Masonic Cable Tow Rope

Masonic Cable Tow Rope

Masonic Cable Tow Rope

The Masonic Cable Tow rope is essential for the dressing of a Masonic competitor that consents to assist a Brother with his power. The length of the Masonic Cable Tow Rope is an image of the capacities of the contender to help his Brother. The up and comer helps the Brother ‘assuming it be inside the length of his two rope’.

The length of the link tow rope is characterized as a link’s length. It estimates as three miles for an Entered Apprentice. The Masonic Cable Tow Rope ties a Mason to the Freemason Fraternity and securities the Brotherhood to the Mason.

The Cable Tow is part of the dress of a candidate in which he agrees to go to the aid of a Brother with all his power…” if it is within the length of his tow rope.

  • The length of the rope is symbolic of the first brother’s abilities.
  • It is define also as a cable’s length; which is symbolically measured as 3 miles for an Entered Apprentice. With its 2 ends, it binds a Mason to the Fraternity as well as bonds the Fraternity to the Mason.

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