Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel


  • Base Metal, Gilt Finish.
  • 38mm Tri-coloured jewel
  • Superior Design jewel
  • Back Stickpin Fitting
SKU: LR-RA-3312


Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel

Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel


  • The Royal Exceptional quality
  • Base Metal, Gilt Finish.
  • 38mm Tri-coloured Ribbon
  • Superior Design jewel
  • It has Back Stickpin Fitting
  • quality Jewel with great detail and polished to a very high standard
  • Gold plated metal fittings  
  • Hand stitched edges 
  • Finished to a high shine
  • Excellent Quality


The Breast Jewel is a large size jewel with a complex design on both sides of the lower pendant. It is created to a very high standard. The round form, combined with the star emblem in the center, gives it a stunning appearance. It has three different colored ribbons: light blue, crimson, and royal blue. This breast gem looks fantastic in all three colors, with a high level of workmanship and polishing.

This exquisitely created breast jewel is composed of the highest quality materials. You can proudly wear it to lodge functions and investiture ceremonies. On the back, there is a stickpin fitting attachment.

In the resplendent realm of Masonic regalia, the Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel stands as a distinguished emblem, embodying a rich tapestry of symbolism and tradition. This exploration transcends its ornamental nature, delving into the layers of meaning encapsulated within this regal adornment. From its intricate design to the symbolism it carries, the Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel becomes a beacon within the vast heritage of Freemasonry.

Aesthetic Mastery: Craftsmanship Behind the Jewel

The journey of the Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel begins with an appreciation for the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into its creation. This section unravels the intricate details that make this jewel a masterpiece of artistic skill.

Intricate Design: A Symphony of Symbols

The Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel is a visual symphony, with each element crafted to convey a specific Masonic symbol. From the radiant sunburst to the carefully detailed arch, every aspect tells a story. The transition from raw materials to a refined symbol-laden jewel exemplifies the transformative power of skilled craftsmanship.

Materials of Significance: From Metal to Meaning

The transition from raw metal to a meaningful adornment underscores the artistry involved. The choice of materials, whether gold or silver, becomes a transition point where the tangible transitions into the symbolic. This shift highlights the alchemical transformation inherent in Masonic regalia.

Symbolic Richness: Decoding the Imagery

The Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel is not merely a decorative accessory; it is a repository of profound Masonic symbolism. This section delves into the symbolic richness embedded in the jewel’s design.

Radiant Sunburst: Illumination and Enlightenment

The sunburst, a prominent feature, symbolizes illumination and enlightenment. This transition from darkness to light echoes the Masonic journey, where the seeker moves from ignorance to knowledge. The jewel, with its radiant sunburst, becomes a visual representation of this transformative journey.

The Arch: Gateway to Wisdom

The arch, a fundamental Masonic symbol, signifies the gateway to wisdom. Its presence on the Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel marks a transition into the sacred space of Masonic teachings. As Masons wear this jewel, they carry with them the symbolic weight of the arch—a transition into a realm of profound knowledge.

Ceremonial Significance: The Role of the Breast Jewel in Rituals

The Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel is not confined to being a mere ornament; it plays a crucial role in Masonic rituals. This section explores the ceremonial significance of the jewel and its role in the various stages of Masonic progression.

Investiture Rituals: A Transition of Authority

During investiture ceremonies, the Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel becomes a symbol of transition in authority. As it is bestowed upon a Mason, it marks the transition from one Masonic role to another. The jewel, in this context, becomes a tangible representation of the responsibilities entrusted to the wearer.

Passing Down the Legacy: Transitions in Masonic Lineage

The jewel also serves as a tangible link between generations of Masons. In the act of passing down the Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel, there is a symbolic transition of knowledge, experience, and tradition. The jewel becomes a bridge connecting Masons across time, reinforcing the continuity of Masonic teachings.

Transcending the Lodge: Public Representation of Freemasonry

Beyond the confines of the Masonic lodge, the Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel takes on a public role, representing Freemasonry in civic and social settings. This section explores the transition of the jewel from a private, ritualistic context to a symbol in the public sphere.

Public Representations: A Transition of Visibility

As Masons wear the Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel in public settings, there is a transition in visibility. The jewel transforms from a private emblem worn within the lodge to a symbol visible to the broader community. This transition underscores the Mason’s commitment to embodying Masonic principles beyond the sacred space of the lodge.

Educational Outreach: A Transition to Informing the Public

The jewel becomes a tool for educational outreach, facilitating a transition from secrecy to openness. Masons adorned with the Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel engage in conversations about Freemasonry, contributing to a broader understanding of its principles. The jewel, in this context, becomes a symbol of transparency and a bridge for non-Masons to learn about the Craft.

Wear and Tear: Narrating Masonic Journeys

As the Royal Arch Breast Jewel accompanies its wearer through various Masonic experiences, it undergoes wear and tear. This section explores how the visible signs of use become badges of honor, narrating the wearer’s journey within the Craft.

Wear as a Badge of Honor: Narrating Masonic Journeys

The transition from a pristine jewel to one that bears the marks of wear is a badge of honor. Each scratch, patina, or imperfection becomes a storyteller, narrating the wearer’s journey within the Craft. The Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel, as a custodian of these tales, becomes a transition point between personal history and the collective history of the Masonic fraternity.

Evolution of Symbolism: Changes with Wear

The visible changes in the jewel with wear also mark a transition in symbolism. The once gleaming emblem transforms into a seasoned artifact, embodying the wearer’s experiences and contributions to the Masonic journey. This transition in symbolism mirrors the wearer’s growth within the Craft.

Conclusion: The Royal Arch Provincial Breast Jewel – A Symbol of Masonic Transition

In conclusion, the Royal Arch Provincial Jewel, with its intricate design, symbolic richness, ceremonial significance, and public representation, becomes a symbol of Masonic transition. From craftsmanship to symbolism, from private rituals to public visibility, the jewel navigates the diverse threads of the Masonic journey. As a custodian of tradition and a bridge between Masonic generations, the Royal Arch Breast Jewel stands as an integral part of the Masonic narrative. In its radiant elegance, it embodies the transitions, traditions, and timeless principles of Freemasonry.

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