Prince Charlie Jacket


  • 100% hard-wearing wool
  • Each piece is fully tailored
  • Finished with traditional buttons
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Prince Charlie jacket

Prince Charlie Jacket – Prince Charlie jacket in black


  • 100% hard-wearing wool
  • Each piece is fully tailor
  • Finished with traditional buttons
  • Comes with a vest
  • It has two inside pockets
  • Available in all sizes


So, Your kilt outfit looks great when you wear it with a jacket. It is the most formal wear jacket. This is a highly decorative double-breasted jacket and the cuffs are sewn on a separate piece of cloth then that cloth is neatly sewn on the sleeves to make it look beautiful and neat. All the buttons used for decorating the jacket are the same, the set is made by hand. Traditionally, these are worn with a bow tie so, can select the ideal sleeve length and chest size. The material used for this jacket is woolen. This jacket is available in all colors and sizes so, what are you waiting for? Place your order now. Products at your doorsteps.

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