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  • Finest quality collar jewel
  • The collar jewel is metal gilded
  • Gilt Emblem
  • Gilt Backing
SKU: LR-RMJ-0810


Grand Officer Collar Jewel

Grand Officer Collar Jewel


  • Finest quality collar jewel
  • The collar jewel is metal gilded
  • Excellent quality and detail
  • Gilt Emblem
  • Gilt Backing
  • Loop fitting to attach to the collar
  • Quality guaranteed


We provide you with a high-quality collar jewel with long-lasting gold plating and a robust loop fitting for attachment to the collar. Our skilled artisans created this magnificent collar jewel in a most elegant style, with exceptional workmanship and polish. This simple but exquisite collar gem is excellent for embellishing the collar of a Freemason.

Within the realm of Masonic regalia, the Officer Collar Jewel stands as a distinguished emblem, carrying profound symbolism and historical significance. This exploration delves into the rich tapestry of Masonic tradition, unraveling the layers of meaning encapsulated within the Officer Collar Jewel. From its intricate design to the symbolic transitions it represents, this Masonic supply serves as a testament to the honor and responsibility bestowed upon those who bear it.

The Elegance in Craftsmanship: Design and Material of Officer Collar Jewel

The Officer Collar Jewel, as a pinnacle of Masonic regalia, is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The design and material chosen for this emblem contribute to its elegance and symbolic weight.

Intricate Design: Symbolism in Every Detail

The design of the Officer Collar Jewel is a masterpiece of symbolism. Each element, whether it be the geometric shapes, colors, or Masonic symbols, carries a specific meaning. The intricate design serves as a visual language that communicates the values and principles of Freemasonry.

Material Selection: A Blend of Tradition and Quality

The choice of materials for the Officer Collar Jewel reflects the commitment to both tradition and quality. Whether adorned with precious metals, enamel, or other ornamental elements, the material selection enhances the emblem’s significance and aesthetic appeal.

Symbolic Transitions: The Journey Represented by Officer Collar Jewel

Beyond its physical attributes, the Officer Collar Jewel serves as a symbol of Masonic journey and progression. It signifies the transitions undergone by Masons as they ascend through the ranks of leadership within the fraternity.

Entry into Leadership: The Apprentice to Officer Journey

For Masons entering into leadership roles, the Officer Collar Jewel marks a significant transition. It symbolizes the individual’s progression from an Apprentice to a Grand Officer—a journey characterized by dedication, learning, and a deepening commitment to Masonic principles.

Hierarchical Advancement: Rising through the Ranks

The Officer Collar Jewel serves as a visual marker of hierarchical advancement within Freemasonry. As Masons ascend through the ranks, the collar jewel transforms, signifying an evolution in responsibilities, knowledge, and contributions to the Masonic community.

Ceremonial Significance: Unveiling the Grand Officer Collar Jewel

The ceremonial unveiling of the Grand Officer Collar Jewel is a momentous occasion within Masonic rituals. This symbolic act carries deep meaning and is laden with tradition.

Symbolic Unveiling: Transition from Concealed to Revealed

The act of unveiling the Officer Collar Jewel symbolizes a transition from the concealed to the revealed. It marks the acknowledgment of the wearer’s readiness to take on a new role and assume the responsibilities associated with their position.

Ceremonial Elevation: Grand Officer Collar Jewel in Masonic Rituals

The Officer Collar Jewel becomes an integral part of Masonic rituals, symbolizing ceremonial elevation. As it is bestowed upon the recipient, it signifies a transition into a role of leadership, authority, and service to the Masonic fraternity.

Historical Context: Grand Officer Collar Jewel Across Time

Exploring the historical context of the Grand Officer Collar Jewel provides insights into its evolution and enduring significance within Freemasonry.

Evolution of Design: Tracing Changes Over Time

The design of the Officer Collar Jewel has evolved over the centuries. Tracing these changes provides a historical narrative, showcasing the adaptability of Masonic regalia while preserving the core symbolism embedded in the emblem.

Historical Wearers: Notable Masons and Their Collar Jewels

Examining the historical wearers of the Officer Collar Jewel unveils a rich tapestry of Masonic leaders who have worn this emblem with honor. Their stories and contributions become intertwined with the history of the collar jewel, adding layers of significance to its symbolism.

Responsibilities Encoded: The Weight of Grand Officer Collar Jewel

The Officer Collar Jewel is not merely a decorative accessory; it carries with it a weight of responsibilities and expectations.

Leadership Duties: Guiding the Masonic Community

For those adorned with the Officer Collar Jewel, leadership duties become paramount. This transition signifies a commitment to guide the Masonic community, uphold its values, and contribute to its growth and well-being.

Symbol of Trust: Grand Officer Collar Jewel and Fraternal Trust

The wearer of the Officer Collar Jewel becomes a symbol of trust within the Masonic fraternity. This emblem signifies the trust placed in the individual to uphold the principles of Freemasonry and to lead with integrity and honor.

Community Recognition: The Grand Officer Collar Jewel in Public Eye

Beyond its ceremonial and symbolic roles within Masonic circles, the Officer Collar Jewel becomes a recognizable symbol in the public eye.

Public Representations: Wearing the Emblem with Dignity

As Grand Officers step into the public arena, the Grand Officer Collar Jewel becomes a visual representation of their Masonic affiliation. Wearing the emblem with dignity and pride reinforces the positive image of Freemasonry in the broader community.

Public Service: Extending Masonic Values Beyond the Lodge

The visibility of the Officer Collar Jewel in public settings emphasizes the extension of Masonic values beyond the confines of the lodge. Grand Officers become ambassadors, embodying the principles of brotherhood, charity, and community service.

Collective Identity: Grand Officer Collar Jewel as a Symbol of Brotherhood

The Officer Collar Jewel, while symbolizing individual progression, also serves to strengthen the collective identity of Freemasonry.

Unified Symbolism: Shared Meaning Among Grand Officers

Grand Officers, each adorned with the emblem, share a unified symbolism. The Officer Collar Jewel becomes a common thread that binds leaders in their commitment to Freemasonry’s ideals and goals.

Fostering Unity: The Collar Jewel as a Catalyst for Brotherhood

The shared symbolism of the Officer Collar Jewel fosters unity and a sense of brotherhood among Masonic leaders. This shared identity transcends individual differences, fostering a collaborative and supportive Masonic community.

Conclusion: The Officer Collar Jewel – A Beacon of Masonic Transition

In conclusion, the Grand Officer Collar Jewel stands as a beacon of Masonic transition, embodying the elegance of craftsmanship, the symbolism of progression, and the weight of responsibilities. From its intricate design to its ceremonial unveiling, the collar jewel encapsulates the journey of Masons as they ascend through the ranks of leadership. With historical roots and a contemporary presence, the Officer Collar Jewel serves as a symbol of trust, responsibility, and collective identity within the Masonic fraternity. In wearing this emblem with pride and dignity, Grand Officers become torchbearers of Masonic values, extending the light of Freemasonry into the broader community.

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