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      • Best quality hand made past master collar</span>


Finest quality blue moiré watermarked ribbon

  • <span style=”color: #000000; font-size: 14px;”>Silver lining
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Past Master Collar

Past Master Collar-Craft Regalia


  • Best quality hand made past master collar
  • Finest quality blue moiré watermarked ribbon
  • Silver lining
  • Silver metal braid with chrome ball
  • Excellent stitching and finishing
  • Metal slider to secure the collar to the jacket
  • Highly Detailed & measures approximately 5″ across
  • The IPM collar features a silver braid and button and is fully lined.
  • There is a silver parrot clasp at the base for fitting of collar emblem.


The Past Master’s Collar with a ‘V’ neck is compose of blue Moiré fabric and has a soft inside lining for a comfortable fit. It includes a lower hook for attaching jewels and a slider on the top to keep it under the jacket collar.

The Craft Past Masters’ Collar & Jewel PM is expertly created to meet the highest masonic standards. That is why it is appropriate to wear to upcoming lodge gatherings. The collar is construct of Moiré material, which is soft and comfortable to wear all day.

Within the esteemed realm of Freemasonry, the Master Collar stands as a distinguished emblem, worn with pride by those who have navigated the intricate journey of leadership within the Craft. Also, this exploration delves into the rich symbolism, historical significance, and the active role played by the Master Collar in Freemasonry. Furthermore, from its ornate design to the responsibilities it represents, the Master Collar emerges as a symbol of authority, experience, and the enduring legacy of Masonic leadership.

A Cloaked Authority: The Visual Significance of the Master Collar

The journey of the Master Collar begins with its visual symbolism, serving as a striking manifestation of the authority and wisdom held by those who have assumed the role of Past Master.

Ornate Design and Symbolic Elements

The Master Collar, adorned with intricate symbols and embellishments, becomes a visual testament to the depth of Masonic teachings. Also, each element, from the compass and square to other symbolic insignias, contributes to the ornate design, representing the multifaceted responsibilities and virtues inherent in the Past Master’s role.

A Transition from Apprentice to Master: The Evolution of the Collar Design

The evolution of the design reflects a Mason’s journey from apprentice to master, with the Past Master Collar serving as a symbolic transition point. Also, the collar becomes a tangible representation of the wearer’s progression through the ranks, embodying the knowledge, experience, and leadership acquired along the Masonic path.

The Active Symbolism: Responsibilities and Duties Embodied in the Collar

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Past Master Collar actively embodies the responsibilities and duties associated with the role of Past Master within the Masonic fraternity.

Guardian of Masonic Traditions

The Past Master, donned in the distinctive collar, assumes the role of a guardian of Masonic traditions. Also, this transition underscores the commitment to preserving the timeless rituals, values, and customs that define Freemasonry. Furthermore, the collar becomes a visual pledge to uphold the principles handed down through generations.

Navigating Masonic Rituals and Ceremonies

The Master Collar plays an active role in guiding Masonic rituals and ceremonies. Also, as a symbol of authority, the collar facilitates the seamless execution of rituals, imparting a sense of continuity and reverence to the sacred practices within the lodge.

Historical Significance: Tracing the Origins of the Past Master Collar

The historical roots of the Master Collar extend deep into the annals of Freemasonry, unveiling a narrative that mirrors the evolution of the Craft itself.

Origins in Medieval Craft Guilds

The concept of distinguishing a Master through regalia can be traced back to the medieval craft guilds, where leaders were identified by special attire. Furthermore, this historical precedent laid the foundation for the development of distinctive collars within Freemasonry.

Evolution through Masonic Ages

As Freemasonry evolved, so did the Master Collar. The design, symbolism, and significance of the collar adapted to reflect the changing landscape of the Craft. Also, the collar became not only a mark of leadership but a symbol of continuity and the ongoing commitment to Masonic ideals.

Transcending Time: The Enduring Legacy of the Past Master Collar

The Master Collar transcends time, becoming a symbol of the enduring legacy left by those who have served in leadership roles within Freemasonry.

Passing Down Wisdom: Mentorship and Guidance

Wearing the Master Collar signifies more than a role fulfilled; it symbolizes a commitment to passing down wisdom and guidance to the next generation of Masons. Also, the Master becomes a mentor, imparting not only Masonic knowledge but also the values and principles that define the Craft.

A Symbol of Recognition and Respect

In Masonic circles, the sight of the Master Collar commands respect and recognition. Furthermore, it becomes a visual cue that the wearer has walked the path of leadership, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the lodge. Also, the collar, in this context, becomes a symbol of earned respect and acknowledgment within the Masonic community.

Ceremonial Transitions: The Role of the Master Collar in Lodge Proceedings

The Master Collar actively participates in the ceremonial fabric of Masonic lodge proceedings, marking transitions and symbolizing the continuity of leadership.

Installation of Officers: Passing the Collar

One of the poignant moments in Masonic ceremonies is the installation of officers, where the Past Master Collar is ceremoniously passed down to the incoming leader. Also, this symbolic transition embodies the continuity of leadership, with the collar becoming a tangible link between past, present, and future.

Symbolic Transitions in Lodge Rituals

The Master Collar actively engages in various lodge rituals, symbolizing transitions in leadership, the passage of responsibilities, and the cyclical nature of Masonic leadership. Also, the collar, in these moments, becomes a living artifact, connecting the brethren to the enduring traditions of the Craft.

Personal Reflections: The Master Collar as a Symbol of Individual Journey

For the individual wearer, the Master Collar becomes a personal symbol of the journey undertaken within Freemasonry.

A Symbol of Personal Growth

Wearing the Past Master Collar reflects not only the external acknowledgment of leadership but also personal growth within the Masonic journey. Moreover, the collar becomes a mirror reflecting the wearer’s development, wisdom gained, and lessons learned throughout their tenure.

Reflection of Masonic Values

The Collar becomes a visible representation of the Masonic values embraced by the wearer. Furthermore, it signifies a commitment to integrity, service, and the betterment of self and society—an embodiment of the timeless principles at the core of Freemasonry.

Symbolism in Freemasonry: Beyond the Collar

While the Collar serves as a powerful symbol within Freemasonry, it is part of a larger tapestry of symbols that collectively define the Craft.

Interconnected Symbols in Masonic Regalia

The Collar exists in harmony with other symbols within Masonic regalia, such as the square, compass, apron, and jewels. Also, each element contributes to the overarching symbolism, creating a comprehensive visual language that conveys the principles, teachings, and traditions of Freemasonry.

Collective Symbolism in Lodge Settings

In lodge settings, the Collar combines with other regalia to create a collective symbolism that reinforces the shared values and principles of Freemasonry. Moreover, the visual unity within the lodge serves as a constant reminder of the collective journey undertaken by the brethren.

Conclusion: The Collar – A Symbolic Beacon of Masonic Leadership

In conclusion, the Collar in Freemasonry stands as a symbolic beacon, weaving together elements of authority, history, and personal and collective journeys.Also, From its ornate design to the historical roots and ceremonial transitions, the collar becomes a dynamic symbol that actively participates in the rich tapestry of Masonic traditions. Furthermore, As a visual embodiment of leadership, wisdom, and continuity, the Collar serves as a reminder that within the Craft, each collar tells a story—a story of service, growth, and the enduring legacy of Freemasonry.

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