St Thomas Acon Cap Band With Shell


  1. Fits the Cap
  2. 4 inches wide
  3. 4 inches diameter
  4. Consists of a stone
  5. Crimson velvet
SKU: LR-KT-4430


St Thomas Acon Cap Band With Shell

Acon Shell – St Thomas Acon Cap Band With Shell


  1. Fits the Cap
  2. 4 inches wide
  3. 4 inches diameter
  4. Consists of a stone
  5. Crimson velvet
  6. Cap Band to go around your head
  7. The KT cap comes with a Bronze Shell
  8. A Provincial Silver or Grand Gilt shell


The Order’s regalia resembles that of a Masonic Knight Templar and consists of a stone white tunic with a four-inch-wide Medici Crimson Latin Cross running the length of the tunic, over which is superimpose a white Latin Cross one-third the width. So, A four-inch-diameter Bronze Escallope Shell is charged at the cross’s intersection. 

Knights often wear a crimson velvet hat with a Bronze Escallope Shell embroidered on the front. With the exception of the Prior and the Almoner, all knights wear a sword belt and a sword wand.

In the resplendent realm of Masonic regalia, the St. Thomas Acon Cap Band With Shell emerges as an epitome of elegance and symbolic significance. This exploration delves beyond its ornate appearance, unraveling the layers of tradition, symbolism, and transitions embodied in this distinctive cap band. From its aesthetic allure to the profound meanings encapsulated in the shell, the St. Thomas Acon Cap Band With Shell stands as a captivating symbol within the rich tapestry of Freemasonry.

Aesthetic Enchantment: The Visual Symphony of the St. Thomas Acon Cap Band

The journey of the St. Thomas Acon Cap Band With Shell begins with its aesthetic enchantment—a visual symphony that captures the attention of Masons and onlookers alike.

Transitioning from Plain to Ornate: A Visual Metamorphosis

The cap band undergoes a transformative journey from a plain accessory to an ornate masterpiece. This visual metamorphosis signifies the elevation of the mundane to the sacred, a transition that is central to the essence of Masonic symbolism.

Embroidery as a Brushstroke: A Transition to Artistry

As embroidery adorns the cap band, it becomes a canvas for artistic expression. This transition to artistry elevates the cap band beyond a functional item, turning it into a work of visual poetry that speaks to the aesthetic sensibilities of Masons.

Symbolic Resonance: The Shell and Its Deeper Meanings

Beneath the surface beauty of the St. Thomas Acon Cap Band lies the profound symbolism embodied in the shell—a symbol that resonates deeply within the Masonic tradition.

From the Sea to the Lodge: The Shell’s Symbolic Migration

The shell, traditionally associated with the sea, undergoes a symbolic migration to find a place of honor in the Lodge. This transition signifies the universality of Masonic symbolism, drawing inspiration from diverse elements to convey timeless truths.

Shell as Emblem of Initiation: A Transition to Spiritual Birth

Within Masonic symbolism, the shell represents initiation—a spiritual birth into the principles and teachings of Freemasonry. This transition echoes the profound transformation experienced by Masons as they journey through the degrees.

Ceremonial Significance: The St. Thomas Acon Cap Band in Masonic Rituals

The cap band, adorned with the symbolic shell, assumes ceremonial significance, playing a vital role in Masonic rituals and rites.

Unveiling the Mysteries: A Ceremonial Transition of Revelation

During Masonic rituals, the St. Thomas Acon Cap Band undergoes a ceremonial transition, unveiling the mysteries encapsulated in its design. 

Symbolic Headwear in Rituals: A Transition to Sacred Attire

As the cap band graces the heads of Masons during rituals, it undergoes a transition to sacred attire. This symbolic headwear becomes a visual representation of the Mason’s commitment to the principles and tenets of Freemasonry.

Historical Echoes: The St. Thomas Acon Cap Band in Masonic Tradition

The cap band, with its rich symbolism and ceremonial significance, becomes a carrier of historical echoes, connecting contemporary Masons with their predecessors.

From Ancient Roots to Modern Usage: A Historical Transition

The St. Thomas Acon Cap Band traces its lineage to ancient Masonic traditions, and its modern usage signifies a seamless transition of symbolism through the corridors of time. This historical connection adds depth to the cap band’s significance.

Preserving Tradition: A Transition through Generations

As the St. Thomas Acon Cap Band is passed down through generations of Masons, it becomes a custodian of tradition. This transition of ownership underscores enduring nature of Masonic customs and importance of preserving legacy for future brethren.

Unity in Diversity: The St. Thomas Acon Cap Band as a Symbol of Brotherhood

Beyond its individual symbolism, the cap band with the shell becomes a unifying symbol, fostering a sense of brotherhood among Masons.

A Shared Symbol: Transitioning from Individual to Collective Significance

The St. Thomas Acon Cap Band, with its shell emblem, becomes a shared symbol that transcends individual Masons. This transition from individual symbolism to collective significance reinforces the idea that Masonic principles are not only personal but extend to the entire fraternity.

Tales of Brotherhood: The Cap Band as a Custodian of Shared Stories

As Masons wear the St. Thomas Acon Cap Band, it becomes a vessel for storytelling within the Masonic community. Each embroidered detail becomes a narrative, a transition through shared experiences and collective history, binding Brothers in a tapestry of shared stories.

Public Representation: The St. Thomas Acon Cap Band in External Display

As Masons step beyond the confines of the Lodge, the St. Thomas Acon Cap Band becomes an external symbol, representing their Masonic affiliation in public settings.

Transitioning Between Realms: The Cap Band in Civic Spaces

The cap band, with its symbolic shell, seamlessly transitions between sacred space of Lodge and civic realms of outside world. This visible connection reinforces idea that Masonic principles are not confined to Lodge but extend to every facet of  Mason’s life.

Wear and Tear: The St. Thomas Acon Cap Band as a Narrator of Masonic Journeys

As the St. Thomas Acon Cap Band accompanies its wearer through various Masonic experiences, it accumulates wear and tear, transitioning from a pristine accessory to a storyteller of Masonic journeys.

Wear as a Badge of Honor: The Cap Band Narrating Masonic Journeys

The transition from a pristine cap band to one that bears the marks of wear is a badge of honor. Each dent, scratch, or mark becomes a storyteller, narrating the wearer’s journey within the Craft. The cap band, as custodian of these tales, becomes transition point between personal history and collective history of Masonic fraternity.

Conclusion: The St. Thomas Acon Cap Band With Shell – A Symbolic Odyssey

In conclusion, the St. Thomas Acon Cap Band With Shell, with its aesthetic allure, profound symbolism, and ceremonial significance, embarks on a symbolic odyssey within the world of Freemasonry. From sea to Lodge, from historical roots to modern usage, and from individual symbolism to collective brotherhood, cap band undergoes myriad transitions. As a custodian of tradition, a symbol of unity, and a narrator of Masonic journeys, the St. Thomas Acon Cap Band With Shell stands as an integral part of the Masonic narrative—a visual testament to the enduring principles, shared experiences, and timeless legacy of Freemasonry.

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