OSM Supreme Ruler Collarette


  1. Best quality supreme ruler collarette
  2. Finest quality blue and yellow ribbon
  3. Excellent stitching and finishing
  4. Silver swivel clip for jewel attachment 
SKU: LR-OSM-00852


OSM Supreme Ruler Collarette

OSM Supreme Ruler Collarette


  1. Best quality supreme ruler collarette
  2. Finest quality blue and yellow ribbon
  3. Excellent stitching and finishing
  4. Silver swivel clip for jewel attachment 
  5. Silver metal slider to secure the collar to the jacket 
  6. 4″ wide


OSM Collarette is of excellent quality. A blue and yellow ribbon is included with this lovely collar. Our talented sewers have created a beautiful collarette with excellent detailing and finishing. To go with this simple and elegant collar, we have a wide selection of craft officer collar jewels.

In the realm of Masonic regalia, the OSM Supreme Ruler Collarette emerges as a distinguished emblem of authority and symbolism. This exploration transcends the surface aesthetics, delving into the profound layers of significance, tradition, and transitions woven into this regal adornment. From its intricate design to the symbolic weight it carries, the Supreme Ruler Collarette becomes a beacon within the tapestry of Masonic history.

Elegance in Design: The Aesthetic Charms of the Supreme Ruler Collarette

The journey of the OSM Supreme Ruler Collarette begins with its captivating design—a masterpiece of craftsmanship that blends elegance with authority.

Transitioning from Craft to Art: The Intricacies of Design

As the eye traces the intricate patterns of the collarette, a seamless transition unfolds from craft to artistry. The meticulous details become a testament to the skilled hands that fashioned this regalia, marking the collarette as a symbol of precision and dedication.

A Symphony of Colors: Transitioning Chromatic Palettes

The collarette’s transition between different chromatic palettes is not merely a shift in hues but a dynamic expression. Each color becomes a transition point, representing different facets of Masonic symbolism and adding depth to the collarette’s narrative.

Symbolic Weight: The Deeper Meanings of the Supreme Ruler Collarette

Beneath the surface elegance lies a profound layer of symbolism embedded within the Supreme Ruler Collarette, signifying authority, leadership, and the rich heritage of the Order of the Secret Monitor.

Transitioning from Threads to Symbolic Threads

The transition from mere threads to symbolic threads is pivotal in understanding the deeper meanings encapsulated in the collarette. It evolves from a material adornment to a bearer of profound Masonic ideals, emphasizing the transition from the visible to the symbolic.

Authority Woven in Gold: The Symbolic Transition to Leadership

The golden threads woven into the collarette represent a symbolic transition to leadership within the Order. This transition highlights the authority vested in the Supreme Ruler, marking a significant shift within the Masonic hierarchy.

Ceremonial Significance: The Supreme Ruler Collarette in Rituals

Beyond its visual appeal and symbolic weight, the Supreme Ruler Collarette assumes a central role in Masonic rituals, adding layers of ceremonial significance to its narrative.

Transitioning from Mundane to Sacred Rites

The collarette facilitates a seamless transition from the mundane to the sacred during Masonic rituals. It becomes a visual cue that marks the initiation of sacred rites, guiding members through a ceremonial journey.

Symbolic Exchange: A Transition of Brotherhood

In ceremonial settings, the collarette becomes a symbolic conduit for the transition of brotherhood. Its exchange signifies a profound bond among members, transitioning from individual symbolism to collective unity within the Order.

Historical Roots: Tracing the Heritage of the Supreme Ruler Collarette

Understanding the OSM Supreme Ruler Collarette requires delving into its historical roots, unraveling the threads that connect the present to the rich heritage of the Order.

Transitioning Through Time: A Historical Tapestry

The collarette becomes a thread that weaves through the historical tapestry of the Order, marking transitions through time. It symbolizes the continuity of traditions and the endurance of Masonic principles across generations.

Evolution of Design: A Transition Reflecting Time Periods

Examining the collarette’s design evolution unveils a fascinating transition reflecting different time periods. Each design iteration becomes a marker of the Order’s adaptability, showcasing how tradition and innovation coexist.

Transcending Borders: The Global Impact of the Supreme Ruler Collarette

As Masonic orders extend their influence globally, the Supreme Ruler Collarette becomes a unifying symbol that transcends borders, fostering a sense of unity among brethren worldwide.

Transitioning Beyond Local Boundaries: A Global Masonic Emblem

The collarette serves as a visual transition beyond local boundaries, becoming a global Masonic emblem that unites members irrespective of geographical distances. It stands as a testament to the universality of Masonic ideals.

Cultural Adaptation: The Collarette’s Transition Across Cultures

The collarette undergoes a cultural transition as it integrates with different Masonic traditions worldwide. Its design may adapt to cultural nuances, yet it retains its symbolic core, showcasing the Order’s ability to harmonize diversity.

Individual Identity: The Collarette as a Symbol of Personal Achievement

For each Supreme Ruler, donning the collarette signifies a personal and Masonic achievement, marking a transition in their individual journey within the Order.

Transitioning from Aspirant to Supreme Ruler

The collarette becomes a tangible marker of a Mason’s journey—from aspirant to Supreme Ruler. This transition represents personal growth, dedication to Masonic principles, and the assumption of leadership responsibilities.

The Collarette as a Distinctive Transition: A Badge of Honor

Wearing the collarette is not just a transition in attire; it is a badge of honor. It signifies a Mason’s commitment to upholding the tenets of the Order and the responsibilities that come with the esteemed position of Supreme Ruler.

Unity in Diversity: The Collarette as a Symbol of Inclusivity

The OSM Supreme Ruler Collarette serves as a symbol of inclusivity within the Order, fostering unity among brethren with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Transitioning from Differences to Unity

The collarette facilitates a transition from acknowledging differences to celebrating unity. It becomes a visual representation of the shared Masonic journey, where diversity enriches the collective experience.

A Symbol of Brotherhood: Transitioning Bonds Beyond Differences

As members wear the collarette, it becomes a symbol of brotherhood that transcends individual differences. This transition underscores the inclusive nature of the Order, where every Brother is an integral part of the Masonic family.

Preserving Legacy: The Collarette as a Custodian of Tradition

The Supreme Ruler Collarette assumes the role of a custodian, preserving the legacy of the Order and passing it down to future generations of Secret Monitors.

Transitioning Through Generations: A Legacy Preserved in Threads

The collarette transitions through generations, carrying with it the legacy of those who have worn it before. It becomes a bridge connecting past, present, and future, ensuring that the Order’s traditions endure.

Educational Transition: Transmitting Masonic Knowledge through the Collarette

The collarette becomes an educational tool, facilitating a transition of Masonic knowledge. As newer members wear it, they absorb the wisdom encapsulated in its symbolism, ensuring the perpetuation of Masonic teachings.

Conclusion: The Supreme Ruler Collarette – A Symbolic Tapestry Unfolded

In conclusion, the OSM Supreme Ruler Collarette, with its aesthetic allure, profound symbolism, and ceremonial significance, unfolds as a symbolic tapestry within the rich history of the Order of the Secret Monitor. From its intricate design to its role in Masonic rituals, the collarette embodies transitions—both personal and collective. As a custodian of tradition, a symbol of authority, and a unifying emblem, it stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Freemasonry. The Supreme Ruler Collarette, in its sovereign elegance, symbolizes the unity, diversity, and timeless journey of the Secret Monitors across the globe.

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