Past Master Breast Jewels


  • Trowel & Arc, that is attached with a hanging dark red ribbon
  • Gilt Breast Jewel with stick pin attachment
  • Even surface polished on all sides
  • Long-lasting and smooth finish
SKU: LR-RMJ-0809


Past Master Breast Jewels

The Past Master Breast Jewels


  • The Maroon silk ribbon 
  • Adorned with a gold plated; emblem composed of Compass
  • Trowel & Arc; that is attached with a hanging dark red ribbon
  • Gilt Breast Jewel with stick pin attachment
  • Even surface polished on all sides
  • Long lasting and the smooth finish
  • Polished to a high standard
  • Stickpin fitting; on the back


Masonic Supplies is well known; for its exceptional innovation. We provide you an accurately crafted Royal and Select Masters Past Masters Breast Jewel for prestigious Past Masters at the lodge; in keeping with our standards of originality and precision.

We are offering you the highest quality breast jewel, which includes a maroon ribbon; a professionally metal gilded jewel; and a robust stickpin fitting on the back. Our professional employees have created this gorgeous breast jewel in a very elegant manner; with an outstanding level of detailing and finishing; and this basic breast jewel is ideal for any Freemason.

In the resplendent array of Masonic regalia, Past Master Breast Jewels emerge as distinctive ornaments that signify a Mason’s journey to mastery. This exploration delves into the multifaceted layers of symbolism, craftsmanship, and historical significance embedded within Past Master Breast Jewels. From their ornate designs to the symbolic transitions they represent, these jewels stand as timeless emblems of leadership within the Masonic fraternity.

Craftsmanship and Symbolism: A Fusion of Artistry in Past Master Breast Jewels

The journey into the world of Past Master Breast Jewels begins with an appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into creating these intricate adornments. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these jewels are not just ornaments; they are symbolic reflections of a Mason’s commitment to excellence and leadership.

Artisanal Mastery: Crafting Past Master Breast Jewels with Precision

Past Master Breast Jewels are crafted with artisanal mastery, each detail meticulously rendered to create a work of art. The transition from raw materials to a finished jewel mirrors the transformative journey a Mason undergoes on the path to mastery. The craftsmanship itself becomes a testament to the dedication and skill inherent in Masonic ideals.

Symbolic Elements: Layers of Meaning Woven into the Design

The design of Past Master Breast Jewels is layered with symbolism, each element carrying profound meaning within the Masonic context. From the square and compass to the Pillars of Wisdom, these symbols serve as visual representations of Masonic teachings. The transition from raw materials to symbolic elements signifies the evolution of a Mason’s understanding and application of these principles.

The Pillars of Wisdom: Symbolic Transition in Past Master Breast Jewels

The Pillars of Wisdom stand as iconic symbols within Past Master Breast Jewels, representing the transition from initiation to mastery. Each pillar carries unique symbolism, contributing to the rich narrative woven into the design of these jewels.

Transition from Initiation: The Apprentice Pillar

The journey begins with the Apprentice Pillar, symbolizing the early stages of a Mason’s initiation. This pillar represents the foundational knowledge and skills acquired during the apprentice phase, marking the initial transition into the Masonic journey.

Journey to Proficiency: The Fellowcraft Pillar

The Fellowcraft Pillar signifies the transition to proficiency and a deeper understanding of Masonic teachings. As a Mason advances through the degrees, the Fellowcraft Pillar becomes a visual marker of the journey toward mastery, reflecting the transition from apprentice to a more seasoned craftsman.

Attaining Mastery: The Master Mason Pillar

The Master Mason Pillar embodies the pinnacle of Masonic achievement—the attainment of mastery. This pillar signifies the completion of the symbolic journey, representing the transition from apprentice to master. In Past Master Breast Jewels, the Master Mason Pillar stands as a testament to the Mason’s commitment to excellence and leadership within the fraternity.

Symbolic Colors: A Palette of Transition in Past Master Breast Jewels

The colors incorporated into Past Master Breast Jewels serve as visual cues, each shade representing specific aspects of a Mason’s journey. The transition from one color to another signifies the progression through Masonic degrees and the evolution of understanding.

Blue: The Color of Initiation and Transition

The use of blue in Past Master Breast Jewels represents the initial stages of initiation and transition within Freemasonry. This color marks the beginning of the Masonic journey, symbolizing the first steps taken on the path to enlightenment and mastery.

Green: Growth and Progression in Masonic Knowledge

The transition to green symbolizes growth and progression in Masonic knowledge. As a Mason advances through the degrees, the green in Past Master Breast Jewels represents the flourishing of wisdom and the continual pursuit of enlightenment.

Gold: The Culmination of Mastery and Leadership

Gold, the color of richness and excellence, signifies the culmination of mastery and leadership within Freemasonry. Past Master Breast Jewels adorned with gold represent the highest level of achievement, symbolizing the transition to a leadership role and the embodiment of Masonic principles.

Historical Significance: Tracing the Transition of Past Master Breast Jewels Through Time

Past Master Breast Jewels carry a rich historical significance, reflecting the transitions and evolution of Masonic practices over the centuries. The historical context adds depth to these jewels, emphasizing their enduring importance within the Masonic tradition.

Evolution of Design: Tracing Transition in Styles

The design of Past Master Breast Jewels has evolved over time, reflecting the transitions in artistic styles and Masonic practices.

Transition in Materials: From Traditional to Contemporary

The materials used in crafting Past Master Breast Jewels have also undergone transitions, mirroring advancements in craftsmanship and technology. 

Symbolic Transition in Lodge Leadership: Past Master Breast Jewels and Leadership Roles

Past Master Breast Jewels hold a significant role in the transition of leadership within Masonic lodges. As Masons ascend to the position of Past Master, these jewels become visible symbols of their dedication, service, and the responsibilities they bear in guiding the fraternity.

Transition of Responsibility: Passing the Baton of Leadership

The transition from one leader to another within a Masonic lodge is a ceremonial passing of the baton. Past Master Breast Jewels play a crucial role in this transition, symbolizing the responsibility and authority entrusted to the new leader. The act of bestowing the jewel marks the formal transition of leadership within the lodge.

Legacy and Continuity: Past Master Breast Jewels as Symbols of Tradition

Past Master Breast Jewels become symbols of tradition and continuity within Masonic lodges. As Past Masters don these jewels, they become custodians of the lodge’s legacy, embodying the transitions of leadership that have occurred over time. The jewel serves as a tangible link connecting the present leadership with the rich history of the lodge.

Ceremonial Significance: Rituals Surrounding Past Master Breast Jewels

The transition of Past Master Breast Jewels is accompanied by specific rituals within Masonic lodges. These ceremonial aspects add layers of significance to the jewels, marking key moments in a Mason’s journey and highlighting the importance of the transitions they represent.

Investiture Ceremonies: Marking the Transition to Mastery

The investiture of Past Master Breast Jewels involves ceremonial rituals that mark the transition to mastery within Freemasonry. This formal ceremony signifies the culmination of a Mason’s journey through the degrees and the assumption of leadership responsibilities.

Symbolic Placement: Adorning the Jewel with Pride

The act of adorning the Past Master Breast Jewel holds symbolic significance. Placed prominently over the heart, the jewel becomes a symbol of the Mason’s commitment to embodying the principles of Freemasonry. This transition from storage to adornment is a visual representation of the Mason’s pride in achieving mastery.

Symbolic Transition Beyond the Lodge: Public Representation of Masonic Leadership

Past Master Breast Jewels, when worn outside the lodge, become symbols of Masonic leadership in the public sphere. 

Transitioning Between Realms: Public Symbolism of Masonic Leadership

The act of wearing Past Master Breast Jewels in public settings signifies a transition between the private and public realms. This visible representation of Masonic leadership serves to convey the principles and values of Freemasonry to the broader community.

Wear and Tear: Narrating the Masonic Journey Through Past Master Breast Jewels

As Past Master Breast Jewels accompany their wearers through various experiences, they accumulate wear and tear, transitioning from pristine elegance to storytellers of a Mason’s journey. The visible signs of use become badges of honor, illustrating the wearer’s ongoing commitment to the Craft.

Wear as a Badge of Honor: Narrating Masonic Journeys

The transition from a pristine Past Master Breast Jewel to one that bears the marks of wear is a badge of honor. Each scratch, scuff, or patina becomes a storyteller, narrating the wearer’s journey within the Craft. 

Conclusion: Past Master Breast Jewels – A Symbolic Tapestry of Masonic Transition

In conclusion, Past Master Breast Jewels, with their exquisite craftsmanship, symbolic transitions, and historical significance, stand as a symbolic tapestry within the rich tradition of Freemasonry. From the Pillars of Wisdom to the ceremonial investiture, these jewels embody the transitions that mark a Mason’s journey to mastery and leadership. As symbols of tradition, continuity, and public representation, Past Master Breast Jewels play a vital role in preserving the legacy of Freemasonry and conveying its timeless principles to the world. In their ornate elegance, these jewels serve as enduring emblems of the transitions that define a Mason’s commitment to excellence and leadership within the fraternity.

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