Sash for Knights Companion


  1. High-quality sash of knights companion
  2. Beautiful hand embroidered motif
  3. Gold bullion fringe
  4. Stitched metal hook for attachment to collar
SKU: LR-RCC-00508


Sash for Knights Companion

Sash for Knights Companion


  1. High-quality sash of knights companion
  2. Beautiful hand embroidered motif
  3. Gold bullion fringe
  4. Stitched metal hook for attachment to collar
  5. Finest quality hand embroidery
  6. Embroidered with Bullion Thread
  7. Excellent quality and detail
  8. Quality guaranteed
  9. Fit up to a 45″ waist
  10. Sash made from Gold ribbon 
  11. Saffron back
  12. Width of the ribbon: 110 mm
  13. Clip for attachment of jewel
  14. Finest quality Machine embroidered collar


Shoulder sash high quality is a beautiful gold color shoulder sash that is made of the best quality wool and polyester. And it comes with a strong stitched metal hook for attachment to the collar. Also, our skilled workers have made this beautiful shoulder sash very elegantly with an excellent level of detailing and finishing. Quality guaranteed.

This waist sash is adjustable in length and can fit up to a 45″ waist. This sash is made from high quality materials. Sashes for uniforms are available in a variety of colors and styles.

In the resplendent world of chivalry and honor, the Sash for Knights Companion emerges as a symbol of distinction and valor. This exploration delves beyond its functional role, unraveling the layers of symbolism, tradition, and transitions woven into the fabric of this regal accessory. From its ceremonial significance to the intricate details of its design, the Sash for Knights Companion stands as a testament to the noble ideals embraced by those who wear it.

Origins and Evolution: A Historical Prelude

The journey of the Sash for Knights Companion begins with a historical prelude, tracing its origins and evolution through the annals of knighthood. From medieval chivalry to modern-day orders, the sash has transcended time, embodying the enduring legacy of the code of honor.

Transitioning through Time: An Evolutionary Chronicle

As the Sash for Knights Companion transitions through centuries, it carries with it the echoes of historical narratives. The evolution from a simple cloth tied around the waist to an intricately designed regal accessory marks a transformative journey, mirroring the changes in the perception and role of knights in society.

Symbolic Roots: The Sash as a Herald of Virtues

Rooted in symbolism, the Sash for Knights Companion serves as a herald of virtues and principles upheld by knights throughout history. This transition from a practical garment to a symbol of honor reflects the deep-seated values woven into the fabric of knighthood.

Craftsmanship Unveiled: The Artistry of the Sash

The Sash for Knights Companion, adorned with meticulous craftsmanship, becomes a canvas where tradition and creativity intersect. This section explores the artistry embedded in the creation of these regal adornments, tracing the intricate details that make each sash a unique masterpiece.

Transitioning Threads: Artistry as a Continuum

As skilled artisans weave the threads of the Sash for Knights Companion, there is a seamless transition between tradition and innovation. The age-old craft undergoes a metamorphosis, adapting to contemporary aesthetics while preserving the timeless elegance that defines this regal accessory.

Symbolic Colors: A Chromatic Transition in Craftsmanship

The transition from thread to color becomes a pivotal point in the craftsmanship of the sash. Each hue carries its own significance—a transition from the earthly tones of browns and greens to the regal splendor of reds and blues. This chromatic journey embodies the symbolic richness woven into the very fabric of the sash.

Ceremonial Adornments: The Sash in Knightly Investitures

The Sash for Knights Companion transcends its role as a mere accessory during ceremonial investitures. This section explores the transformative journey of the sash as it adorns the shoulders of knights, signifying their commitment to a higher calling.

Unveiling Honor: The Ceremonial Transition

The ceremonial investiture marks a transition from aspirant to knight—a momentous occasion where the Sash for Knights Companion is unveiled in all its glory. This symbolic act signifies a commitment to upholding the ideals of chivalry, heralding a transformative journey for the newly adorned knight.

Symbolic Weight: The Sash as a Burden of Honor

As the sash drapes over the shoulder, it carries with it the weight of honor and responsibility. This transition from a ceremonial garment to a symbol of duty underscores the gravity of the knight’s commitment to principles that transcend individual pursuits.

The Sash in Action: A Knight’s Journey

Beyond ceremonies, the Sash for Knights Companion accompanies the knight on a journey filled with challenges and victories. This section explores dynamic role of sash in action, symbolizing knight’s unwavering dedication to code of chivalry.

Transitioning Battlegrounds: The Sash Amidst Strife

In midst of battle, Sash for Knights Companion undergoes transition from symbol of honor to practical accessory. Its vibrant colors and distinctive design become a rallying point—a visible beacon that unites knights in the chaos of the battlefield.

Wear and Tear: The Sash as a Narrator of Knightly Exploits

As knights engage in their noble pursuits, the sash accumulates wear and tear. Each fray and skirmish leaves its mark—a visible testimony to the knight’s journey. This transition from pristine adornment to weathered emblem narrates tales of valor and resilience etched into very fibers of sash.

The Sash as a Symbol of Brotherhood: A Collective Transition

Beyond individual knights, the Sash for Knights Companion becomes a symbol of brotherhood—a unifying element that binds knights in a shared journey. This section explores collective transition embodied by sash, emphasizing interconnectedness of knights in their pursuit of noble ideals.

A Shared Symbol: Transitioning from Individual to Collective Significance

The Sash for Knights Companion, by symbolizing unity, becomes a shared element that binds Brothers in a common visual language. This transition from individual symbolism to collective unity reinforces the idea that knightly principles are not only personal but extend to the entire fraternity.

Tales of Brotherhood: The Sash as a Custodian of Collective Stories

As knights don the Sash for Knights Companion, it becomes a vessel for storytelling within the knightly community. Each mark, tear, or repair becomes a narrative—a transition through time and shared experiences. The sash, as custodian of these tales, becomes transition point between personal history and collective history of knightly brotherhood.

Conclusion: The Sash for Knights Companion – A Sentinel of Chivalric Transition

In conclusion, the Sash for Knights Companion, with its historical roots, artisanal craftsmanship, ceremonial significance, and dynamic role in action, stands as a sentinel of chivalric transition. From the humble origins of a practical garment to the regal emblem of knighthood, the sash navigates diverse threads of symbolism, tradition, and brotherhood. 

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Additional information

Sash Direction

Left Shoulder to Right Hip, Right Shoulder to Left Hip

Sash Size

76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86, 88, 90

Shoulder Width

10 inches / 25.5 cm, 11 inches / 28 cm


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