Officers Collar


  • Best quality hand made craft officers collar
  • Finest quality turquoise blue moiré watermarked ribbon
  • Hand embroidered
SKU: LR-CRC-0401


Officers Collar

Officers Collar-Craft Regalia


  • Best quality hand made craft officers collar
  • Finest quality turquoise blue moiré watermarked ribbon
  • Hand embroidered
  • Silver metal braid with chrome ball
  • Excellent stitching and finishing
  • Silver swivel clip for jewel attachment 
  • Silver metal slider to secure the collar to the jacket 
  • 4″ wide collar


A Premium quality hand embroidered officer collar. Firstly, this beautiful collar comes with a 4″ wide turquoise blue moiré watermarked ribbon, silver metal braid, and chrome ball. Also, we offer a wide range of craft officer collar jewels to complement this simple and elegant collar. 

In the grand tapestry of Masonic regalia, Officers’ Collars stand as distinctive emblems of authority and symbolism. These ornate collars, worn by Masonic officers during rituals and ceremonies, carry profound significance within the fraternity. This exploration delves into the multifaceted layers of symbolism, tradition, and the active role played by Officers’ Collars in shaping the Masonic narrative.

The Collar as a Symbol of Office: A Visual Authority

The Officers’ Collar serves as a visible marker of authority within Masonic lodges, distinguishing various roles and responsibilities. Each collar is unique in design, reflecting the specific duties associated with the officer wearing it. The symbolism inherent in these collars goes beyond mere adornment, embodying the responsibilities and virtues expected of the office.

Warden Collars: Sentinels of the Lodge

The collars worn by Wardens, often adorned with symbols like the level or plumb, symbolize their role as guardians of the lodge. The level signifies equality, emphasizing the impartiality and fairness expected from Wardens in their duties. The plumb, representing upright conduct, underscores the moral integrity required in their leadership.

Deacon Collars: Guiding the Rituals

Deacons, with their distinctive collars, play a crucial role in guiding candidates through Masonic rituals. The collars worn by Deacons often feature symbols such as the square and compass, signifying precision and the alignment of actions with Masonic principles. These collars visually reinforce the Deacons’ responsibility in ensuring the smooth progression of ceremonies.

Master’s Collar: The Apex of Authority

The Master’s Collar is the pinnacle of authority within the lodge. Adorned with symbols of the highest degrees, it signifies the Master’s comprehensive understanding of Masonic teachings. The intricate design of the Master’s Collar symbolizes the profound knowledge and wisdom expected of the individual holding this esteemed office.

Symbolism Woven in Threads: The Deeper Meaning of Officers’ Collars

Beyond their role in visually representing authority, Officers’ Collars are rich in symbolism, weaving a narrative of Masonic virtues and principles. Each element of the collar, from colors to symbols, contributes to the overarching story of Freemasonry.

Colors as Bearers of Meaning

The colors incorporated into Officers’ Collars are not arbitrary; they carry specific meanings deeply rooted in Masonic tradition. Gold, symbolizing wisdom and virtue, often graces the collars of higher-ranking officers. Blue, representing fidelity and loyalty, is prevalent in many collars, emphasizing the commitment expected from Masonic leaders. The careful selection of colors adds layers of significance to the symbolism embodied in Officers’ Collars.

Symbols as Silent Instructors

Every symbol adorning Officers’ Collars serves as a silent instructor, imparting lessons and reminders of Masonic values. The square and compass, ubiquitous in Masonic symbolism, emphasize morality and the importance of living a balanced life. Stars, triangles, and other geometric shapes carry their own nuanced meanings, contributing to the intricate symbolism woven into the fabric of the collars.

Historical Evolution: Tracing the Journey of Officers’ Collars

The evolution of Officers’ Collars is a testament to the dynamic nature of Masonic regalia. Over the centuries, these collars have undergone transformations, reflecting changes in Masonic practices, beliefs, and the societal context in which the fraternity exists.

Traditional Craftsmanship: An Artisanal Legacy

In the early days of Freemasonry, Officers’ Collars were crafted with meticulous attention to detail by skilled artisans. The collars were often handmade, featuring intricate embroidery and fine materials. This tradition of craftsmanship not only contributed to the regal appearance of the collars but also symbolized the value placed on precision and excellence within the craft.

Evolution of Symbols: Reflecting Masonic Ideals

As Masonic symbolism evolved, so did the symbols adorning Officers’ Collars. The transition from simpler designs to more elaborate and detailed symbols mirrors the deepening understanding of Masonic ideals and the desire to convey a richer narrative through regalia. The incorporation of additional symbols reflects the expansion of Masonic teachings and the incorporation of new degrees and rituals.

Adaptations in Design: Reflecting Changing Roles

Changes in Masonic practices and the roles of officers within lodges have also influenced the design of Officers’ Collars. Collars may be modified or augmented to reflect new responsibilities or titles within the fraternity. These adaptations in design serve as a visual representation of the dynamic nature of Freemasonry, embracing change while preserving tradition.

Officers’ Collars in Ritual: Active Participants in Masonic Ceremonies

Officers’ Collars are not passive accessories; they play an active role in Masonic rituals, contributing to the immersive and symbolic nature of ceremonies. From the solemnity of the opening and closing rituals to the initiation of candidates, Officers’ Collars become integral components, enhancing the visual and symbolic experience.

Opening and Closing Rituals: Setting the Tone

During the opening and closing rituals of Masonic lodge meetings, Officers’ Collars are prominently displayed. The act of donning the collar signals the transition from the profane to the sacred, marking the beginning and end of Masonic proceedings. The collars, with their symbols and colors, contribute to the solemn atmosphere, reinforcing the gravity and importance of these moments.

Initiation and Advancement: Symbolic Progression

Officers’ Collars play a pivotal role during the initiation and advancement of candidates. The symbols on the collars serve as visual guides, aligning with the lessons imparted during these ceremonies. The collar worn by each officer signifies their role in the ritual, contributing to the cohesive and symbolic progression of the ceremony.

Investiture of Officers: Symbolic Transfer of Authority

The investiture of officers, where collars are formally presented to individuals assuming new roles, is a ceremony laden with symbolism. The act of placing the collar around the neck of an officer signifies the transfer of authority and the assumption of responsibilities associated with the office. The collars, adorned with symbols, become insignias of the virtues and duties expected from each officer.

The Legacy of Officers’ Collars: Carrying Forward Masonic Tradition

Officers’ Collars, beyond their immediate roles in rituals and ceremonies, contribute to the broader legacy of Masonic tradition. As timeless artifacts, these collars become custodians of the fraternity’s history, embodying the values, symbolism, and evolution of Freemasonry through the ages.

Preserving Tradition: An Ongoing Commitment

The continued use of Officers’ Collars in Masonic lodges signifies a steadfast commitment to preserving tradition. In a world marked by constant change, the collars serve as tangible links to the roots of Freemasonry, connecting contemporary Masons with their predecessors who wore similar regalia centuries ago. The act of donning an Officers’ Collar becomes a ritual in itself, reinforcing the continuity of Masonic ideals.

Educational Tools: Transmitting Masonic Knowledge

Officers’ Collars, adorned with symbols representing Masonic principles, serve as educational tools. For both experienced Masons and those newly initiated, the collars become visual aids, prompting questions and discussions about the meanings behind the symbols. This educational aspect reinforces the fraternity’s commitment to the intellectual and moral development of its members.

The Contemporary Significance: Officers’ Collars in the Modern Masonic Context

In the contemporary Masonic landscape, Officers’ Collars continue to play a vital role, adapting to the changing needs and dynamics of the fraternity. The significance of these collars extends beyond their traditional roles, reflecting the enduring relevance of Masonic symbolism and principles.

Inclusivity and Diversity: Reflecting Masonic Values

Modern Officers’ Collars may incorporate designs that reflect the inclusive and diverse nature of contemporary Freemasonry. Symbols representing universal values and principles that resonate across cultures and backgrounds may find a place on the collars. This adaptation reflects the fraternity’s commitment to embracing diversity while maintaining its core principles.

Technological Advancements: Meeting Practical Needs

In some cases, technological advancements have influenced the materials and construction of Officers’ Collars. While the essence of the symbolism remains unchanged, the use of modern materials may enhance durability and ease of maintenance. These adaptations ensure that Officers’ Collars remain not only symbolic artifacts but also practical and functional components of Masonic regalia.

Conclusion: Officers’ Collars as Living Symbols of Freemasonry

In conclusion, Officers’ Collars emerge as living symbols within the dynamic narrative of Freemasonry. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these collars actively contribute to the Masonic experience, embodying authority, symbolism, and tradition. From the intricate designs that mirror the evolution of Masonic teachings to their active role in rituals, Officers’ Collars stand as visual testaments to the timeless principles that define Freemasonry. As Masons don these collars, they become active participants in a tradition that spans centuries, carrying forward the legacy of Freemasonry with each symbolic thread woven into the regal fabric of Officers’ Collars.

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