Grand Lodge Chain


  • It is Gold plated.
  • The Blue Velvet Backing
  • A neck chain is used to secure a chain collar.
  • 3 Star, 5 Star, 7 Star, 9 Star, or 11 Star
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Grand Lodge Chain

Grand Lodge Chain 


  • Finest quality chain collar
  • mounted on gilt metal
  • It is Gold plated.
  • The Blue Velvet Backing
  • Excellent Quality Metal Works
  • A neck chain is use to secure a chain collar.
  • 3 Star, 5 Star, 7 Star, 9 Star or 11 Star


The best quality Grand lodge metal gilt and hung round chain are create with the excellent support of our brilliant professionals. The beautiful chain comes with excellent quality metalwork on the finest quality blue velvet backing and neck chain for holding chain collar. And it is a perfect addition to any Freemason’s case.

This gorgeous metal Masonic chain collar has two Square and Compass links paired with Snake and Filagree links. The collar is hand made on our Blue Velvet Accordion backing, a LAFSCO exclusive that keeps the collar from slipping when worn, and it comes with a rhinestone collar protector. Purple Velvet is also an option (specify color when ordering).

In the majestic realm of Masonic regalia, the Grand Lodge Chain stands as a symbol of authority, unity, and tradition. This exploration delves into the multifaceted layers of significance woven into the Grand Lodge Chain. From its intricate design to the weighty responsibilities it represents, the Grand Lodge Chain is a tangible expression of the principles that guide Freemasonry. This journey unravels the story behind the chain, exploring its history, symbolism, and the active role it plays within the Masonic fraternity.

Crafting History: The Origins and Evolution of the Grand Lodge Chain

The journey of the Grand Lodge Chain begins with a historical odyssey, tracing its roots to the inception of Freemasonry. The chain serves not only as a decorative emblem but as a tangible link to the rich history of the Craft.

From Humble Beginnings to Majestic Symbolism

The evolution of the Grand Lodge Chain mirrors the growth of Freemasonry itself. Originating as a simple decorative accessory, the chain gradually transformed into a symbol of authority and unity within the Grand Lodge.

Master Craftsmanship: Artistry Behind the Grand Lodge Chain

Crafted with precision and care, the Grand Lodge Chain is a testament to the skill of artisans dedicated to preserving the essence of Freemasonry. The intricate details and symbolism incorporated into the chain elevate it beyond mere ornamentation to a revered emblem of the Craft.

Symbolism Woven in Links: Decoding the Grand Lodge Chain

The Grand Lodge Chain is a visual tapestry of symbolism, with each link representing a facet of Masonic philosophy. Understanding the symbolism embedded in the chain unveils a deeper layer of meaning.

Unity in Links: The Bond of Brotherhood

Each link in the Grand Lodge Chain symbolizes the unity and interconnectedness of Masons across different lodges. This symbolic bond reinforces the principle of brotherhood—a foundational value within Freemasonry.

Strength in Solidarity: The Weight of Responsibility

The weightiness of the Grand Lodge Chain is not just physical; it carries the symbolic burden of responsibility. Worn by Grand Lodge officers, the chain signifies their commitment to upholding the principles and traditions of the Craft.

Links of Tradition: A Continuum through Generations

The links in the Grand Lodge Chain are not only physical but also temporal, connecting the present to the traditions of the past. This continuity emphasizes the timeless nature of Masonic teachings and the duty to pass them on to future generations.

Adorning Authority: The Grand Lodge Chain in Officer Regalia

The Grand Lodge Chain assumes a prominent role within the regalia of Grand Lodge officers, signifying their elevated status and responsibilities. This section explores the specific roles the chain plays in the attire of these distinguished Masonic leaders.

The Worshipful Master’s Chain: Symbol of Leadership

For the Worshipful Master, the Grand Lodge Chain is a symbol of leadership and authority. Worn with pride, it signifies the Master’s commitment to guiding the lodge with wisdom, fairness, and adherence to Masonic principles.

The Senior Warden’s Chain: A Position of Honor

The Senior Warden’s Lodge Chain represents a position of honor and trust within the lodge hierarchy. It serves as a visual reminder of the Senior Warden’s duty to assist the Worshipful Master and uphold the traditions of the Craft.

The Junior Warden’s Chain: Sentinel of Harmony

As a guardian of harmony within the lodge, the Junior Warden’s Lodge Chain embodies the principles of balance and equity. Worn with humility, it signifies the Junior Warden’s commitment to fostering a congenial atmosphere among the brethren.

Ceremonial Significance: The Lodge Chain in Masonic Rituals

Beyond its role in officer regalia, the Lodge Chain plays a pivotal role in various Masonic rituals and ceremonies. This section explores how the chain becomes a focal point during these significant occasions.

Investiture of Officers: Passing the Chain of Responsibility

The investiture of officers is a solemn ceremony where the Grand Lodge Chain takes center stage. The symbolic passing of the chain from one officer to another signifies the transfer of authority and the continuity of Masonic leadership.

Cornerstone Laying Ceremonies: The Chain as a Symbolic Foundation

During cornerstone laying ceremonies, the Lodge Chain is often prominently displayed. It becomes a symbol of the Masonic foundation upon which the edifice of morality, virtue, and brotherhood is constructed.

Funeral Rites: A Reverent Embrace of the Grand Lodge Chain

In moments of solemnity, such as Masonic funeral rites, the Lodge Chain takes on a poignant role. Worn with reverence, it symbolizes the enduring connection between the departed Mason and the timeless principles of Freemasonry.

Beyond the Lodge Room: The Lodge Chain in Public Representation

The Lodge Chain extends its influence beyond the confines of the lodge room, becoming a symbol of Masonic authority in public settings. This section explores how the chain represents the Craft in the broader community.

Public Processions: A Visible Emblem of Freemasonry

In public processions, the Lodge Chain becomes a visible emblem of Freemasonry. Worn with dignity, it communicates the presence of Masons in the community and their commitment to virtuous living.

Civic and Charitable Events: The Lodge Chain as a Beacon of Service

During civic and charitable events, the Lodge Chain serves as a beacon of Masonic service. Its presence underscores the Craft’s dedication to making positive contributions to society.

Wear and Patina: The Grand Lodge Chain as a Personal Journey

As the Lodge Chain accompanies its wearer through various Masonic experiences, it undergoes wear and develops a distinctive patina. This section explores how these physical transformations narrate the personal journey of the Mason.

Wear as a Badge of Honor: Stories in Every Link

The wear and patina of the Lodge Chain become badges of honor, telling stories of the wearer’s journey within the Craft. Each scratch and mark becomes a testament to the experiences and contributions of the Mason.

Personalization: Engraving the Masonic Narrative

Many Grand Lodge Chains are personalized with engravings, adding another layer to the Masonic narrative. Whether inscribed with dates, names, or symbols, these engravings create a unique tapestry of the wearer’s Masonic journey.

Conclusion: The Lodge Chain – A Living Symbol of Freemasonry

In conclusion, the Lodge Chain is not merely a piece of regalia; it is a living symbol of Freemasonry’s history, values, and traditions. From its humble beginnings to its central role in Masonic rituals and public representation, the Lodge Chain weaves together the diverse threads of the Craft. As a symbol of unity, authority, and continuity, it stands as a tangible embodiment of the principles that guide Freemasons on their noble journey. The Grand Lodge Chain, with its weighty symbolism and historical resonance, remains an enduring emblem within the rich tapestry of Freemasonry.

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Chain Color

Gold, Silver

Backing Color

Blue, Purple, Red


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