Masonic Chain Collar – Gold/Silver On Purple + Free Case


  • Gold or Silver Plated
  • Purple/Red Velvet Backing
  • Collar case
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Royal Arch Masonic Chain Collar – Gold/Silver On Purple + Free Case

Royal Arch Masonic collar Jewel – Gold/Silver On Purple + Free Case


  • Gold or Silver Plated
  • Purple/Red Velvet Backing
  • Collar case
  • Excellent Quality indeed
  • Sturdy Velvet Backing Holds Its Shape
  • Choice of Gold or Silver Finish
  • Perfect for Your Ceremonial Needs
  • Makes a Great Gift
  • Masonic Collar Jewel


Royal Arch Masonic Chain Collar is crafted by professionals. We aspire to provide the color chain with the finest quality. Firstly, our mission is to establish the world’s finest Royal Arch Masonic Chain Collar. we use the best quality velvet indeed. For example Masonic Handmade Collar, Masonic Rose Croix Sash, and other Masonic handmade collar collections, etc. So, Gold or Silver Plated it is. Best High-quality purple velvet fabric is used in this product.

Thus, you will get a free masonic collar high-quality case with this product. So you may order this historical masonic collar on our website. And It’s easily washable. Of course, highly experienced labor men stitched this masonic royal collar for the best results indeed.

The Masonic Chain Collar, with its distinctive Gold/Silver On Purple design, is more than a symbol of membership in the Masonic fraternity; it is a statement of elegance and tradition. In this extensive exploration, we delve into the intricate details and historical significance of the Masonic Chain Collar, examining its design elements, the symbolism behind its colors, and the value it holds for members of the Masonic order. Additionally, the inclusion of a Free Case adds practicality to this regalia, making it both a symbol of honor and a practical accessory.

Understanding the Masonic Chain Collar

Design Elements: A Tapestry of Gold and Silver on Purple

The Masonic Chain Collar is a visual masterpiece, featuring a delicate balance of gold and silver accents on a rich purple background. The gold and silver elements are meticulously crafted, creating a tapestry of symbols that hold deep meaning within the Masonic tradition. The intricate detailing reflects the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into the creation of this symbolic regalia.

Symbolism in Every Link

Each link in the Masonic Chain Collar is symbolic, representing a connection between members of the Masonic fraternity. The gold and silver colors hold significance, with gold representing wisdom, enlightenment, and enduring value, while silver symbolizes purity, clarity, and reflection. The purple background, a color associated with royalty and mysticism, adds a layer of regality to the collar, emphasizing the honor and respect accorded to Masonic members.

Historical Roots: The Masonic Tradition

Origins of Masonic Regalia

The use of regalia within the Masonic tradition dates back centuries. Masonic lodges have a long-standing tradition of utilizing symbolic attire to denote the rank and status of their members. The Masonic Chain Collar, in particular, has evolved over time, with its design and symbolism adapting to the changing dynamics of the Masonic fraternity.

Evolution of Design

The Gold/Silver On Purple design of the Masonic Chain Collar is a result of a thoughtful evolution of Masonic regalia. The incorporation of gold and silver elements on a purple background reflects a harmonious blend of tradition and modern aesthetics. This evolution not only pays homage to the historical roots of Masonic symbolism but also acknowledges the contemporary tastes of the members who proudly wear this regalia.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Intricate Detailing: A Testament to Craftsmanship

The Masonic Chain Collar is not just a piece of regalia; it is a work of art. The intricate detailing on each link, carefully crafted by skilled artisans, speaks to the level of craftsmanship invested in its creation. The precision of the symbols, the luster of the gold and silver elements, and the richness of the purple background all contribute to the overall quality of this Masonic adornment.

Durability and Longevity

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Masonic Chain Collar is designed to withstand the test of time. The durability of the collar ensures that it remains a cherished symbol throughout a Mason’s journey within the fraternity. The gold and silver elements resist tarnishing, maintaining their brilliance, while the purple backdrop retains its regal hue, reflecting the enduring values of the Masonic tradition.

Symbolism in Colors and Symbols

Gold: Wisdom and Enlightenment

The inclusion of gold in the Masonic Chain Collar represents profound symbolism within the Masonic tradition. Gold is synonymous with wisdom, enlightenment, and the enduring value of the teachings within the fraternity. As members don the collar, the presence of gold serves as a constant reminder of the pursuit of knowledge and the enlightened path that Masons strive to follow.

Silver: Purity and Reflection

Silver, woven into the fabric of the Masonic Chain Collar, symbolizes purity and clarity of thought. It is a reflection of the Masonic commitment to integrity and the pursuit of moral and ethical values. The silver elements, whether in the form of symbols or links, embody the transparency and reflective nature expected of Masons as they navigate their personal and Masonic journeys.

Purple: Royalty and Mysticism

The regal backdrop of purple in the Masonic Chain Collar holds dual symbolism. Historically associated with royalty, purple underscores the honor and respect accorded to Masonic members. Simultaneously, purple’s mystical connotations align with the esoteric and spiritual aspects of the Masonic journey, adding depth to the symbolism woven into the collar’s design.

The Freemason’s Case: Practicality Meets Tradition

Protecting the Symbolic: The Significance of the Case

The inclusion of a Free Case with the Masonic Chain Collar is more than a practical accessory; it is a symbolic gesture of safeguarding the honor and tradition associated with Masonic regalia. The case serves as a protective shield, ensuring that the collar retains its luster and symbolism when not in use. This thoughtful addition underscores the value placed on the Masonic Chain Collar as a cherished possession within the Masonic community.

Quality of the Case

Just as the Masonic Chain Collar reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship, the accompanying case is crafted with equal precision. The case is designed to complement the elegance of the collar, with attention to detail in every aspect. The protective interior lining ensures that the collar is shielded from dust, scratches, and environmental factors that could compromise its integrity.

Ceremonial Significance: The Masonic Chain Collar in Rituals

Initiation and Advancement

The Masonic Chain Collar plays a pivotal role in Masonic ceremonies, particularly during initiation and advancement rituals. As a symbol of rank and status, the collar is bestowed upon members during these significant milestones, signifying their progress within the fraternity. The act of donning the collar becomes a ceremonial rite, reinforcing the sense of belonging and the shared values upheld by Masons.

Symbolic Gestures

Throughout Masonic rituals, symbolic gestures involving the Masonic Chain Collar convey profound meanings. The act of adjusting or presenting the collar is laden with symbolism, signifying the passing of knowledge, the commitment to Masonic principles, and the unity among brethren. These ceremonial moments underscore the importance of the Masonic Chain Collar as a conduit for the transmission of Masonic teachings and values.

The Masonic Community: Unity and Pride

Symbol of Unity

The Masonic Chain Collar serves as a unifying symbol within the Masonic community. Regardless of individual differences or backgrounds, when members don the collar, they become part of a shared tradition and a collective journey. The symbolism embedded in the collar fosters a sense of unity, creating a bond that transcends individual differences and strengthens the fraternity’s core principles.

Pride in Tradition

Wearing the Masonic Chain Collar is not merely a matter of tradition; it is an expression of pride in being part of an ancient and esteemed fraternity. Masons take pride in the regalia they wear, and the Masonic Chain Collar, with its Gold/Silver On Purple design, becomes a visible emblem of their commitment to the Masonic principles of brotherhood, morality, and enlightenment.

Community Impact: Beyond the Lodge Walls

Recognition and Respect

The impact of the Masonic Chain Collar extends beyond the confines of Masonic lodges. In public settings, the collar becomes a recognizable symbol of Masonic affiliation. Members wearing the collar are often met with recognition and respect from fellow Masons and the broader community. This visibility not only enhances the public perception of the Masonic fraternity but also serves as a reminder of the values Masons uphold.

Community Outreach and Charity

Masonic lodges, often identified by the presence of Masonic regalia, including the Chain Collar, actively engage in community outreach and charitable endeavors. The symbolism of the collar extends to these initiatives, reinforcing the Masonic commitment to making positive contributions to society. The regalia becomes a visual representation of the charitable work Masons undertake, fostering goodwill and understanding within the broader community.

Conclusion: A Timeless Symbol of Masonic Tradition

In conclusion, the Masonic Chain Collar, with its Gold/Silver On Purple design, transcends its role as a mere piece of regalia. It is a symbol of honor, tradition, and unity within the Masonic fraternity. From its historical roots to its ceremonial significance and the practical inclusion of a Free Case, the Masonic Chain Collar weaves a narrative that reflects the timeless values upheld by Masons.

As Masons don this regalia, they not only embrace a tradition that spans centuries but also affirm their commitment to the principles of brotherhood, morality, and enlightenment. The symbolism embedded in the Gold/Silver On Purple design resonates with each link, reinforcing the shared journey of Masons and their dedication to the enduring values of the Masonic order.

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Backing Color

Blue, Purple, Red

Chain Color

Gold, Silver


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