Grand Lodge Chain


  • It is Gold plated.
  • The Blue Velvet Backing
  • A neck chain is used to secure a chain collar.
  • 3 Star, 5 Star, 7 Star, 9 Star, or 11 Star
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Grand Lodge Chain

Grand Lodge Chain 


  • Finest quality chain collar
  • mounted on gilt metal
  • It is Gold plated.
  • The Blue Velvet Backing
  • Excellent Quality Metal Works
  • A neck chain is use to secure a chain collar.
  • 3 Star, 5 Star, 7 Star, 9 Star or 11 Star


The best quality Grand lodge metal gilt and hung round chain are create with the excellent support of our brilliant professionals. The beautiful chain comes with excellent quality metalwork on the finest quality blue velvet backing and neck chain for holding chain collar. And it is a perfect addition to any Freemason’s case.

This gorgeous metal Masonic chain collar has two Square and Compass links paired with Snake and Filagree links. The collar is hand made on our Blue Velvet Accordion backing, a LAFSCO exclusive that keeps the collar from slipping when worn, and it comes with a rhinestone collar protector. Purple Velvet is also an option (specify color when ordering).

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Additional information

Chain Color

Gold, Silver

Backing Color

Blue, Purple, Red


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