Masonic Royal Arch Companions Breast Jewel


  • Metal Gilt
  • Standard size 25 mm Thick ribbon
  • The back of Jewel has a stickpin fitting
SKU: LR-RA-3305


Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel

Breast Jewel – Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel


  • Metal Gilt
  • Standard size 25 mm Thick ribbon
  • Handmade Breast Jewel
  • Quality Jewel with great detail and polished to a very high standard
  • The back of Jewel has a stickpin fitting
  • Purchase with faith. If you are not happy with your order, you will get a full refund


The Companion breast gem is free to Royal Arch Chapter Freemasons. It has a top and bottom bar made of hand-stitched ribbon, as well as a gold-plated triple tau and a pendant. It includes a pocket slider to fit into your jacket pocket.

The Royal Arch Companions’ Breast Jewel exemplifies beauty and grace. This breast diamond is ideal for wearing on special occasions and at lodge meetings. It is a finely designed breast jewel with fine craftsmanship on the lower pendant. It has been particularly designed to enhance the beauty of your apparel to a higher level of perfection.

The Masonic Royal Arch Companions Breast Jewel stands as a tangible symbol within the rich tapestry of Masonic regalia, embodying honor, tradition, and a profound sense of brotherhood. This exploration ventures beyond the surface of its ornate design, unraveling the historical significance, ceremonial role, and the esteemed tradition it represents. From the symbolism embedded in its intricate details to the ceremonial moments it graces, the Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel is a beacon within the Masonic journey.

Origins and Historical Significance

The roots of the Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel trace back to the early years of Royal Arch Masonry. Understanding its historical significance unveils a narrative that enriches the appreciation for this esteemed piece of regalia.

The Arch of Enlightenment: A Historical Canvas

The Breast Jewel symbolizes the completion of the Master Mason’s journey, marking the transition to Royal Arch Masonry. Its historical significance lies in the narrative of rebuilding the Temple of Solomon, a pivotal story within Masonic lore. The Breast Jewel becomes a tangible link to this historical context, embodying the spirit of enlightenment and renewal.

Emergence in Rituals: Incorporation into Masonic Ceremonies

As Royal Arch Masonry evolved, the Breast Jewel found its place in the ceremonial fabric of the order. The moment a Mason completes the Royal Arch initiation, the Breast Jewel is bestowed upon him, signifying a transition in his Masonic journey. This ceremonial incorporation adds layers of significance to the Breast Jewel, making it a revered emblem within Masonic rituals.

Design and Symbolism

The design of the Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel is a canvas of symbolism, each element carefully chosen to convey profound Masonic ideals. Breaking down the design reveals a rich tapestry of symbols that resonate with the principles of Freemasonry.

The Keystone: Symbol of Completeness and Unity

At the heart of the Breast Jewel lies the keystone—a symbol synonymous with completion and unity. In the context of Royal Arch Masonry, the keystone signifies the restoration of the lost word and the completeness of Masonic knowledge. It serves as a visual reminder of the essential truths that Masons seek to uncover in their journey.

Triple Tau: A Symbol of Perfection

Emblazoned upon the Breast Jewel, the Triple Tau is a symbol of perfection. Its three interlocking Taus represent the three principal officers of a Royal Arch Chapter and, more deeply, the perfection of body, soul, and spirit. The Triple Tau on the Breast Jewel becomes a visual manifestation of the Masonic quest for perfection and spiritual enlightenment.

The Encompassing Circle: Unity and Brotherhood

Surrounding the central symbols is an encompassing circle, symbolizing unity and the eternal bond of brotherhood. The circle, unbroken and continuous, reflects the unbroken chain of Masonic fellowship. This element on the Breast Jewel reinforces the interconnectedness of Royal Arch Companions in their shared Masonic journey.

Ceremonial Role and Significance

The Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel is not merely an ornamental accessory; it plays a pivotal role in Masonic ceremonies, marking significant transitions and fostering a deeper sense of camaraderie among Companions.

Investiture Ceremony: Bestowing of Honor

The investiture ceremony, where the Royal Arch Companion receives the Breast Jewel, is a moment of profound significance. The act of adorning the Companion with the Breast Jewel symbolizes the acknowledgment of his journey, wisdom gained, and commitment to the principles of Royal Arch Masonry. It is a ceremony infused with solemnity and honor, reinforcing the gravity of the Masonic path.

Symbolic Transition: From Apprentice to Companion

For the Mason who has journeyed through the degrees of Craft Masonry, the Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel marks a symbolic transition. It signifies the completion of one phase of the Masonic journey and the entrance into a new realm of knowledge and understanding. The Breast Jewel becomes a visible testament to the Companion’s commitment to continued growth and enlightenment.

Historical Evolution and Variations

The Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel, while rooted in tradition, has undergone subtle evolutions and variations over the years. Exploring these changes provides insights into the dynamic nature of Masonic regalia.

Evolution of Craftsmanship: From Simple to Elaborate

Historically, early versions of the Breast Jewel were relatively simple, reflecting the craftsmanship of the time. As Masonic regalia evolved, so did the Breast Jewel. Modern iterations often feature intricate detailing, highlighting advancements in craftsmanship and design. The Breast Jewel, in its contemporary form, becomes a fusion of tradition and artistic expression.

Chapter-Specific Variations: Unique Identity

Different Royal Arch Chapters may have variations in the design of the Breast Jewel, incorporating chapter-specific symbols or nuances. These variations add a layer of uniqueness, allowing each Companion to identify with the specific traditions and symbols of their chapter. The Breast Jewel, in this context, becomes not only a symbol of Royal Arch Masonry but also a marker of chapter identity.

Brotherhood and Camaraderie

Beyond its ceremonial and symbolic aspects, the Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel fosters a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie among those who wear it. Understanding its role in building connections among Companions sheds light on its significance in the broader context of Masonic fellowship.

A Visual Bond: Recognizing Fellow Companions

The Breast Jewel serves as a visual bond among Royal Arch Companions. When worn during Masonic gatherings, it becomes a recognizable symbol that transcends verbal communication. This visual language fosters an immediate connection, creating an atmosphere of unity and shared purpose.

Fostering Fellowship: Shared Experiences

Companions who wear the Breast Jewel share a commonality—they have traversed the same Masonic path and embraced the teachings of Royal Arch Masonry. This shared experience, symbolized by the Breast Jewel, becomes a foundation for meaningful interactions and mutual support. The Breast Jewel, in this context, is not just an adornment but a catalyst for fostering fellowship.

Preserving Tradition and Passing the Torch

The Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel, with its rich symbolism and ceremonial significance, plays a crucial role in preserving Masonic tradition and passing the torch of enlightenment to successive generations of Companions.

A Link to the Past: Connecting with Masonic Ancestors

As Companions don the Breast Jewel, they become a living link to the Masonic ancestors who preceded them. The Breast Jewel, with its symbols and traditions, connects present-day Companions to the timeless lineage of Royal Arch Masonry. It serves as a reminder of the continuity of Masonic teachings through generations.

Mentorship and Passing Knowledge: The Role of Seasoned Companions

When a Companion receives the Breast Jewel, it often comes with the guidance and wisdom of seasoned Companions. The act of bestowing the Breast Jewel becomes a mentorship moment, symbolizing the passing of knowledge and the entrustment of Masonic principles. The Breast Jewel, in this context, becomes a tangible representation of the ongoing legacy of Masonic enlightenment.

Conclusion: The Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel – A Symbolic Odyssey

In conclusion, the Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel transcends its role as a piece of Masonic regalia. It is a symbol of honor, tradition, and the profound journey of a Mason through the degrees of Royal Arch Masonry. From its historical roots to its intricate symbolism, from the investiture ceremony to fostering brotherhood, the Breast Jewel is a tangible thread that weaves through the intricate fabric of Masonic tradition. As Companions don this emblem, they not only adorn themselves with a piece of regalia but also embrace a legacy of enlightenment that spans generations. The Royal Arch Companion Breast Jewel stands as a testament to the enduring principles of Freemasonry, a symbol that continues to shine brightly in the tapestry of Masonic brotherhood.

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