Royal Arch Apron with Gold Ribbon


  • Nicely Hand Embroidered with silk threads
  • Size 14 inches high x 16 inches wide
  • 2 inch wide on apron and flap
SKU: LR-YR1717


Royal Arch Apron with Gold Fringe

 Royal Arch PHP Apron with gold ribbon and gold fringe – Hand Embroidered


  • Nicely Hand Embroidered with silk threads
  • Size 14 inches high x 16 inches wide
  • 2 inch wide on apron and flap
  • 1.5 inch wide golden metallic fringe around apron and flap
  • Matching red fine polyester fabric lining on back with glove pocket 
  • Matching red polyester 40 inches long adjustable waist belt with golden metal snake fastener and adjuster
  • Beautifully tailored


The Mason’s apron comes from the aprons worn by craftsmen that were made from the skin of an animal. Workmen were worn to protect their clothes from injury and damage from the rough stones with which they worked and it also was a vessel in which to carry tools.

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The Royal Arch Apron with Gold Ribbon holds a sacred place within the Masonic tradition, serving as a symbol of honor, virtue, and commitment. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricate details and historical significance of the Royal Arch Apron, unraveling its symbolic meaning, the craftsmanship involved, and its role in fostering a sense of brotherhood among Masons.

Origins and Historical Significance

Origins of Masonic Aprons

The use of aprons in Masonic rituals can be traced back to the early days of the fraternity. The apron has always been regarded as a symbol of purity and the badge of a Mason. The Royal Arch Apron, with its distinct design and the addition of a gold ribbon, represents a higher degree of initiation within the Masonic order.

Symbolism in Every Stitch

The Royal Arch Apron is not just a piece of regalia; it is a tapestry of symbolism carefully woven into its design. The gold ribbon, in particular, carries profound significance, symbolizing enlightenment, spiritual wealth, and the pursuit of truth. Each stitch, fold, and crease in the apron tells a story, echoing the values and principles upheld by Masons throughout history.

Craftsmanship and Design

Materials and Quality

The craftsmanship of the Royal Arch Apron is a testament to the dedication and precision of Masonic artisans. Typically made from high-quality lambskin, the apron exudes a sense of purity and innocence. The gold ribbon, often meticulously embroidered or elegantly affixed, adds a touch of regality to the apron, distinguishing it as a symbol of elevated status within the Masonic hierarchy.

Emblematic Designs

The apron is adorned with various symbolic emblems that hold deep Masonic significance. The Royal Arch emblem, a key feature, represents the journey of spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. The addition of the gold ribbon further enhances the aesthetic appeal and underscores the elevated nature of the Royal Arch degree.

The Gold Ribbon: Symbolism and Meaning

Enlightenment and Spiritual Wealth

The gold ribbon, a distinctive feature of the Royal Arch Apron, is rich in symbolism. Gold has long been associated with wealth, not only in material terms but also in matters of the spirit. In the Masonic context, the gold ribbon represents the enlightenment gained through the journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of Masonic knowledge. It is a visual reminder of the spiritual wealth that Masons aspire to attain.

Regality and Distinction

The addition of the gold ribbon elevates the Royal Arch Apron to a position of regality and distinction. Gold, throughout history, has been a symbol of excellence and prestige. In the Masonic context, the gold ribbon signifies the honor and esteem bestowed upon those who have attained the Royal Arch degree. It is a mark of recognition for their commitment to the principles of Freemasonry.

Initiation and Significance in Masonic Rites

Symbolic Unveiling

The presentation of the Royal Arch Apron with Gold Ribbon is a pivotal moment in the Masonic initiation ceremonies. As the candidate receives this emblem of honor, it symbolizes the unveiling of deeper spiritual truths and the commitment to a journey of continual self-improvement. The gold ribbon, carefully tied, becomes a visible reminder of the solemn vows taken during the initiation.

Significance in Rituals and Ceremonies

The Royal Arch Apron plays a central role in various Masonic rituals and ceremonies, adding a layer of solemnity and symbolism to each event. Whether it is the conferral of degrees, the opening or closing of lodges, or the participation in Masonic rites, the apron with its gold ribbon serves as a unifying symbol that connects Masons in their shared commitment to moral and ethical principles.

Fostering Brotherhood and Unity

Shared Symbolism, Shared Bonds

The Royal Arch Apron, with its gold ribbon, becomes a unifying symbol among Masons. As each member wears this emblem of distinction, it signifies a shared commitment to the principles of Freemasonry. 

Camaderie Beyond Words

The act of presenting and wearing the Royal Arch Apron is a deeply symbolic and personal experience for Masons. It fosters a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the spoken word. The shared symbolism of the apron creates a silent but powerful bond among Masons, reinforcing their dedication to mutual support, trust, and the pursuit of moral excellence.

Preservation of Tradition and Legacy

Passing Down Through Generations

The Royal Arch Apron with Gold Ribbon is not only a symbol of the present but also a link to the past. The act of presenting the apron to a newly initiated member becomes a continuation of a legacy that spans centuries.

Symbolic Continuity

As Masons participate in rituals and ceremonies, they contribute to the continuity of Masonic symbolism. It serves as a tangible link that transcends time, reinforcing the enduring nature of Masonic principles and values.

Conclusion: The Royal Arch Apron as a Beacon of Masonic Virtue

In conclusion, the Royal Arch Apron with Gold Ribbon stands as a beacon within the Masonic tradition, radiating the virtues of enlightenment, commitment, and brotherhood. Its origins rooted in history, the meticulous craftsmanship invested in its design, and the profound symbolism embodied in the gold ribbon all contribute to its significance. Beyond being a piece of regalia, the Royal Arch Apron serves as a tangible representation of the shared values that bind Masons across generations. As Masons don this emblem of honor, they not only embrace their individual journey of self-improvement but also contribute to the collective legacy of Freemasonry, ensuring that the principles it upholds endure for generations to come.

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Additional information

Apron Body Material

Imitation leather, Lambskin, Satin Fabric

Apron Border Color

Dark Blue, Purple, Red, Royal Blue

Apron Border Material

Grossgrain Ribbon, Velvet Border

Apron Size

13 x 15 inches, 14 x 16 inches


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