Royal Arch PHP Apron


  • Nicely Hand Embroidered with silk threads
  • Size 14-inch high x 16 inches wide
  • Red velvet ribbon border
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Royal Arch PHP Apron

Masonic Royal Arch Past High Priest PHP Apron –  Hand Embroidered


  • Nicely Hand Embroidered with silk threads
  • Size 14-inch high x 16 inches wide
  • Red velvet ribbon border
  • 2 inch wide on apron and flap
  • Red decorative silk cord and tassels on both sides of the apron
  • Matching red fine polyester fabric lining on back with glove pocket
  • Matching red polyester 40-inch long adjustable waist belt with golden metal snake fastener and adjuster (perfect for a waistline of up to 54 inches)


The Mason’s apron comes from the aprons worn by craftsmen that were made from the skin of an animal. Workmen wore to protect their clothes from injury and damage from the rough stones with which they worked; it also was a vessel in which to carry tools. Thus, high-quality white cotton duck cloth. The size of this masonic apron is 14 inches high x 16 inches wide. It is having 36 inches long ribbon to side tie. And It’s easily washable. It is nicely trimmed with a 5/8 inch wide green polyester grosgrain ribbon. Of course, highly experienced labor men stitched this masonic royal apron for the best results.

The Royal Arch PHP Apron stands as a distinguished emblem within the realm of Freemasonry, embodying a rich tapestry of symbolism, history, and craftsmanship. This regal accessory, worn by members of the Royal Arch Chapter, carries with it a legacy that transcends time. In this comprehensive exploration, we embark on a journey to unravel the layers of meaning encapsulated in the Royal Arch PHP Apron, delving into its historical roots, symbolic significance, and the meticulous artistry that renders it a true masterpiece.

Historical Roots: A Glimpse into Freemasonry Tradition

Origins of Freemasonry Regalia

The origins of Freemasonry regalia can be traced back to the early days of the craft, where symbols and attire held profound meaning for members. The Royal Arch PHP Apron, in particular, has its roots embedded in the traditions of the Royal Arch Chapter, an essential facet of Masonic rites.

Evolution and Adaptation

Over the centuries, the design and significance of Masonic regalia, including the Royal Arch PHP Apron, have evolved. From simple symbols inscribed on cloth to intricately embroidered and embellished pieces, these regalia items have adapted to reflect the changing dynamics of Freemasonry while preserving the timeless essence of its principles.

Symbolic Significance: Decoding the Language of Symbols

The Apron as a Symbol of Purity

The Royal Arch PHP Apron serves as a symbol of purity and moral rectitude. Adorned with symbolic emblems, it signifies the Mason’s commitment to leading an honorable and virtuous life. The white color of the apron, a timeless symbol of purity, underscores the Masonic ideals of integrity and moral uprightness.

Architectural Symbols: Pillars and Archway

The apron features intricate architectural symbols, including pillars and an archway, which are emblematic of strength, support, and the journey toward enlightenment. These symbols echo the Masonic teachings of building one’s character on a foundation of moral strength and the continual pursuit of knowledge.

Sacred Geometry: The Compass and Square

Woven into the fabric of the Royal Arch PHP Apron are symbols of sacred geometry – the compass and square. These tools represent precision, balance, and the harmonious blending of reason and faith. The Masonic teachings associated with these symbols guide members on a path of intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.

Craftsmanship: Meticulous Artistry Behind the Apron

Materials and Embellishments

The Royal Arch PHP Apron is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship that defines Masonic regalia. Crafted from high-quality materials, the apron often features meticulous embroidery, intricate stitching, and carefully chosen embellishments. The combination of these elements results in a regal accessory that reflects both the dignity of the wearer and the reverence for Masonic traditions.

Embossing and Goldwork

Many Royal Arch PHP Aprons showcase intricate embossing and goldwork. These techniques add depth and dimension to the apron, elevating it to a level of artistic sophistication. The use of gold, a color historically associated with prestige and wisdom, further emphasizes the elevated status of the Royal Arch Chapter within the broader context of Freemasonry.

Ritualistic Importance: The Apron in Masonic Ceremonies

Initiation and Investiture

The Royal Arch PHP Apron plays a central role in Masonic initiation ceremonies. During these solemn rituals, candidates are invested with the apron, signifying their commitment to the principles of the Royal Arch Chapter. The act of donning the apron becomes a symbolic gesture, marking the beginning of a transformative journey within the Masonic order.

Ceremonial Symbolism

As candidates progress through the Royal Arch Chapter, the apron continues to be a focal point in various ceremonies. Its symbolic significance is emphasized through scripted rituals, where the apron becomes a conduit for conveying profound moral and spiritual teachings. The rituals associated with the Royal Arch PHP Apron are designed to impart wisdom, foster personal growth, and strengthen the bond of brotherhood among Freemasons.

Evolution of Design: Contemporary Expressions of Tradition

Innovations in Design

While the Royal Arch PHP Apron is deeply rooted in tradition, contemporary expressions of Freemasonry have seen innovations in design. Some aprons may feature modern elements while retaining the core symbolism, reflecting the adaptability of Masonic traditions to the changing times.

Customization and Personalization

Freemasons often have the opportunity to customize their aprons to some extent. Personalized elements may include unique emblems, symbols, or embroidery that hold personal significance for the wearer. This customization adds a layer of individuality to the apron while still respecting the overarching principles of Freemasonry.

Social and Community Impact: Beyond the Lodge Room

Community Engagement

The influence of the Royal Arch PHP Apron extends beyond the confines of the lodge room. Freemasons, adorned with their aprons, often engage in charitable endeavors, community service, and philanthropic activities. 

Cultural Exchange and Understanding

The visible presence of Freemasons, identified by their distinctive aprons, contributes to a broader cultural exchange and understanding. The symbolism of the apron, while deeply rooted in Masonic teachings, becomes a point of conversation and curiosity, fostering dialogue between Freemasons and the wider community.

Conclusion: A Timeless Emblem of Masonic Tradition

In conclusion, the Royal Arch PHP Apron is not merely a piece of regalia; it is a living symbol of Masonic tradition, laden with history, symbolism, and a commitment to moral and spiritual ideals. Worn with pride by members of the Royal Arch Chapter, the apron transcends its material form to become a conduit for profound teachings and transformative experiences.

As we unravel the layers of the Royal Arch PHP Apron – from its historical origins to its contemporary expressions – we witness the enduring legacy of Freemasonry.

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Additional information

Apron Body Material

Imitation leather, Lambskin, Satin Fabric

Apron Border Color

Dark Blue, Purple, Red, Royal Blue

Apron Border Material

Grossgrain Ribbon, Velvet Border

Apron Size

13 x 15 inches, 14 x 16 inches


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