Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel


  • Base Metal, Gilt Finish.
  • 38mm Tri-coloured jewel
  • Superior Design jewel
  • Back Stickpin Fitting
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Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel

Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel


  • The Royal Exceptional quality
  • Base Metal, Gilt Finish.
  • 38mm Tri-coloured Ribbon
  • Superior Design jewel
  • It has Back Stickpin Fitting
  • quality Jewel with great detail and polished to a very high standard
  • Gold plated metal fittings  
  • Hand stitched edges 
  • Finished to a high shine
  • Excellent Quality


The Breast Jewel is a large size jewel with a complex design on both sides of the lower pendant. It is created to a very high standard. The round form, combined with the star emblem in the center, gives it a stunning appearance. It has three different colored ribbons: light blue, crimson, and royal blue. This breast gem looks fantastic in all three colors, with a high level of workmanship and polishing.

This exquisitely created breast jewel is composed of the highest quality materials. You can proudly wear it to lodge functions and investiture ceremonies. On the back, there is a stickpin fitting attachment.

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