Full Dress Apron and Collar


  • Hand Embroidered Apron Badge
  • Pocket in Rear 
  • Collar
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Full Dress Apron and Collar

Apron and Collar – Full Dress Apron and Collar


  • Real or Imitation Leather Apron
  • Gold Gathered Fringe to Apron
  • Hand Embroidered Apron Badge
  • Pocket in Rear 
  • Collar
  • Leather with Embroidered Levels
  • Ball and chain tassels with gold plating
  • Blue ribbon of the highest standard


It is made of the highest quality. Hand embroidered apron badge and the apron tiers are include, as well as a pocket, double-threaded fringe, and a lambskin apron front.  The Mason’s apron comes from the aprons worn by craftsmen that were made from the skin of an animal. So other different types of aprons are available. We provide a lot of range of other things like a Scottish kilt, jewelry, masonic rings.

Within the realm of Masonic regalia, the Full Dress Apron and Collar stand as iconic symbols, embodying the rich traditions and symbolism of Freemasonry. This exploration delves into the multifaceted layers of these regal garments, transcending their functional aspects to unravel the profound significance they hold in Masonic rituals and ceremonies.

Historical Tapestry: The Evolution of Full Dress Apron and Collar

The journey of the Full Dress Apron and Collar begins with a historical tapestry, weaving together the evolution of Masonic regalia. These garments trace their roots back through the annals of time, reflecting the changes and adaptations within the Masonic tradition.

Origins of the Apron: A Symbol of Craftsmanship

The apron, a fundamental component of Masonic regalia, finds its origins in the craft of stonemasonry. Initially a practical garment to protect the operative Mason’s clothing from dust and debris, it underwent a symbolic transformation as speculative Masonry emerged.

Collar’s Emergence: Symbolism in Adornment

The collar, with its intricate design and symbolism, emerged as a complementary element to the apron. Adorned with symbols of Masonic significance, the collar became a visible representation of a Mason’s journey through the degrees.

Functionality and Form: The Full Dress Apron’s Role

Beyond its symbolic significance, the Full Dress Apron serves practical functions within Masonic ceremonies. This section unravels the dual role of the apron, both in its utilitarian aspects and its profound symbolism.

Practical Utility: Guarding Against the Profane

The apron, with its practical roots, continues to serve as a shield against the profane elements of the world. It symbolizes the Mason’s commitment to safeguarding the sanctity of Masonic teachings and principles.

Symbolism in Design: A Visual Narrative

The design of the Full Dress Apron holds deep symbolic meaning. From the color to the arrangement of symbols, each element tells a story within the visual narrative of Masonic teachings. The apron becomes a canvas that conveys the wearer’s journey and standing within the Craft.

Collar’s Significance: Beyond Adornment

The Collar, though an adornment, carries profound significance within the Masonic context. It symbolizes authority, responsibility, and the fraternal bonds that bind Masons together.

Authority and Responsibility: The Collar as a Symbol of Office

In Masonic leadership roles, the Collar becomes a symbol of authority and responsibility. Its design often incorporates distinct symbols denoting the office held, marking a transition in the Mason’s journey.

Fraternal Bonds: Unity Woven in Fabric

The Collar, worn by Masons of various degrees, becomes a unifying element. It symbolizes the interconnectedness of Masonic principles, fostering a sense of brotherhood and shared purpose among members.

Transitions Across Degrees: Apron and Collar as Markers of Progression

The Full Dress Apron and Collar play a crucial role in signifying the progression of a Mason through the various degrees. This section explores how these regal garments become markers of the Mason’s journey and knowledge attainment.

Entered Apprentice to Master Mason: The Evolution of the Apron

The apron, starting with the plain white of the Entered Apprentice, undergoes transformations in design and color as the Mason progresses through the degrees. Each variation carries specific symbolism, marking the wearer’s journey toward mastery.

Collar’s Evolution: Advancement in Masonic Knowledge

Similarly, the Collar evolves in design and symbolism as a Mason ascends through the degrees. The Collar becomes a visual representation of the wearer’s increasing knowledge, responsibility, and commitment to Masonic principles.

Ceremonial Significance: Apron and Collar in Lodge Rituals

The Full Dress Apron and Collar come to life in the solemn rituals and ceremonies conducted within the Masonic lodge. This section explores their ceremonial significance, marking pivotal moments in a Mason’s journey.

Initiation: Investiture of the Apprentice

The initiation ceremony marks the investiture of the Entered Apprentice with the Full Dress Apron. This symbolic act signifies the beginning of the Masonic journey, where the apron becomes a sacred garment of learning and growth.

Passing and Raising: Advancements Marked by Apron and Collar

The Fellow Craft and Master Mason degrees bring about further advancements in regalia. The Fellow Craft receives a distinctive apron, while the Master Mason is adorned with a Master Mason’s Collar, signifying a deeper level of knowledge and understanding.

Legacy Woven in Fabric: Passing Down Aprons and Collars

The Full Dress Apron and Collar, often personalized and adorned with distinct symbols, become cherished possessions passed down through generations. This section explores the tradition of passing down these regal garments as a legacy within Masonic families.

Heirlooms of Wisdom: Passing Down Aprons through Generations

The Full Dress Apron, bearing the marks of wear and symbols of personal significance, transforms into an heirloom of wisdom. As one generation passes it down to the next, the apron becomes a tangible link connecting Masonic legacies.

Symbolic Transition: The Passing Down of Collars

Similarly, the passing down of Collars signifies a symbolic transition of authority and responsibility. This tradition reinforces the continuity of Masonic principles and the timeless nature of the fraternal bonds.

Ritualistic Care: Preserving the Sanctity of Apron and Collar

The Full Dress Apron and Collar, with their rich symbolism and historical significance, require careful handling and preservation. This section delves into the ritualistic care bestowed upon these regal garments to maintain their sanctity.

Cleansing Rituals: Purifying the Apron and Collar

Cleansing rituals, symbolic in nature, are performed to purify the Full Dress Apron and Collar. This ritualistic care ensures that these regal garments remain untainted, reflecting the purity of Masonic teachings.

Storage Practices: Safeguarding the Legacy

The careful storage of the Full Dress Apron and Collar is a ritual in itself. Specialized cases and storage practices are employed to protect these regal garments from the ravages of time, preserving their symbolic significance.

Public Representation: Apron and Collar Beyond the Lodge

Beyond the confines of the Masonic lodge, the Full Dress Apron and Collar become external symbols of a Mason’s affiliation. This section explores how these regal garments project a dignified representation in public settings.

Parades and Processions: A Public Display of Masonic Pride

Masons wearing Full Dress Aprons and Collars often participate in parades and processions, showcasing Masonic pride to the public. The regal garments become a visual representation of the Craft’s commitment to honor, integrity, and community service.

Public Ceremonies: Symbolic Presence of Apron and Collar

In public ceremonies, the presence of Masons adorned in Full Dress Aprons and Collars adds a touch of regality. This symbolic representation reinforces the public image of Freemasonry as an organization rooted in tradition and benevolence.

Conclusion: Full Dress Apron and Collar – Symbolic Pillars of Masonic Tradition

In conclusion, the Full Dress Apron and Collar stand as symbolic pillars within the grand edifice of Masonic tradition. From their historical roots to their ceremonial significance, these regal garments embody the timeless principles and teachings of Freemasonry. As markers of progression, symbols of authority, and heirlooms of wisdom, the Full Dress Apron and Collar transcend their material form to become vessels of Masonic legacy, connecting past, present, and future generations of Masons. In public and private spheres, these regal garments project a dignified representation of the Craft, reinforcing the enduring values of honor, integrity, and brotherhood. The Full Dress Apron and Collar, with their elegance and symbolism, continue to weave the rich tapestry of Masonic tradition, embracing Masons in the sanctity of their timeless embrace.

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Additional information

Apron Body Material

Imitation leather, Lambskin, Satin Fabric

Apron Border Color

Dark Blue, Purple, Red, Royal Blue

Apron Border Material

Grossgrain Ribbon, Velvet Border

Apron Size

13 x 15 inches, 14 x 16 inches


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