Second Degree Officer Sash


  1. Finest quality hand embroidery
  2. Embroidered with Bullion Thread
  3. Excellent quality and detail
  4. Quality guaranteed
  5. Fit up to a 45″ waist
SKU: LR-OSM-00850


Second Degree Officer Sash

Second Degree Officer Sash


  1. High quality sash of knights companion
  2. Beautiful hand embroidered motif
  3. Gold bullion fringe
  4. Stitched metal hook for attachment to collar
  5. Finest quality hand embroidery
  6. Embroidered with Bullion Thread
  7. Excellent quality and detail
  8. Quality guaranteed
  9. Fit up to a 45″ waist
  10. Sash made from Gold ribbon 
  11. Saffron back
  12. Width of the ribbon: 110 mm
  13. Clip for attachment of jewel
  14. Finest quality Machine embroidered collar


Shoulder sash high quality is a beautiful gold color shoulder sash that is made of the best quality wool and polyester. And it comes with a strong stitched metal hook for attachment to the collar. Also, our skilled workers have made this beautiful shoulder sash very elegantly with an excellent level of detailing and finishing. Quality guaranteed.

This waist sash is adjustable in length and can fit up to a 45″ waist. This sash is made from high quality materials. Sashes for uniforms are available in a variety of colors and styles.

In the elaborate realm of Masonic regalia, the Second Degree Officer Sash takes center stage as a distinguished emblem of authority and symbolism. Beyond its functional role, this sash weaves a narrative of Masonic progression, knowledge, and responsibility. This exploration delves into the intricate layers of its design, significance, and the seamless transitions it embodies within the Masonic journey.

Embodied Authority: The Second Degree Officer Sash

The journey of the Second Degree Officer Sash begins with its visual proclamation of authority within Masonic lodges. Crafted with precision, this sash becomes a marker of the wearer’s progress and commitment to the principles of Freemasonry.

Transitioning from Apprentice to Fellowcraft: The Significance of Progression

As Masons advance from the Apprentice to the Fellowcraft degree, the Second Degree Officer Sash becomes a pivotal point of transition. It symbolizes the elevation in knowledge, responsibilities, and the deepening connection to Masonic teachings.

Symbolic Threads: Weaving Authority into Design

The design of the Second Degree Officer Sash is more than ornamental; it is a tapestry of symbolism. Each thread intricately woven into the fabric symbolizes the virtues, lessons, and responsibilities associated with the Fellowcraft degree.

Symbolism Woven in Threads: A Transition to Profound Significance

As the sash transitions from a mere accessory to a profound symbol, it marks a pivotal moment in the Masonic journey. The threads symbolize the interconnected principles of Freemasonry, weaving a visual narrative that speaks to the wearer’s commitment and understanding.

A Chromatic Transition: From Colors to Symbolic Richness

The transition from colors as mere visual elements to symbols of profound richness is paramount. The colors of the Second Degree Officer Sash go beyond aesthetics, representing the philosophical depth of Masonic teachings and the wearer’s role in embodying these principles.

Symbolism in Every Stitch: Weaving Wisdom into the Fabric

The symbolic transition encompasses every stitch, making the sash a living testament to Masonic wisdom. Each element of its design serves as a reminder of the teachings, virtues, and responsibilities inherent in the Fellowcraft degree.

Ceremonial Elevation: The Second Degree Officer Sash in Rituals

Beyond its visual symbolism, the Second Degree Officer Sash plays a crucial role in Masonic rituals. Its presence in ceremonies elevates the significance of the Fellowcraft degree, emphasizing the transitional nature of these Masonic rites.

Unveiling Wisdom: A Ceremonial Transition of Enlightenment

During Masonic rituals, the unveiling of the Second Degree Officer Sash becomes a ceremonial transition, signifying the acquisition of wisdom and knowledge. The sash becomes a visual representation of the wearer’s journey from darkness to light.

Symbolizing Authority: The Sash’s Role in Leadership Transitions

The Second Degree Officer Sash gains added significance during transitions of leadership within Masonic lodges. As a Fellowcraft ascends to a leadership role, the sash becomes a symbol of authority, marking a transition in responsibilities and a deeper commitment to Masonic principles.

Tradition Woven in Fabric: The Second Degree Officer Sash as a Custodian

The Second Degree Officer Sash, beyond its ceremonial role, becomes a custodian of tradition within Freemasonry. Its symbolic transition reflects the continuity of Masonic teachings, carrying forward the legacy of those who have walked the Masonic path before.

Transitioning through Generations: The Sash as a Guardian of Legacy

By preserving the Second Degree Officer Sash, Masons uphold the legacy of Masonic forebears. This transition through generations exemplifies the enduring nature of Masonic traditions, with the sash becoming a bridge connecting Masons of today with their historical counterparts.

Unity in Symbolism: The Sash as a Symbol of Brotherhood

The Second Degree Officer Sash, beyond its individual symbolism, undergoes a transition into a symbol of brotherhood among Masons. This journey emphasizes the interconnectedness of Masonic principles, transforming the sash into a visual representation of the shared journey and collective dedication to Masonic ideals.

A Shared Symbol: Transitioning from Individual to Collective Significance

As the Second Degree Officer Sash symbolizes unity, it becomes a shared element binding Brothers in a common visual language. This transition reinforces the idea that Masonic principles are not only personal but extend to the entire fraternity. The sash, emerging in its symbolic richness, fosters a sense of brotherhood and solidarity.

Tales of Symbolic Brotherhood: The Sash as a Custodian of Stories

The Second Degree Officer Sash becomes a vessel for storytelling within the Masonic community. Each mark, emblem, or color becomes a narrative, a transition through time and experiences. The sash, as a custodian of these tales, becomes a transition point between personal history and the collective history of the Masonic fraternity.

Beyond the Lodge: The Sash as a Symbolic Transition to Public Representation

As Masons step beyond the confines of the lodge, the Second Degree Officer Sash and its symbolic contents become external representations of their Masonic affiliation. The sash ensures that the Fellowcraft degree is dignified and respected in public settings, underscoring the Mason’s commitment to representing the Craft with honor and integrity.

Transitioning Between Realms: The Masonic Sash in Public Settings

The sash, as a symbol of Masonic pride, facilitates a seamless transition between the sacred and the civic aspects of a Mason’s life. This visible connection between the private sanctum of the lodge and the public arena reinforces the idea that Masonic principles are not confined to the lodge but extend to every facet of a Mason’s life.

Wear and Tear: The Sash as a Narrator of Masonic Journeys

As the Second Degree Officer Sash accompanies its wearer through various experiences, it accumulates wear and tear, transitioning from pristine regalia to a storyteller of Masonic journeys. The visible signs of use become badges of honor, illustrating the wearer’s journey within the Craft.

Wear as a Badge of Honor: The Sash Narrating Masonic Journeys

The transition from a pristine sash to one that bears the marks of wear is a badge of honor. Each crease, frayed edge, or symbol becomes a storyteller, narrating the wearer’s journey within the Craft. The sash, as a custodian of these tales, becomes a transition point between personal history and the collective history of the Masonic fraternity.

Conclusion: The Second Degree Officer Sash – A Symbolic Sentinel of Masonic Transition

In conclusion, the Second Degree Officer Sash, with its symbolic richness, ceremonial significance, and custodial role, stands as a symbolic sentinel of Masonic transition. From functionality to profound symbolism, from private ceremonies to public representation, the sash navigates the diverse threads of the Masonic journey. As a custodian of tradition and a symbol of brotherhood, it facilitates seamless transitions, preserving the timeless legacy of Freemasonry. The Officer Sash, in its symbolic tapestry, stands as an integral part of the Masonic narrative, embodying tradition, continuity, and transformation.

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Additional information

Sash Direction

Left Shoulder to Right Hip, Right Shoulder to Left Hip

Sash Size

76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86, 88, 90

Shoulder Width

10 inches / 25.5 cm, 11 inches / 28 cm


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