layers of symbolism, tradition, and transitions embodied in the Collarette Past Active Grand Officer. From its symbolic design to the role it plays in Masonic rituals, this regalia piece unveils a narrative of honor, commitment, and leadership.

The Eloquent Design: A Visual Ode to Masonic Leadership

The journey of the Collarette Past Active Grand Officer commences with its eloquent design, serving as a visual representation of the wearer’s leadership role within the Masonic fraternity.

Symbolic Elements: Unveiling the Collarette’s Visual Language

The Collarette’s design is not arbitrary; it speaks a visual language embedded with symbolism. Each element, from colors to symbols, contributes to the narrative of Masonic values and principles.

Transitioning Through Ranks: A Visual Chronology

As one progresses through Masonic ranks, the Collarette becomes a visual chronology of the wearer’s journey. The transition from one rank to another is marked by distinct design elements, turning the regalia into a living testament of leadership evolution.

Past Active Grand Officer: A Legacy of Leadership

The title of Past Active Grand Officer carries a legacy of leadership, underscoring the wearer’s commitment and contributions to the Masonic fraternity.

Transitioning from Active to Past Active: A Symbolic Shift

The transition from an active role to a Past Active Grand Officer signifies a shift in responsibilities. It marks the conclusion of an active term, transforming into a custodian of Masonic ideals and a mentor to those who follow.

Legacy of Leadership: Collarette as a Symbol of Service

The Collarette, donned by a Past Active Grand Officer, becomes a symbol of service and leadership. It signifies not only the tenure served but also the enduring impact of the individual on the Masonic community.

Ceremonial Significance: The Collarette in Masonic Rituals

The Collarette Past Active Grand Officer assumes ceremonial significance, playing a pivotal role in various Masonic rituals.

Unveiling in Ceremonies: A Transition to Recognition

The ceremonial unveiling of the Collarette is a moment of recognition within Masonic rituals. It marks the acknowledgment of the wearer’s dedicated service and leadership contributions.

Symbolic Handovers: Passing the Collarette in Rituals

In certain Masonic ceremonies, the Collarette undergoes symbolic handovers. This transition signifies the continuity of leadership and the passing of the torch from one Masonic leader to another.

Masonic Brotherhood: Collarette as a Symbol of Unity

Beyond its individual symbolism, the Collarette Past Active Grand Officer becomes a symbol of unity among Masons.

Unity in Diversity: Collarette as an Inclusive Emblem

The Collarette transcends individual roles, fostering a sense of unity among Masons from various backgrounds and ranks. It becomes an inclusive emblem, symbolizing the shared commitment to Masonic principles.

Transitioning from Isolation to Brotherhood: Collarette’s Fraternal Role

The Collarette’s significance extends beyond its aesthetic appeal; it plays a fraternal role in transitioning Masons from isolation to a sense of brotherhood. This transition is not just visual but deeply embedded in the ethos of Masonic camaraderie.

Custodian of Tradition: The Collarette’s Role in Preserving Legacy

As a Past Active Grand Officer dons the Collarette, the regalia piece transforms into a custodian of tradition, preserving the legacy of Masonic ideals.

Transitioning Through Generations: Collarette as a Symbol of Continuity

The Collarette serves as a bridge between generations, symbolizing the continuity of Masonic teachings and values. The transition from one wearer to another is not just a change in personnel but a seamless continuation of Masonic legacy.

Wearer as a Living Archive: Collarette’s Transition into Living History

The Collarette, adorned by a Past Active Grand Officer, becomes a living archive. It encapsulates the history, experiences, and contributions of the wearer, transitioning into a tangible embodiment of Masonic heritage.

Public Representation: Collarette as an Emblem Beyond the Lodge

Beyond the confines of the Masonic lodge, the Collarette Past Active Grand Officer transitions into a symbol of Masonic representation in public settings.

Transitioning Between Realms: Collarette as a Civic Symbol

The Collarette, as a civic symbol, facilitates a seamless transition between the sacred and civic aspects of a Mason’s life. It serves as a visible connection between the private sanctum of the lodge and the public arena.

Public Perception: Collarette’s Role in Shaping Masonic Image

The Collarette, when worn with pride and dignity, contributes to shaping the public perception of Freemasonry. It becomes a symbol of honor, integrity, and commitment to service.

Wear and Tear: Collarette’s Journey Through Time

As the Collarette accompanies its wearer through various Masonic experiences, it accumulates wear and tear, transitioning from pristine regalia to a storyteller of Masonic journeys.

Wear as a Badge of Honor: Collarette’s Transition into a Narrative

The visible signs of use on the Collarette become badges of honor. Each mark, scratch, or sign becomes a narrative, telling the story of the wearer’s journey within the Craft.

Collarette as a Custodian of Stories: Transitioning Through Masonic History

The Collarette, as a custodian of stories, becomes a transition point between personal history and the collective history of the Masonic fraternity. It transforms into a vessel carrying the narratives of countless Masons.

Conclusion: Collarette Past Active Grand Officer – A Symbolic Transition

In conclusion, the Collarette Past Active Grand Officer, with its symbolic design, ceremonial significance, and role in preserving Masonic legacy, stands as a symbolic transition within the rich tapestry of Freemasonry. From the eloquent design that speaks a visual language to its role in Masonic rituals, the Collarette embodies honor, commitment, and leadership. As a symbol of unity and a custodian of tradition, it facilitates seamless transitions, preserving the timeless legacy of Freemasonry. The Collarette Past Active Grand Officer, in its dignified wear and tear, stands as an integral part of the Masonic narrative, symbolizing tradition, continuity, and the enduring spirit of Masonic brotherhood.

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