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  • Maroon ribbon with the silver lining
  • The breast jewel is a metal gild
  • Polished to a high standard
  • Size is 3.5cm * 12cm
SKU: LR-RMJ-0807


Grand Officers Breast Jewel

Grand Officers Breast Jewel


  • This jewel comes with a quality wallet as attached to store your jewel, you can personalize the holder with a name and lodge insert to the front
  • Finest quality breast jewel
  • Maroon ribbon with the silver lining
  • The breast jewel is a metal gild
  • Polished to a high standard
  • Size is 3.5cm * 12cm
  • 32mm ribbon
  • Excellent quality and detail
  • Jewel has a stickpin fitting on the back


We are offering you the highest quality breast jewel, which includes a maroon ribbon, a professionally metal gilded jewel, and a robust stickpin fitting on the back. First and foremost, our professional employees have created this lovely breast jewel very beautifully with an outstanding level of detailing and quality, and this basic breast jewel is ideal for any Freemason.

A comparable apron is worn by the Thrice Illustrious Master (i.e., Master) of a Council, with the symbol of the office of Master stitched in the center. A prior master’s apron bears a slightly different symbol. A district grand officer wears a crimson collarette with a golden gem of their office’s symbol dangling from it, whereas a grand officer’s apron (embroidered with his rank’s badge) and collar is border with gold lace. The breast jewel’s ribbon is trimmed in white.

In the realm of Masonic regalia, the Grand Officers Breast Jewel stands as a beacon of distinction and honor. As a pivotal element in the rich tapestry of Masonic supplies, this jewel embodies the commitment, authority, and tradition associated with Grand Officers. This exploration delves into the intricate details and symbolic significance of the Grand Officers Breast Jewel, unraveling its role in the Masonic narrative and its place among the essential supplies that adorn the fraternity.

Crafting Eminence: The Artistry Behind Grand Officers Breast Jewel

The journey begins with the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of the Grand Officers Breast Jewel. These exquisite jewels are meticulously designed, reflecting the eminence and authority vested in the wearers.

Artisan Mastery: Forging the Grand Officers Breast Jewel

Crafted by skilled artisans, the Officers Breast Jewel undergoes a meticulous process, from design conception to the final creation. This section unravels the artistry behind these jewels and their significance in the Masonic tradition.

Symbolism in Design: Decoding Masonic Iconography

Each element of the Officers Breast Jewel carries profound symbolism, from the choice of materials to the incorporation of Masonic symbols. This subsection decodes the intricate design elements, unveiling the layers of meaning woven into the jewel.

Emblem of Authority

The Officers Breast Jewel is not merely an ornamental accessory; it symbolizes authority within the Masonic hierarchy. This section explores the hierarchical significance of these jewels and the responsibilities they represent.

Distinctive Ranks

Grand Officers occupy distinguished positions within Masonic hierarchies, and the type of jewel worn signifies their specific roles. This subsection provides insights into the various ranks of Grand Officers and the corresponding jewels that distinguish their authority.

Transitioning Roles

As Masons ascend to Grand Officer positions, the transition is marked by the bestowment of the Grand Officers Breast Jewel. This symbolic act signifies a shift in roles and responsibilities within the Masonic fraternity.

Ceremonial Significance

The Grand Officers Breast Jewel takes center stage in Masonic rituals, adding a layer of ceremonial significance to its already distinguished role. This section explores the rituals associated with these jewels, highlighting their importance in Masonic ceremonies.

Investiture Ceremonies

The investiture of a Grand Officer is a momentous occasion, and the presentation of the Breast Jewel marks the formal bestowment of authority. This subsection delves into the rituals and traditions surrounding the investiture ceremonies.

Symbolic Gestures

The Grand Officers Breast Jewel becomes a symbolic focal point during Masonic rituals, symbolizing the authority, wisdom, and commitment that Grand Officers bring to their roles. This subsection explores the specific gestures and rituals involving these jewels.

Masonic Supplies

Amidst the array of Masonic supplies, the Officers Breast Jewel occupies a unique place, representing the epitome of honor and distinction. This section examines its role in the broader context of Masonic regalia and supplies.

Adorning Masonic Attire

The integration of the Officers Breast Jewel into Masonic attire is a meticulous process. This subsection explores how these jewels complement the overall regalia, contributing to the visual splendor of Masonic ceremonies.

Customization and Tradition

Different Masonic bodies may have distinct variations of the Officers Breast Jewel, adding a layer of customization to these symbols of authority. This part elucidates how customization aligns with specific Masonic traditions.

Preserving Legacy

The Grand Officers Breast Jewel is not only a contemporary symbol but also a link to Masonic heritage. This section explores how these jewels serve as tangible connections to the rich legacy and traditions of the Masonic fraternity.

Passing the Torch

The Officers Breast Jewel often holds a generational significance, passed down through Masonic families as a cherished heirloom. This subsection delves into the tradition of passing these jewels from one generation to the next.

Masonic Museums

Many Masonic museums display Officers Breast Jewels as historical artifacts, offering a glimpse into the evolution of Masonic regalia. This part explores the role of these jewels in preserving and showcasing Masonic history.

Collectors’ Reverie

For Masonic collectors, the Officers Breast Jewel is a coveted piece of memorabilia. This section examines the allure of these jewels for collectors and the value they hold within the realm of Masonic artifacts.

Rare Varieties

Certain Grand Officers Breast Jewels, due to their rarity or historical significance, become highly sought after by collectors. This subsection delves into the world of rare and unique breast jewels and their appeal to Masonic collectors.

Aesthetic Appreciation

Beyond their symbolic and historical value, Grand Officers Breast Jewels are appreciated for their aesthetic qualities. This part explores how these jewels are celebrated as both pieces of art and significant artifacts within the Masonic community.


In conclusion, the Officers Breast Jewel stands as an epitome of Masonic distinction, embodying authority, tradition, and craftsmanship. From its intricate design to its ceremonial significance, this jewel weaves itself into the fabric of Masonic regalia. As a symbol of authority and a connection to Masonic heritage, the Officers Breast Jewel transcends its ornamental role, becoming a tangible representation of the enduring legacy and commitment within the Masonic fraternity.

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