Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash


  • Handmade apron and sash comes with gold plated chain tassels with leather cover
  • Taus with hand embroidery is the star of the show.
  • Gold Bullion embroidered Triple Tau
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Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash Standard Quality

Apron & Sash – Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash Standard Quality


  • Real/Imitation Leather Apron
  • It has Metal gilt emblems
  • Handmade apron and sash comes with gold plated; chain tassels with leather cover
  • Taus with hand embroidery is the star of the show.
  • Gold Bullion embroidered Triple Tau
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Size 14 x 16 inches
  • Adjustable belt with Gold plated snake fitting
  • 2 inches wide diamond ribbon Pocket at the rear and soft padding


The Royal Arch Provincial apron measures 14 x 16 inches and is construct of diamond ribbon on white imitation leather with gold metal tassels, embroidered TAU background, a maroon belt pocket for gloves; and gold snake snaffles.

All your regalia for that first meeting should be Royal Arch Companions Apron and Sash with Jewel. It’s ideal for various lodge meetings; special celebrations; and annual ceremonies. This handcrafted apron and sash are construct with all freemasonry values in mind. The gorgeous red and blue stripes are set against a white background. This masonic apron is embellish with highly polished gold tassels and belt fitments.

In the venerable realm of Masonic regalia, the Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash stand as distinguished symbols, carrying rich traditions and deep symbolism. This exploration goes beyond the surface adornments, delving into the historical significance, design elements, and the profound symbolism encapsulated in these sacred garments. 

Historical Tapestry: Origins and Evolution

The journey of the Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash begins with a historical tapestry that traces its roots back to the early days of Royal Arch Masonry. Understanding the origins of these regalia pieces is pivotal in appreciating their significance within the broader Masonic tradition.

Origins in Antiquity: Tracing the Ancestry

The Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash can trace their ancestry to ancient practices and Masonic traditions. A deep dive into the historical records reveals the evolution of these regalia items from their humble beginnings to the esteemed status they hold today.

Evolution Over Centuries: From Simple to Symbolic

As Masonic practices evolved, so did the regalia. The Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash transitioned from simple, utilitarian items to highly symbolic pieces, mirroring the transformative journey Masons undertake within the Royal Arch.

Design Elements: A Visual Symphony

The aesthetic appeal of the Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash is not just a matter of design; it’s a carefully orchestrated visual symphony that resonates with Masonic symbolism and tradition. Examining the key design elements provides insight into the deeper meanings embedded in these regalia items.

Apron as Canvas: Artistry and Symbolism

The Royal Arch Companion Apron is not merely an adornment; it is a canvas where artistry and symbolism converge. Each element, from the color to the symbols embroidered upon it, tells a story of Masonic principles, allegory, and enlightenment.

Sash: A Draped Emblem of Rank and Honor

The Sash, draped across the Companion’s chest, signifies more than rank; it embodies honor and achievement within the Royal Arch. Its design, often incorporating vibrant colors and intricate patterns, serves as a visible marker of the Companion’s journey and contributions to the Craft.

Symbolism Unveiled: Decoding Masonic Significance

The Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash are not mere accessories; they are repositories of symbolism that speak to the very core of Masonic teachings. Decoding the symbolic language woven into these regalia items reveals the profound messages they carry.

Apron Symbolism: From Purity to Enlightenment

The Apron, draped across the Companion’s abdomen, symbolizes purity and serves as a reminder of the Mason’s commitment to moral and ethical living. 

Sash Significance: Ranks and Beyond

The Sash, with its distinct colors and embellishments, transcends its role as a marker of rank. It symbolizes the Companion’s journey through the various degrees of Royal Arch Masonry. The colors themselves hold significance, representing virtues and aspects of Masonic teachings.

Ritualistic Role: Enhancing the Masonic Experience

The Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash aren’t just garments; they play a pivotal role in Masonic rituals, enhancing the overall experience for both the wearer and those witnessing the ceremonies. Understanding their ritualistic significance adds layers to their importance.

Apron in Rituals: A Symbolic Unveiling

In various Royal Arch rituals, the Apron takes center stage as it is consecrated, worn, and explained in the context of the ritual. 

Sash as a Conduit: Conveying Degrees and Authority

The Sash, worn with distinct variations for different degrees, serves as a conduit for conveying the Companion’s attained degrees and authority within Royal Arch Masonry. Its presentation during rituals signifies transitions and the conferment of new responsibilities.

Hierarchy and Progression: The Journey Through Degrees

The Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash are not static; they are dynamic symbols that adapt to the wearer’s progression through the degrees. Understanding the hierarchical significance and the evolving nature of these regalia items illuminates the journey of a Royal Arch Mason.

Degrees and Their Visual Markers

Each degree within Royal Arch Masonry is accompanied by distinct variations in the Apron and Sash, marking the Companion’s progression through the Chapter. The evolution in design mirrors the spiritual and intellectual ascent of the Mason.

Hierarchy Embodied: Officer Regalia

Beyond the standard Companion regalia, officers within the Royal Arch Chapter don specific Aprons and Sashes that denote their respective roles and responsibilities. The hierarchical nature of these officer regalia adds a layer of visual organization to Chapter proceedings.

Symbolic Colors: Deciphering the Chromatic Code

Colors within the Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash hold symbolic significance, conveying virtues, ideals, and the progression through Masonic degrees. A nuanced understanding of the chromatic code enriches the symbolism woven into these regalia items.

White: Purity and Enlightenment

The color white, predominant in many Masonic Aprons, symbolizes purity and serves as a visual reminder of the Mason’s commitment to moral and ethical conduct. It embodies the aspirational quest for enlightenment.

Red: Courage, Zeal, and Martyrdom

The color red, often present in the Sashes of Royal Arch Companions, conveys courage, zeal, and, in some interpretations, martyrdom. Its vibrant hue adds a dynamic element to the regalia, signifying passion and commitment.

Blue: Symbol of Masonic Fidelity

Blue, a color associated with fidelity and loyalty, finds its place in the regalia of Royal Arch Companions. Its presence underscores the importance of unwavering commitment to Masonic principles.

Apron and Sash Beyond the Lodge: Public Representation

While Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash play crucial role within Lodge or Chapter, they also extend beyond these sacred spaces. Understanding their role in public representation sheds light on the responsibilities Masons carry beyond the confines of Masonic gatherings.

Public Symbolism: Representing Masonic Ideals

As Masons participate in public events or engage with the broader community, the Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash become symbols representing Masonic ideals. Their dignified presence underscores the Mason’s commitment to upholding principles of virtue, honor, and enlightenment.

Wearing Regalia with Pride: A Visual Commitment

The act of wearing the Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash in public settings is a visual commitment to the Masonic journey. It signifies a dedication to embodying the principles and teachings imparted within the sacred walls of the Lodge or Chapter.

Conclusion: Threads of Tradition, Symbolism, and Brotherhood

In conclusion, the Royal Arch Companion Apron & Sash are not merely articles of clothing; they are threads woven into the rich tapestry of Masonic tradition, symbolism, and brotherhood. From their historical roots to the intricacies of design, from the symbolism encoded in every stitch to their role in rituals, these regalia items stand as visual embodiments of the Masonic journey. As Companions don these sacred garments, they carry forward a legacy of enlightenment, virtue, and fidelity, becoming living symbols of the timeless principles embraced by Royal Arch Masonry.

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Additional information

Apron Body Material

Imitation leather, Lambskin, Satin Fabric

Apron Border Color

Dark Blue, Purple, Red, Royal Blue

Apron Border Material

Grossgrain Ribbon, Velvet Border

Apron Size

13 x 15 inches, 14 x 16 inches

Sash Direction

Left Shoulder to Right Hip, Right Shoulder to Left Hip

Shoulder Width

10 inches / 25.5 cm, 11 inches / 28 cm

Sash Size

76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86, 88, 90


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