Shriner – Masonic Chain Collar


  • Chain Collar with a total of 18 pieces
  • Neck chain 13 inches long for holding chain collar
  • Dark Red Velvet for Backing
SKU: LR-SR-1904


Shriner – Masonic Chain Collar – Gold/Silver on Red + Free Case

Shriner – Masonic Chain Collar – Gold/Silver on Red + Free Case


  • Masonic Regalia Shrine Golden Metal Chain Collar
  • Collar with 16 shrine Jewels Plus 2 STARS Linked with Metal Chain Rings
  • Chain Collar with a total of 18 pieces
  • Neck chain 13 inches long for holding chain collar
  • Dark Red Velvet for Backing
  • Outer size of the collar 18” x 11.5”
  • Inner size of the collar 13.5” x 7”
  • Shriner Collar Chain
  • Top Quality Dark Red Velvet Backing
  • Finest Quality Metal Chain
  • Gold Plated Chain
  • Collar Case is Free at this price
  • Chain available in all precious metals including pure Gold, pure Silver, gold Plated, Silver Plated, and any other metal that you desire.
  • Free shipping available across all the world for big volume Orders
  • Shriner – Masonic Chain Collar – Gold/Silver on Red + Free Case
  • Availability: IN STOCK


Chain available in all precious metals including pure Gold, pure Silver, gold Plated, Silver Plated, and any other metal that you desire. Outer size of the collar is 18” x 11.5”. Inner size of the collar is 13.5” x 7”. Method of Payment can be selected by the buyer as we offer and accept all forms of valid payment methods. Shriner – Masonic Chain Collar – Gold/Silver on Red + Free Case. IN STOCK. Can not find what you are looking for? call our design team and create your specific design with us. Give your specific measurements and we will manufacture the product specifically tailored for you.

Within the rich tapestry of Masonic regalia, the Masonic Chain Collar holds a distinctive place, particularly among Shriners. This exploration delves into the significance of the Masonic Chain Collar within the context of the Shriner fraternity. From its aesthetic elegance to the symbolic weight it carries, the chain collar stands as a visual representation of the principles and unity cherished by Shriners.

The Chain Collar: An Emblem of Brotherhood

The Masonic Chain Collar, draped around the neck of a Shriner, serves as a tangible emblem of the bonds of brotherhood that unite members of the fraternity. This section explores the visual and symbolic aspects of the collar, emphasizing its role in fostering a sense of unity among Shriners.

Aesthetic Elegance: The Visual Appeal of the Chain Collar

The journey into the significance of the Masonic Chain Collar begins with its visual appeal. Crafted with precision and adorned with symbols, the collar contributes to the regal appearance of a Shriner. Its intricate design and gleaming chain links speak to the craftsmanship involved, underscoring the importance of aesthetics in Masonic regalia.

Symbolic Weight: Unity and Brotherhood in Every Link

Beyond its visual allure, each link of the Masonic Chain Collar carries symbolic weight. The interconnected links symbolize the unity and interconnectedness of Shriners worldwide. This symbolic representation becomes a powerful reminder of the shared values, ideals, and purpose that bind Shriners together in their Masonic journey.

The Journey of the Masonic Chain Collar

The Masonic Chain Collar undergoes a significant journey, both in the crafting process and as it adorns a Shriner during various Masonic ceremonies and events. This section explores the dynamic journey of the collar, from its creation to its role in different facets of Shriner life.

Crafting the Collar: A Process of Precision and Dedication

The journey begins with the crafting of the Masonic Chain Collar, a process that requires precision and dedication. Skilled artisans meticulously weave each link, ensuring not only its visual appeal but also imbuing it with the symbolism inherent in every detail. The craftsmanship becomes a reflection of the commitment to excellence that defines the Shriner fraternity.

Adorning the Collar: Symbolic Rituals and Ceremonies

As a Shriner adorns the Masonic Chain Collar, the collar becomes more than a piece of regalia—it transforms into a symbol of initiation and belonging. The rituals and ceremonies associated with the collar’s donning mark significant milestones in a Shriner’s journey, reinforcing the sense of unity and shared purpose within the fraternity.

Symbolism Woven into Every Link

The Masonic Chain Collar serves as a canvas for symbolism, with each link carrying meaning that resonates with Shriner principles and values. This section delves into the symbolic elements woven into the collar, exploring their significance in the context of Shriner brotherhood.

The Crescent and Scimitar: Symbols of Shriners International

Prominently featured on the Masonic Chain Collar, the crescent and scimitar are iconic symbols of Shriners International. These symbols pay homage to the fraternity’s Middle Eastern-inspired roots and evoke a sense of mystique and tradition. As Shriners don the collar, they embody the principles represented by these symbols, fostering a connection to the fraternity’s heritage.

Fez Attachments: Individuality within Unity

Customarily adorned with fez attachments, the Masonic Chain Collar allows Shriners to express their individuality within the framework of unity. Fez attachments may include various symbols and designs, representing personal achievements, leadership roles, or specific affiliations within the fraternity. This customization reinforces the idea that each Shriner contributes a unique thread to the rich tapestry of Shriners International.

Ceremonial Significance: The Chain Collar in Masonic Rites and Events

The Masonic Chain Collar plays a crucial role in various Masonic rites and events, each imbued with ceremonial significance. This section explores how the collar contributes to the ceremonial aspects of Shriner life, symbolizing the values upheld by the fraternity.

Installation Ceremonies: Passing the Torch of Leadership

During installation ceremonies, the Masonic Chain Collar takes on added significance as it is passed from one leader to another. This ceremonial act symbolizes the continuity of leadership within the fraternity, emphasizing the responsibilities and principles associated with the collar. The exchange becomes a visual representation of the ongoing legacy of Shriners International.

Parades and Public Events: A Display of Unity and Pride

In parades and public events, Shriners proudly wear the Masonic Chain Collar, turning these occasions into vibrant displays of unity and pride. The collar becomes a symbol that unites Shriners across different chapters and regions, reinforcing their collective commitment to charitable endeavors and community service.

Brotherhood Beyond Boundaries

The Masonic Chain Collar transcends physical boundaries, symbolizing a broader sense of brotherhood that extends beyond individual chapters and regions. This section explores how the collar serves as a unifying force, fostering connections among Shriners on a global scale.

International Gatherings: A Tapestry of Diversity and Unity

At international gatherings, the Masonic Chain Collar becomes a symbol of the diversity within Shriners International. Shriners from different countries, wearing the collar adorned with their unique fez attachments, contribute to a tapestry of traditions, languages, and cultures. The collar becomes a visual representation of the universal bond shared by Shriners worldwide.

Philanthropic Initiatives: The Collar as a Beacon of Charity

As Shriners engage in philanthropic initiatives, the Masonic Chain Collar becomes a beacon of charity. Whether participating in fundraising events or actively contributing to community service projects, Shriners wearing the collar embody the values of compassion and benevolence that define their fraternity.

Challenges and Triumphs: The Collar as a Witness to Masonic Journeys

The Masonic Chain Collar becomes a silent witness to the challenges and triumphs of individual Shriners and the fraternity as a whole. This section explores how the collar, through wear and tear, tells a story of Masonic journeys, resilience, and the enduring spirit of brotherhood.

Wear and Tear: A Testament to Masonic Dedication

As Shriners wear the Masonic Chain Collar throughout their Masonic journey, the collar accumulates wear and tear. Far from diminishing its significance, these signs become a testament to the dedication and experiences of the wearer. Each scratch, dent, or imperfection becomes a part of the collar’s narrative, reflecting the challenges overcome and the lessons learned.

Retirements and Honors: The Collar as a Symbol of Service

During retirements and honors, the Masonic Chain Collar takes on additional significance. When a Shriner retires from active duty or receives special recognition, the collar becomes a symbol of service and commitment. It is a tangible acknowledgment of the wearer’s contributions to the fraternity, underscoring the enduring legacy of Shriners International.

Conclusion: The Masonic Chain Collar – A Symbol of Unity and Tradition

In conclusion, the Masonic Chain Collar, with its aesthetic elegance and profound symbolism, stands as a symbol of unity and tradition within the Shriner fraternity. From its meticulous crafting to its ceremonial role and symbolic significance, the collar weaves a narrative of brotherhood that transcends borders and spans generations. As Shriners don the Masonic Chain Collar, they become part of a living tradition, embodying the principles that define Shriners International. The collar, with its crescent and scimitar, fez attachments, and ceremonial role, remains a beacon of unity, guiding Shriners on their Masonic journey and contributing to the enduring legacy of brotherhood within the fraternity.

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Backing Color

Blue, Purple, Red

Chain Color

Gold, Silver


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