The Masonic Anchor and Ark

The Masonic Anchor and Ark

The Masonic Anchor and Ark

Masonic anchors and arks represent a deep hope for the future and a well lived life.

The Masonic anchor is a symbol of trust in Masonry. It discovers in burial places among the tombs of Rome for the first time. It’s possible that the anchor was first used as a symbol of trust by Apostle Paul, who discussed it in the Biblical book of Hebrews.

Hebrews 6:19: “Our anchor of hope in Christ is both sure and steadfast; and it enters into what is within the veil”.

The Masonic Anchor and Ark
            The Masonic Anchor and Ark

Christianity in ancient Time

Christians were once thought of as being on a tumultuous journey; and those who arrived safely at the end of their journey were relieve that it was over. As a result; it was cut over their burial chamber as a huge image of expectation for them. The anchor indicated that the person dozing in the burial chamber was in an eternal state of rest and harmony.

The anchor is a Christian symbol of faith, tolerance, and stability. It’s mostly found in Christian tombs and in some Biblical documents.

The ark (transport) is a metaphor for life’s journey. Regardless; it isn’t limited to Christians alone. The boat use by non Christians to address the entrance of life.

The ark use instead of the ship by Freemasons.

The ark of Noah; swaying freely in the midst of the storm; is a metaphor for Christ. It demonstrates that even when things are unpleasant and turbulent; God will lead Christians to safety.

The ark and anchors are symbols of an all consuming existence and an establish expectation in the Masonic Third Degree. They depict how the Divine ark will transport us across the rough sea, how the anchor will carry us to a place of rest where there will be no insidious ones, and how we will find our rest.

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