Rose Croix 31st Degree Collarette & Jewel


  • The slider at back; to secure under the jacket collar
  • The Black eagle pendant with golden wings
  • It Comes with Hook and Pendent Fitting
SKU: LR-CMP-00308


Rose Croix 31st Degree Collarette & Jewel

31st Rose Croix Collarette Eagle Jewel – Best quality 


  • High Quality handmade Rose Croix 31st Degree Collarette With Eagle
  • Comfortable fitting and easy to wear collarette
  • The slider at back; to secure under the jacket collar
  • The Black eagle pendant with golden wings
  • It Comes with Hook and Pendent Fitting
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Rose Croix 31 degree collarette, expertly handcrafted from the highest quality materials. White moire watermarked masonic ribbon, slim golden braid, self locking swivel hook; and velcro closure in the back.

The highest grade metals are used in the production, including professional black and gold plating. This Rose Croix piece features a crown and a gilt plated eagle with two heads.

Freemasons wear this Collar at special events and festivals. We use the finest quality material in all our products. You can feel super comfortable by wearing this collar. You can also gift this to your freemasons brothers.

In the realm of Masonic regalia, the Rose Croix 31st Degree Collarette & Jewel stands as a beacon of distinction, embodying the profound symbolism and rich tradition of Freemasonry. This exploration transcends the realm of mere attire, delving into the intricate layers of meaning and transitions embodied in the Collarette and Jewel. From its distinctive design to the symbolic journey it represents, the Rose Croix regalia serves as a visual narrative within the tapestry of Masonic symbolism.

The Rose Croix Aesthetic: A Glimpse into the Collarette

The Rose Croix Collarette, with its distinctive design and vibrant hues, serves as the first chapter in the visual narrative of the 31st Degree. This section explores the aesthetic elements that make the Collarette a unique and recognizable piece within the spectrum of Masonic regalia.

Design Elements: Crafting Distinction

The Collarette’s design, marked by its intricate patterns and symbolic motifs, crafts a visual language that speaks to the uniqueness of the 31st Degree. Each element, carefully woven into the fabric, contributes to the overall symbolism and aesthetic appeal, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.

Color Palette: Symbolic Hues

The choice of colors within the Rose Croix Collarette is deliberate, each hue holding a symbolic significance. From the deep reds representing sacrifice and martyrdom to the serene blues embodying virtue and fidelity, the color palette becomes a language in itself, articulating the ideals of the 31st Degree.

Jeweled Symbolism: Decoding the Rose Croix 31st Degree Jewel

The Rose Croix 31st Degree Jewel, suspended from the Collarette, serves as a focal point of symbolism and Masonic teachings. This section delves into the intricate details of the Jewel, deciphering the symbolic elements that contribute to its profound significance.

The Rose and Cross: Core Symbolism

At the heart of the 31st Degree Jewel lies the symbol of the Rose and Cross. Each petal of rose and each arm of cross carries symbolic weight, representing ideals such as resurrection, immortality, and intertwining of divine and earthly realms. The Jewel, therefore, becomes a visual meditation on these profound Masonic teachings.

Numerical Significance: The Power of Thirty-One

The numerical significance of the 31st Degree is echoed in the Jewel’s design. The arrangement of jewels, number of petals on rose, and arms of cross all contribute to cohesive representation of numerical symbolism. This section deciphers the power and significance associated with the number thirty-one within Masonic tradition.

Symbolic Transitions: The Journey of the Rose Croix Regalia

Beyond its aesthetic appeal and symbolic elements, the Rose Croix 31st Degree Collarette & Jewel represents a journey—a progression through Masonic teachings and a symbolic transition within the fraternity.

Initiation and Investiture: A Rite of Passage

The donning of Collarette and Jewel is more than matter of attire; it is rite of passage within Rose Croix. This section explores the significance of initiation and investiture, marking a symbolic transition for the Mason into the teachings and mysteries of the 31st Degree.

Degrees within Degrees: Navigating Symbolic Layers

The Rose Croix regalia represents journey, as Masons progress through degrees within broader framework of Freemasonry. This section delves into layered symbolism within 31st Degree, highlighting how each aspect of Collarette and Jewel contributes to Mason’s understanding of profound Masonic teachings.

Ceremonial Significance: The Rose Croix Collarette & Jewel in Ritual

The use of Rose Croix Collarette & Jewel extends beyond personal attire of Mason. It plays crucial role in Masonic rituals and ceremonies. This section explores ceremonial significance of regalia, shedding light on its role in conveying messages and guiding Masons.

Ritual Unveiling: A Symbolic Revelation

The act of unveiling the Collarette & Jewel in a ritual setting is a symbolic revelation. This section examines how the ceremonial unveiling serves as a transition, transforming the regalia from a concealed state to a position of prominence, symbolizing the journey from the profane to the sacred.

Symbolic Charges: Guiding Through Words and Symbols

The Rose Croix Collarette & Jewel is often accompanied by symbolic charges—ritualistic words and gestures that convey profound messages. This section explores how these charges, become powerful tool in guiding Masons through symbolic journey of 31st Degree.

Symbolism Beyond the Lodge: Public Representation of the 31st Degree

As Masons step beyond confines of lodge, Rose Croix Collarette & Jewel becomes public representation of their affiliation. This section delves into external symbolism of regalia, emphasizing its role in representing Craft with honor and integrity in broader community.

Transitioning Between Realms: The Rose Croix Regalia in Public Settings

The Collarette & Jewel, facilitate a seamless transition between the sacred and the civic aspects of Mason’s life. This visible connection between the private sanctum of the lodge and the public arena reinforces the idea that Masonic principles are not confined to the lodge but extend to every facet of a Mason’s life.

Legacy and Continuity: Passing Down the Rose Croix Regalia

The Rose Croix Collarette & Jewel, with its rich symbolism and profound teachings, becomes a vessel for continuity within Freemasonry. This section explores how the regalia, passed down through generations, carries forward the legacy of Masonic teachings.

Transitioning Through Generations: Custodians of Masonic Legacy

The Collarette & Jewel, as revered artifacts, transition through the hands of Masons from one generation to the next. This section examines the role of Masons as custodians of Masonic legacy and how the regalia becomes a tangible link between the Masons of today and those who walked the Masonic path in ages past.

Conclusion: The Rose Croix 31st Degree Collarette & Jewel – A Symbolic Masterpiece

In conclusion, Rose Croix 31st Degree Collarette & Jewel, with its aesthetic allure and profound symbolism, stands as symbolic masterpiece within world of Masonic regalia. From the intricate design of the Collarette to the profound symbolism of the Jewel, every element contributes to a visual narrative that transcends the material realm. As Masons don this regalia, they embark on a journey of symbolism, initiation, and transition—a journey that echoes through the corridors of Masonic tradition and continues to shape the fraternity’s legacy. The Rose Croix Collarette & Jewel, in its elegance and symbolism, remains a testament to the enduring richness of Freemasonry.

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