Second Degree Breast Jewel


  • Blue and Yellow ribbon 
  • Star-shaped breast jewel along with three arrows
  • The breast jewel is metal gilded
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Second Degree Breast Jewel

Second Degree Breast Jewel


  • Finest quality breast jewel
  • Blue and Yellow ribbon 
  • Comes with a complimentary pocket slider to fit in your jacket pocket; Engraving included. 
  • Star-shaped breast jewel along with three arrows
  • The breast jewel is metal gilded
  • Gilt Breast Jewel with stick pin attachment
  • Polished to a high standard
  • Excellent quality and detail


The Order of Secret Monitor 2nd Degree Breast Jewel OSM is compose of the best materials. The expert craftsmen have beautifully produced this lovely breast treasure. The star shape, three gold-coated arrows, and two freemasonry characters, viz. The letters D and J are tastefully embossed in the center of this breast gem, which has a high level of craftsmanship and polish.

It is accompanied by a blue and yellow ribbon. This gorgeous breast gem is appropriate for wearing at lodge meetings and festivities. It adds a special touch to your outfit and comes with a stickpin attached to the back.

In the realm of Masonic regalia, the Second Degree Breast Jewel stands as a distinctive emblem, marking the progression of a Mason through the intricate degrees of Freemasonry. This exploration transcends the mere ornamental aspect of the jewel, delving into its profound symbolism, historical significance, and the transformative journey it represents. From its place of honor on a Mason’s chest to the symbolism it carries, the Second Degree Breast Jewel becomes a beacon within the rich tapestry of Masonic rites.

The Significance of the Second Degree

Before delving into the intricacies of the Second Degree Breast Jewel, it is essential to understand the significance of the Second Degree in Freemasonry. The Second Degree represents a stage of enlightenment and further initiation into the mysteries of the Craft. It is a pivotal step in a Mason’s journey, marked by an increased understanding of the symbolic teachings and a deeper commitment to the principles of Freemasonry.

The Ornate Design: Aesthetic Elegance of the Breast Jewel

The Second Degree Breast Jewel, with its ornate design, immediately captures the attention of both wearers and onlookers. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the jewel becomes a symbol of craftsmanship and artistry within the Masonic tradition.

Artistry in Metalwork: Crafting the Second Degree Breast Jewel

Craftsmanship takes center stage in the creation of the Second Degree Breast Jewel. Skilled artisans meticulously mold metals, incorporating symbolic elements that convey the teachings and principles associated with the Second Degree. The artistry involved in the jewel’s creation underscores the importance attached to the symbols it bears.

Symbolic Motifs: Decoding the Language of the Jewel

The Second Degree Breast Jewel is adorned with a variety of symbolic motifs, each carrying layers of meaning. From the square and compass to the pillars and the staircase, these symbols serve as visual metaphors, inviting the wearer to reflect on their deeper significance. Decoding the language of the jewel requires an understanding of Masonic symbolism and a willingness to delve into its allegorical nature.

Position of Honor: Wearing the Second Degree Breast Jewel

The placement of the Second Degree Breast Jewel on a Mason’s chest is not arbitrary; it signifies the wearer’s attainment of the Second Degree and the responsibilities that accompany this advancement. The jewel becomes a visible testament to the wearer’s journey through the ranks of Freemasonry.

Adorning the Chest: A Symbolic Rite of Passage

The act of wearing the Second Degree Breast Jewel is a symbolic rite of passage. Placed on the chest, close to the heart, it signifies the internalization of Masonic teachings and the commitment to uphold the principles espoused by the Craft. The chest becomes a canvas upon which the Mason proudly displays the symbol of their progression.

Visible Identity: Recognition and Fraternal Bond

The visibility of the Second Degree Breast Jewel serves another crucial purpose—it allows fellow Masons to recognize the wearer’s degree and, by extension, their level of understanding and commitment. This visible identity fosters a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood, as Masons can readily identify and acknowledge one another’s progress within the Craft.

Square and Compass: Emblem of Moral Rectitude

The square and compass, prominently featured on the Second Degree Breast Jewel, represent moral rectitude and the importance of adhering to ethical principles. The square symbolizes fairness and integrity in conduct, while the compass reminds the Mason to keep their actions within the bounds of moral and ethical guidelines.

Pillars: Symbol of Strength and Wisdom

The pillars featured on the Breast Jewel carry profound symbolism. Often depicted as the pillars of Wisdom and Strength, they represent the foundational principles that support the Masonic edifice. The wearer is reminded of the importance of cultivating wisdom and inner strength as they progress through their Masonic journey.

Winding Staircase: Journey of Enlightenment

The winding staircase, another symbolic motif on the Breast Jewel, represents the Mason’s journey of enlightenment. It serves as a visual metaphor for the ascent to higher knowledge and spiritual growth. Each step signifies a stage of intellectual and moral development, underscoring the continuous quest for illumination.

All-Seeing Eye: Divine Watchfulness

The presence of the All-Seeing Eye, often found on the Second Degree Breast Jewel, conveys the idea of divine watchfulness. It serves as a reminder that one’s actions are observed not only by fellow humans but also by a higher, transcendent force. This symbol encourages the Mason to conduct themselves with mindfulness and integrity.

Historical Evolution of the Second Degree Breast Jewel

The history of the Breast Jewel is a fascinating journey through time, reflecting the evolution of Masonic regalia and the significance attached to this specific emblem.

Evolution of Design: Tracing Changes Over Centuries

Over the centuries, the design of the Breast Jewel has evolved, incorporating changes in style, materials, and symbolism. 

Material Significance: From Simple to Ornate

The materials used in crafting the Breast Jewel have varied across different periods. While early iterations might have been relatively simple, later designs often featured more ornate elements, reflecting advancements in metallurgy and craftsmanship. The shift in materials also signifies the changing perceptions of the jewel’s significance within the Masonic context.

Investiture Ceremony: Bestowing the Emblem of Advancement

During the investiture ceremony for the Second Degree, the presentation of the Breast Jewel is a momentous occasion. The act of placing the jewel on the Mason’s chest symbolizes their attainment of a higher degree of knowledge and understanding. It is a ceremonial gesture that underscores the importance of the Masonic journey.

Symbolic Charges: Reflections on the Symbols During Rituals

The rituals associated with the Second Degree often involve charges and explanations related to the symbols on the Breast Jewel. These charges provide insights into the symbolic meanings of the square and compass, pillars, winding staircase, and other motifs. They serve as contemplative guides for the Mason to deepen their understanding of the Craft’s teachings.

Emphasis on Symbolic Education: Enhancing Understanding

Modern Masonic lodges place a strong emphasis on symbolic education, encouraging members to delve into the meanings behind the symbols on the Breast Jewel. Workshops, lectures, and discussions contribute to a deeper understanding of the symbolic language embedded in the regalia.

Customization and Personalization: Reflecting Individual Journeys

While adhering to traditional designs, some Masons choose to customize or personalize their Breast Jewel. This may involve variations in size, materials, or additional symbols that hold personal significance. Such customizations reflect the individual Mason’s unique journey within the Craft.

Ascent to Higher Degrees: The Ongoing Quest for Knowledge

As a Mason progresses through higher degrees, the symbolism embedded in the Second Degree Breast Jewel continues to resonate. 

Integration of Lessons: Applying Second Degree Teachings

The lessons learned during the Second Degree, symbolized by the Breast Jewel, become integral to a Mason’s character and conduct. 

Conclusion: The Second Degree Breast Jewel – A Beacon of Masonic Progression

In conclusion, the Breast Jewel, with its intricate design and profound symbolism, stands as a beacon of Masonic progression. From the rich historical evolution of its design to its role in contemporary Freemasonry, the jewel encapsulates the transformative journey of a Mason through the Second Degree. Worn with pride on the chest, it symbolizes not only the individual Mason’s advancement but also their commitment to the principles and ideals of Freemasonry. As a tangible representation of the symbolic language woven into the fabric of the Craft, the Second Degree Breast Jewel continues to guide Masons on their quest for knowledge, enlightenment, and brotherhood.

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