Craft Past Master Breast Jewels


  • The gold plating is flawless.
  • Handcrafted and polished to a high standard
  • The back of Jewel has a stickpin fitting
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Craft Past Master Breast Jewels

Breast Jewel – Craft Past Master masonic Breast Jewels


  • Superb Past Masters masonic Breast Jewel is a new addition to the Past Master’s Breast Jewel collection
  • It comes with a blue ribbon and a gold-plated detail
  • The gold plating is flawless.
  • Handcrafted and polished to a high standard
  • The back of Jewel has a stickpin fitting
  • Buy with trust, as a full refund is available if you are unhappy with your order


Masters should wear this masonic breast jewels to lodge investiture ceremonies, dinner parties, festivals, and other events. So, this lovely breast jewel would make a wonderful gift for your Freemason brothers.  London regalia is made from these jewels to the experienced people make with peaceful environment. 

Craft Past Master Breast Jewels, with their intricate designs and symbolic significance, stand as distinctive elements within the rich tapestry of Masonic regalia. Beyond their ornamental appeal, these jewels carry profound meanings and signify a Mason’s journey to leadership and mastery. In this exploration, we delve into the active voice of Craft Past Master Breast Jewels, unraveling their historical roots, symbolic motifs, and the transitions they represent in the Masonic journey.

Historical Roots: A Glimpse into the Past

Craft Past Master Breast Jewels trace their lineage through the annals of Masonic history. Originating in the traditions of operative stonemasons, these jewels have evolved over centuries, symbolizing the transition from apprentice to fellowcraft and, ultimately, to the esteemed position of a Past Master.

Craftsmanship and Heritage: An Active Continuum

Craftsmanship is not a static entity but an active continuum. The historical roots of Craft Past Master Breast Jewels embody this continuum, illustrating the dynamic evolution of Masonic traditions. From the ancient lodges of operative masons to the modern Craft, these jewels serve as tangible links to the rich heritage of the Masonic Brotherhood.

Transition through Time: Evolving Symbols in Breast Jewels

The evolution of symbols within Craft Past Master Breast Jewels reflects the transitions and adaptations that Masonic practices have undergone. From simple stonecutting tools to intricate emblems, these jewels narrate a story of metamorphosis—a transition from the practical tools of trade to symbols laden with esoteric meaning.

Symbolic Motifs: Decoding the Language of Craft Past Master Breast Jewels

Craft Past Master Breast Jewels are adorned with a plethora of symbols, each carrying specific meanings deeply rooted in Masonic philosophy. An exploration of these symbolic motifs unveils the active voice embedded in the jewels, speaking volumes about Masonic principles.

Square and Compass: The Foundation of Craftsmanship

At the heart of Craft Past Master Breast Jewels lies the square and compass, symbolizing the unswerving commitment to moral and ethical principles. The square represents morality, while the compass signifies the boundaries of ethical conduct. This dynamic duo speaks actively to Masons about the importance of balance and integrity in their lives.

The Pillars: Strength and Beauty in Harmony

Two pillars, often adorned with globes or celestial symbols, stand prominently in many Craft Past Master Breast Jewels. These pillars embody the active voice of strength and beauty in harmony, mirroring the Masonic pursuit of balancing physical and spiritual aspects. They signify the pillars of Jachin and Boaz from Solomon’s Temple, invoking the virtues of wisdom and strength.

The All-Seeing Eye: Divine Watchfulness

The All-Seeing Eye, a timeless symbol, graces many Craft Past Master Breast Jewels. It represents the divine watchfulness that accompanies a Mason throughout his journey. This symbol actively communicates the idea that one’s actions are observed not just by fellow men but by a higher, guiding force.

The Sun, Moon, and Stars: Illumination and Knowledge

Craft Past Master Breast Jewels often incorporate celestial elements like the sun, moon, and stars. These symbols actively speak of illumination and knowledge, emphasizing the Masonic quest for enlightenment. The sun represents the source of light, the moon signifies the reflection of that light, and the stars evoke the vast expanse of Masonic teachings.

Transitions Represented: From Apprentice to Past Master

Craft Past Master Breast Jewels serve as visual markers of a Mason’s progression through the various degrees and offices within the Craft. Each jewel signifies a specific transition, marking a distinct phase in the Masonic journey.

Entered Apprentice to Master Mason: A Journey of Transformation

The transition from Entered Apprentice to Master Mason is embodied in Craft Past Master Breast Jewels through evolving symbols. The apprentice tools give way to more intricate emblems, reflecting the journey from a state of learning and preparation to one of mastery and accomplishment.

Wardens to Past Master: Ascending the Ladder of Leadership

Craft Past Master Breast Jewels worn by Wardens signify their active roles in the governance of the lodge. As these Masons ascend the ladder of leadership, the jewels transform to reflect their evolving responsibilities. The transition to the Past Master’s jewel symbolizes the culmination of leadership, embodying the wisdom and experience gained through active service to the Craft.

The Active Voice in Lodge Ceremonies: Role of Past Master Breast Jewels

Craft Past Master Breast Jewels play a pivotal role in various lodge ceremonies, adding an active voice to the rituals and traditions that define Masonic practices. These jewels become active participants in the solemnity and significance of lodge proceedings.

Installation of Officers: Passing the Torch of Leadership

During the installation of officers, Craft Past Master Breast Jewels take center stage. The outgoing Master ceremoniously hands over the jewel to the incoming Master, symbolizing the active transfer of leadership and the continuity of Masonic traditions. This ritual underscores the importance of the Past Master’s experience guiding the future trajectory of the lodge.

Cornerstone Laying Ceremonies: Symbolism in Action

Craft Past Master Breast Jewels often find themselves prominently featured in cornerstone laying ceremonies. As symbols of leadership and wisdom, these jewels actively contribute to the consecration of new Masonic edifices, signifying the enduring commitment to Masonic principles.

The Active Legacy: Craft Past Master Breast Jewels as Heirlooms

Craft Past Master Breast Jewels transcend their immediate roles and become active bearers of a Mason’s legacy. Passed down through generations, these jewels become cherished heirlooms, carrying with them the stories and experiences of Past Masters.

Transcending Time: A Living Legacy

Craft Past Master Breast Jewels actively transcend time, transforming into living relics that connect Masons across generations. As a Past Master passes down his jewel to his successor, he imparts not only the physical jewel but the active essence of leadership, mentorship, and Masonic values.

Jewels as Storytellers: Narrating the Masonic Journey

Craft Past Master Breast Jewels actively become storytellers, narrating the Masonic journey of those who wore them. Each scratch, dent, or polishing becomes a chapter, actively contributing to the tale of a Mason’s commitment, service, and leadership within the Craft.

Conclusion: Craft Past Master Breast Jewels – Active Symbols of Masonic Excellence

In conclusion, Craft Past Master Breast Jewels emerge as active symbols of Masonic excellence, leadership, and continuity. Their historical roots, intricate symbolism, and active role in ceremonies all contribute to the vibrant narrative of Freemasonry. These jewels, beyond their ornamental appeal, actively speak to Masons about the enduring principles, the dynamic evolution of traditions, and the transitions inherent in their Masonic journey. Craft Past Master Breast Jewels stand not merely as adornments but as dynamic elements that embody the essence of Masonic teachings and the legacy of Past Masters.

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