Apron Badges Full Dress or Undress


  • Craft Dress & Undress Badge 110mm Diameter
  • White leather base
  • Double-sided sticky backing
  • Self-adhesive 3M peel off sticky back to the badge
SKU: LR-CPB-0104


Apron Badges Full Dress or Undress

Apron Badges Full Dress or Undress


  • Premium quality handmade Craft Dress & Undress Badge
  • Craft Dress & Undress Badge 110mm Diameter
  • White leather base
  • Double-sided sticky backing
  • Self-adhesive 3M peel off sticky back to the badge
  • Badges made to order to the required Province / Rank

Full Dress Badge:

  • Hand embroidered with gold bullion wire

Undress Badge:

  • Hand embroidered with gold bullion wire and blue thread


The handmade dress and undress apron badge is 110mm in diameter and wonderfully produced by our expert crew using blue and gold bullion thread. The reverse of the badge features a 3M sticky peel-off backing. When adhering to your apron, use additional adhesive for a stronger, longer-lasting hold. Each badge includes a durable self-adhesive double-sided sticker for attaching the badge to the apron.

Custom-made Provincial Full Dress and Undress Apron Badge and Collar Jewel to your Province/District and Rank specifications. A high-quality hand-embroidered dress and undress badge made from blue and gold bullion wire with a self-adhesive back. Both goods are made to a very high grade in the United Kingdom.

In the ceremonial splendor of Masonic regalia, aprons stand as iconic symbols, each adorned with badges that carry profound meanings. The journey of these apron badges is nuanced, transitioning between Full Dress and Undress, weaving a narrative that reflects the richness of Masonic tradition. This exploration delves into the active symbolism and transitions embodied in these apron badges, offering a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of Freemasonry.

The Emblematic Journey: Apron Badges in Full Dress

The Full Dress apron, resplendent with symbolism, marks a ceremonial journey that transcends the ordinary. The apron badge, a focal point, becomes a canvas for intricate symbols that speak to the core tenets of Freemasonry.

Symbols Adorning the Full Dress Apron Badge

In Full Dress, apron badges are adorned with symbols that encapsulate Masonic teachings. The square and compass, pillars, and various other emblems come to life, creating a visual language that resonates with the principles held dear by Freemasons.

Transitioning Symbolism: The Active Language of Apron Badges

The transition within Full Dress symbolism is dynamic. As Masons ascend through the degrees, the apron badge evolves, each added symbol marking a transition in knowledge and responsibility. This dynamic evolution is an active expression of a Mason’s journey.

The Subdued Elegance: Apron Badges in Undress

Undress aprons, while appearing more subdued, carry a distinct elegance. The transition from Full Dress to Undress marks a shift from ceremonial grandeur to a more intimate Masonic setting, yet the apron badges remain charged with meaning.

Simplicity with Significance: Undress Apron Badge Elements

In Undress, apron badges often maintain essential symbols, embracing simplicity without sacrificing significance. The undress apron, though less ornate, serves as a reminder of Masonic principles in more intimate lodge gatherings.

Transitioning Context: Undress Aprons in Informal Settings

Undress aprons find their place in informal lodge settings, fostering a sense of camaraderie among Masons. The transition in context—from formal ceremonies to casual gatherings—is mirrored in the simplicity of Undress apron badges.

Ceremonial Transitions: The Active Role of Apron Badges

Apron badges play an active role in Masonic ceremonies, serving as visual markers of a Mason’s journey. Whether in Full Dress or Undress, these badges transition through rituals, symbolizing the elevation of knowledge, responsibility, and the shared experience of brotherhood.

Unveiling Degrees: Apron Badges as Degrees Progress

The progression of degrees is mirrored in the evolution of apron badges. As Masons advance, additional symbols are incorporated, marking the transitions from Entered Apprentice to Fellowcraft and finally to Master Mason. Each badge becomes a visual testament to the journey undertaken.

Symbolic Unveiling: Full Dress Apron Badge in Degree Ceremonies

In Full Dress ceremonies, the apron badge becomes a focal point during degree conferrals. As each degree unfolds, the symbolism on the apron badge is unveiled, signifying the progression of the candidate through the transformative stages of initiation.

Everyday Symbolism: Undress Apron Badge in Lodge Activities

Undress apron badges transition into everyday symbolism during lodge activities. The apron, though simpler, maintains its role as a visual identifier of a Mason’s rank and knowledge, fostering a sense of equality and brotherhood.

From Formal to Fraternal: Apron Badges in Social Settings

The transition from formal Masonic ceremonies to fraternal social settings brings a shift in the role of apron badges. While Full Dress aprons may be reserved for official occasions, the Undress apron badges continue to symbolize Masonic affiliation in more relaxed settings.

Formal Elegance: Full Dress Apron Badges in Special Events

During special events, Full Dress apron badges elevate the ceremonial atmosphere. The transition to formal elegance underscores the significance of the occasion, with apron badges serving as a visual representation of the solemnity of the event.

Fraternal Bonds: Undress Apron Badges in Social Gatherings

In more casual social gatherings, Undress apron badges reinforce fraternal bonds among Masons. The transition to Undress aprons in these settings reflects the informal camaraderie that is integral to the Masonic experience.

Symbolic Threads: The Unifying Language of Apron Badges

Whether in Full Dress or Undress, the symbolism embedded in apron badges creates a unifying language among Masons. The transition between these states of regalia serves as a visual representation of the multifaceted nature of Freemasonry.

Transcending Differences: Full Dress Apron Badges as Equalizers

In Full Dress, apron badges act as equalizers, transcending differences among Masons. The symbolism they carry becomes a shared language, fostering a sense of unity and mutual understanding.

Intimate Bonds: Undress Apron Badges Fostering Brotherhood

Undress apron badges, while simpler, foster intimate bonds among Masons. The transition to Undress symbolizes a shift to a more personal, brotherly connection, emphasizing the shared journey within the Craft.

Preserving Tradition: The Timeless Nature of Apron Badges

Apron badges, in both Full Dress and Undress, stand as timeless symbols preserving the traditions of Freemasonry. The transition between these states reflects the enduring nature of Masonic principles passed down through generations.

Historical Continuity: Full Dress Apron Badges as Historical Anchors

In Full Dress, apron badges become historical anchors, connecting the present to the rich traditions of the past. The transition to Full Dress serves as a visual link to the historical continuity of Freemasonry.

Modern Expressions: Undress Apron Badges in Contemporary Context

Undress apron badges, while rooted in tradition, find relevance in contemporary contexts. The transition to Undress represents an adaptability that allows Masonic symbols to remain meaningful in the modern Masonic experience.

Wear and Tear: Apron Badges as Narrators of Masonic Journeys

The wear and tear on apron badges, whether in Full Dress or Undress, become narratives of a Mason’s journey within the Craft. Each mark, scratch, or fading symbol becomes a storyteller, a transition point between personal history and the collective history of the Masonic fraternity.

Wear as a Badge of Honor: Apron Badges Narrating Masonic Journeys

The transition from a pristine apron badge to one that bears the marks of wear is a badge of honor. Each imperfection becomes a storyteller, narrating the wearer’s journey within the Craft. Apron badges, as custodians of these tales, become transition points between personal history and the collective history of the Masonic fraternity.

Conclusion: Apron Badges – Active Symbols in Masonic Transition

In conclusion, apron badges in Full Dress and Undress emerge as active symbols in the intricate transitions within Freemasonry. From formal ceremonies to fraternal gatherings, these badges navigate the diverse threads of the Masonic journey. Whether adorned with elaborate symbolism in Full Dress or maintaining simplicity in Undress, apron badges remain integral to the shared language of Freemasonry. As custodians of tradition, narrators of Masonic journeys, and symbols of unity, apron badges actively participate in the vibrant tapestry that defines the timeless and evolving nature of Freemasonry.

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