Shriner – Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar


  • Masonic Regalia Shrine Golden Metal Chain Collar
  • Collar with 16 shrine Jewels Plus 2 STARS Linked with Metal Chain Rings
  • Chain Collar with a total of 18 pieces
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Shriner – Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar – Gold/Silver on Red + Free Case

Shriner – Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar – Gold/Silver on Red + Free Case


  • Masonic Regalia Shrine Golden Metal Chain Collar
  • Collar with 16 shrine Jewels Plus 2 STARS Linked with Metal Chain Rings
  • Chain Collar with a total of 18 pieces
  • Neck chain 13 inches long for holding chain collar
  • Dark Red Velvet for Backing
  • Outer size of the collar 18” x 11.5”
  • Inner size of the collar 13.5” x 7”
  • Gold or Silver Plated
  • Free Collar case
  • Premium Quality, handcrafted product
  • A free case is provided with this specific product


Chain available in all precious metals including pure Gold, pure Silver, gold Plated, Silver Plated, and any other metal that you desire. Outer size of the collar is 18” x 11.5”. Inner size of the collar is 13.5” x 7”. Method of Payment can be selected by the buyer as we offer and accept all forms of valid payment methods. Shriner – Masonic Chain Collar – Gold/Silver on Red + Free Case. IN STOCK. Can not find what you are looking for? call our design team and create your specific design with us. Give your specific measurements and we will manufacture the product specifically tailored for you.

Within the vibrant realm of Masonic regalia, the Shriner’s Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar stands as a beacon of elegance and tradition. This exploration transcends the functional aspects of the collar, delving into the intricate symbolism, history, and the active role it plays in the vibrant tapestry of Shriner Masonic practices. From the shimmering rhinestones that adorn it to the deep-rooted traditions it signifies, the Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar is a captivating emblem within the Shriner fraternity.

Illuminating Tradition: The Significance of Masonic Collars

A Symbol of Brotherhood and Rank

Masonic collars have long been symbolic representations within the fraternity, denoting a Brother’s rank and standing within the Masonic order. The Shriner’s Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar, adorned with dazzling rhinestones, takes this symbolism to new heights, signifying not only the wearer’s status but also the festive spirit of the Shriner tradition.

Rhinestones: Beyond Aesthetics to Symbolic Brilliance

The use of rhinestones in the Masonic Collar isn’t merely an aesthetic choice; it’s a deliberate selection steeped in symbolism. Rhinestones, known for their brilliance and sparkle, mirror the aspirations of Masons and Shriners alike, reflecting the desire for enlightenment and the pursuit of charitable endeavors.

Crafting Elegance: The Design and Aesthetics of the Rhinestone Chain Collar

Intricate Craftsmanship: Weaving Tradition with Rhinestones

The crafting of the Shriner’s Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar involves meticulous attention to detail. Each rhinestone is not merely a decorative element but a carefully placed gem, contributing to the overall harmony of the collar. The intertwining chains symbolize unity among Shriners, highlighting the interconnectedness of their noble endeavors.

Symbolic Colors: Beyond Rhinestones to Chromatic Significance

The colors incorporated into the collar hold symbolic significance within the Shriner fraternity. The vibrant hues, often complementing the sparkle of the rhinestones, signify the diversity and richness of the Shriner tradition. From the deep reds symbolizing courage to the serene blues reflecting loyalty, each color tells a story within the grand narrative of Shrinedom.

The Journey of a Shriner: From Initiation to the Rhinestone Chain Collar

Initiation Rituals: Stepping into Shrinedom

The journey of a Mason towards becoming a Shriner involves a series of initiation rituals. These rites mark significant milestones, signifying the commitment of the Mason to the principles of Shrinedom. The culmination of these rituals is often celebrated with the presentation of the iconic Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar.

The Collar as a Badge of Honor: Beyond Aesthetics

As a Shriner dons the Rhinestone Chain Collar, it becomes more than a piece of regalia; it transforms into a badge of honor. The collar signifies the wearer’s commitment to the ideals of Shrinedom—charitable work, fellowship, and the pursuit of knowledge. It is a tangible manifestation of the Shriner’s journey within the fraternity.

Symbolism Embedded: Rhinestones and Their Deeper Meanings

Rhinestones as Illuminators: A Journey from Darkness to Light

The use of rhinestones isn’t merely ornamental; it carries profound symbolism within the Shriner fraternity. The brilliance of the rhinestones symbolizes the journey from darkness to light—a central theme in Masonic teachings. As the rhinestones catch and reflect light, they become metaphorical illuminators, guiding Shriners on their path of enlightenment.

Sparkle of Benevolence: Rhinestones as Symbols of Charity

In the context of the Shriner’s Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar, each glimmering stone represents more than mere aesthetics. The sparkle becomes symbolic of the benevolent spirit that defines Shrinedom. Shriners, adorned in their collars, are not just Brothers; they are beacons of charity, casting light into the lives of those in need.

The Collar in Rituals and Ceremonies: A Shining Emblem

Ritualistic Significance: Enhancing the Ritual Experience

The Shriner’s Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar plays a pivotal role in various Masonic rituals and ceremonies. Its presence enhances the ritualistic experience, serving as a visual reminder of the solemnity and significance of the proceedings. The rhinestones, catching the ceremonial light, add a touch of splendor to these revered occasions.

Investiture Ceremonies: Bestowing the Collar with Honor

The bestowal of the Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar is often accompanied by elaborate investiture ceremonies. These ceremonies, steeped in tradition, mark the formal recognition of a Shriner’s achievements and contributions. The collar, gleaming with rhinestones, becomes a symbol of honor and distinction.

Beyond the Lodge: Public Representations and Civic Engagement

Shriners in the Public Eye: Collars as Symbols of Philanthropy

As Shriners step beyond the confines of the lodge, their Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collars become visible symbols of their commitment to philanthropy. In public settings, the collars not only represent the fraternity but also serve as a testament to the charitable work and civic engagement that define the Shriner tradition.

Transitioning Between Realms: From Masonic Halls to Community Events

The Rhinestone Chain Collar seamlessly transitions between the sacred halls of Masonic lodges and the bustling arenas of community events. Its presence at parades, fundraisers, and public gatherings reinforces the idea that Masonic principles extend beyond the confines of the lodge, influencing every facet of a Shriner’s life.

Wear and Tear: Narrating the Journey Through Rhinestones

Wear as a Talebearer: Rhinestones Reflecting the Journey

As a Shriner wears the Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar through various experiences, it accumulates wear and tear. Far from diminishing its value, these signs of use become badges of honor, narrating the wearer’s journey within the Shriner fraternity. Each scratch or mark tells a story, reflecting the collar’s participation in the rich tapestry of Shrinedom.

Conclusion: The Shining Legacy of the Shriner’s Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar

In conclusion, the Shriner’s Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar, with its shimmering rhinestones and intricate design, is more than a piece of regalia—it is a shining legacy. From the initiation rituals to investiture ceremonies, from the solemnity of lodge rituals to the vibrancy of public events, the collar remains a constant emblem of honor, tradition, and philanthropy. The rhinestones, far beyond their decorative role, symbolize the brilliance of Shrinedom—a brilliance that illuminates the path of charity, fellowship, and enlightenment. The Masonic Rhinestone Chain Collar, with its active voice in ceremonies and public engagements, stands as a radiant symbol of the Shriner’s commitment to making a difference in the world, one shimmering stone at a time.

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Additional information

Backing Color

Blue, Purple, Red

Chain Color

Gold, Silver


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