Cryptic Mason Royal & Select Masonic Chain Collar


  •  Gold or Silver Plated
  • Purple / Blue / Red Velvet Backing
  • Excellent Quality Backing Velvet


Cryptic Mason Royal & Select Chain Collar

Masonic Chain Collar – Cryptic Mason Royal & Select Chain Collar


  • Gold or Silver Plated
  • Blue Velvet Backing
  • Excellent Quality Backing Velvet
  • Excellent Quality Metal Works
  • Gold or Silver Chain
  • Neck chain 13 inches long for holding chain collar
  • Outer size of collar 18” x 11.5”
  • Inner size of collar 13.5” x 7”
  • High-Quality Work


So, Royal Arch Masonic Chain Collar is craft by professionals. We aspire to provide the color chain with the finest quality. Firstly, our mission is to establish the world’s finest Royal Arch Masonic Chain Collar. Of Course, we use the best quality velvet. For example Masonic Handmade Collar, Masonic Rose Croix Sash, and other Masonic handmade collar collections, etc. It is gold and silver plated with blue velvet backing on it. Excellent quality of the metal is used. A gold or silver chain is given. The Outer size of collar 18” x 11.5”. The inner size of collar 13.5” x 7”.

The world of Freemasonry is shrouded in symbolism and tradition, with each degree and order carrying its own unique significance. Among these, the Cryptic Masons, specifically the Royal & Select Masonic chain collar, stands as a testament to the rich history and esoteric teachings within the Masonic fraternity.

I. The Cryptic Masons: A Brief Overview

Cryptic Masonry, also known as the Cryptic Rite, constitutes an integral part of the Masonic structure. It is an extension of the York Rite, providing Masons with additional layers of knowledge and enlightenment. The Cryptic degrees delve deeper into the allegorical and symbolic aspects of Masonic teachings, leading initiates on a journey of self-discovery and understanding.

II. Unraveling the Royal & Select Degrees: A Step Beyond

Within the Cryptic Masons, the Royal & Select Master degrees hold a special place. These degrees, often considered the pinnacle of the Cryptic Rite, take Masons on a quest for hidden knowledge and the preservation of ancient secrets. The Royal & Select Master degrees form a bridge between the Mark Master Mason and the Knights Templar, creating a cohesive narrative within the broader context of Masonic progression.

III. Significance of the Chain Collar in Masonic Tradition

The Masonic chain collar serves as a tangible symbol of the fraternal bonds and shared experiences within the Masonic brotherhood. It is a distinguished piece of regalia that holds both aesthetic and symbolic value. In the context of the Royal & Select degrees, the chain collar takes on additional meaning, signifying the interconnectedness of Masonic principles and the unity of its members.

IV. Design and Symbolism of the Royal & Select Masonic Chain Collar

The design of the Royal & Select Masonic chain collar is a meticulous blend of symbols and emblems that carry profound meanings within the Masonic tradition. The collar typically features chains of intricate design, often adorned with symbols such as the Triple Tau, a prominent emblem in Cryptic Masonry representing perfection and completion. Each element of the collar is carefully crafted to convey esoteric teachings and inspire contemplation among initiates.

V. The Triple Tau: Emblematic Core of the Cryptic Masonic Collar

Central to the symbolism of the Royal & Select Masonic chain collar is the Triple Tau. This emblem, consisting of three interlocking Tau crosses, holds multifaceted significance within the Cryptic Rite. The Triple Tau is emblematic of the hidden knowledge and sacred truths pursued by Cryptic Masons. It is a symbol of completion, indicating the mastery of self and the attainment of profound wisdom through the Masonic journey.

VI. Crafting the Cryptic Masonic Chain Collar: Artistry and Tradition

The creation of a Royal & Select Masonic chain collar involves a combination of artistic craftsmanship and adherence to Masonic traditions. Skilled artisans meticulously fashion each link and incorporate symbolic elements with precision. The choice of materials, whether gold, silver, or other metals, adds to the regal allure of the collar, reflecting the importance of the degrees it represents.

VII. Ritualistic Aspects: The Role of the Chain Collar in Cryptic Masonic Ceremonies

During Cryptic Masonic ceremonies, the Royal & Select chain collar takes on a central role, accentuating the ritualistic experience for initiates. The collar is ceremoniously placed around the neck of the candidate, symbolizing the acceptance into the mysteries and responsibilities associated with the Royal & Select degrees. Its presence in these rituals serves as a tangible reminder of the solemnity and gravity of the Masonic teachings imparted.

VIII. The Evolution of the Cryptic Masonic Chain Collar

Throughout history, the design and symbolism of Masonic regalia, including the chain collar, have evolved in response to changing artistic styles and Masonic philosophy. While maintaining a core set of symbols and principles, variations in collar design reflect the diversity within the Masonic community and its adaptability to the zeitgeist of different eras.

IX. Cryptic Masonry Today: Preserving Tradition in a Modern Context

In the contemporary Masonic landscape, the Royal & Select Masonic chain collar continues to be a revered symbol, preserving the traditions and teachings of Cryptic Masonry. Masonic lodges worldwide uphold the significance of this regalia, ensuring that the lessons conveyed through the Royal & Select degrees remain relevant and impactful for new generations of initiates.

X. Conclusion: The Lasting Legacy of the Royal & Select Masonic Chain Collar

In conclusion, the Royal & Select Masonic chain collar stands as a tangible embodiment of the profound teachings and esoteric wisdom within Cryptic Masonry. Its intricate design and symbolism serve as a bridge between the ancient traditions of Freemasonry and the ongoing journey of self-discovery undertaken by Masons today. As initiates don the chain collar, they become part of a rich tapestry of brotherhood, bound together by shared experiences and a commitment to the enduring principles of Cryptic Masonry.

XI. The Educational Aspect of Cryptic Masonry: Knowledge Through Symbolism

One of the fundamental principles of Cryptic Masonry is the imparting of knowledge through symbolism. The Royal & Select Masonic chain collar plays a crucial role in this educational process. As initiates progress through the degrees, they are encouraged to study and contemplate the symbols embedded in the collar, unlocking deeper layers of meaning. The educational aspect extends beyond the ritualistic ceremonies, fostering a continuous pursuit of wisdom among Masons.

XII. Esoteric Teachings Encoded in the Chain Collar: A Closer Look

Examining the Royal & Select Masonic chain collar reveals a tapestry of esoteric teachings. The interwoven chains symbolize the interconnectedness of all Masons, emphasizing the unity that binds them in their quest for enlightenment. The Triple Tau, prominently featured, encourages initiates to explore the threefold aspects of their existence: physical, intellectual, and spiritual. Each link becomes a visual metaphor, reinforcing the idea that individual growth contributes to the strength of the collective Masonic body.

XIII. The Spiritual Journey Within Cryptic Masonry: A Personal Reflection

The Royal & Select degrees within Cryptic Masonry are designed to guide initiates on a spiritual journey. The chain collar serves as a constant reminder of this odyssey, prompting Masons to reflect on their own spiritual evolution. As they ascend through the degrees, the symbolism of the collar deepens, inviting a personal exploration of one’s beliefs, values, and connection to the divine.

XIV. Influence of the Royal & Select Masonic Chain Collar on Masonic Art and Literature

Beyond its ceremonial role, the Royal & Select Masonic chain collar has left an indelible mark on Masonic art and literature. Artists and writers within the fraternity often draw inspiration from the symbolism embedded in the collar, creating works that celebrate the richness of Cryptic Masonry. The collar becomes a muse, fueling creativity and contributing to the cultural legacy of Freemasonry.

XV. Brotherhood and Unity: Social Significance of the Chain Collar

In addition to its profound symbolism, the Royal & Select Masonic chain collar serves a social function within the Masonic community. As Masons gather in lodge meetings and fraternal events, the collar becomes a visible marker of shared experiences and common purpose. It fosters a sense of brotherhood and unity, transcending differences and creating a bond that extends beyond the confines of the Masonic temple.

XVI. Challenges in Preserving Cryptic Masonic Traditions: Adapting Without Compromising

In the modern era, Freemasonry faces the challenge of adapting to societal changes while preserving its rich traditions. The Royal & Select Masonic chain collar, as a traditional emblem, becomes a focal point in this discourse. Masonic lodges grapple with the balance between preserving historical authenticity and embracing contemporary perspectives, ensuring that the essence of Cryptic Masonry remains vibrant and relevant.

XVII. Initiatives for Masonic Education: Nurturing the Next Generation

Recognizing the importance of imparting Masonic knowledge, various initiatives and educational programs have emerged within the fraternity. These efforts aim to ensure that the teachings associated with the Royal & Select Masonic chain collar are not lost but rather passed on to new generations. Workshops, lectures, and publications contribute to a robust culture of Masonic education, fostering a deeper understanding of Cryptic Masonry.

XVIII. Global Perspectives on Cryptic Masonic Rituals and Regalia

Cryptic Masonry transcends geographical boundaries, with Masonic lodges practicing the Royal & Select degrees worldwide. While the core principles remain consistent, variations in rituals and regalia provide a fascinating glimpse into the adaptability of Cryptic Masonry within diverse cultural contexts. The Royal & Select Masonic chain collar, as a universal symbol, bridges these global perspectives, emphasizing the shared pursuit of Masonic ideals.

XIX. Future Prospects: The Continued Relevance of Cryptic Masonry

Looking ahead, the Royal & Select Masonic chain collar stands as a timeless symbol, anchoring Cryptic Masonry in the hearts and minds of Masons. Its enduring relevance lies in its ability to inspire, educate, and unite individuals in their Masonic journey. As Freemasonry continues to evolve, the Royal & Select degrees, with their distinctive chain collar, will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the fraternity’s future.

XX. Epilogue: A Legacy Woven in Chains

In the final analysis, the Royal & Select Masonic chain collar represents more than a piece of regalia; it embodies the essence of Cryptic Masonry. Woven in its chains are centuries of tradition, wisdom, and brotherhood. As Masons don the collar, they become part of a living legacy, inheriting the responsibilities and privileges associated with the Royal & Select degrees. The journey continues, and the chain collar remains an enduring symbol of the boundless possibilities that await those who seek the hidden truths within the Cryptic Rite.

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Backing Color

Blue, Purple, Red

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Gold, Silver


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