Masonic PCN Breast Jewel | Masonic Regalia


  • Jewel has a stickpin fitting on the back
  • Silver plated.
  • The Ribbon width is 25 mm
  • Size approx: 4 x 11 cm
SKU: LR-RAJ-0203


PCN Breast Jewels Silver Platted

PCN Breast Jewels Silver Platted


  • The Finest quality breast jewels
  • Polished to a high standard
  • Jewel has a stickpin fitting on the back
  • Silver plated.
  • The Ribbon width is 25 mm
  • Size approx: 4 x 11 cm
  • Excellent quality and detail
  • Quality guaranteed


The Royal Ark Mariner PCN Breast Jewel is composed of high quality metal that has been highly polished with a silver base finish. Masonic brothers and companions may wear this freemason breast gem with their Masonic clothing during annual ceremonies, lodge meetings; and other important freemasonry occasions.

The Royal Ark Mariner PCN Breast Jewel is one of Freemasonry’s finest treasures. This breast jewel is triangle shaped and features an embossed N letter that sticks out against the background, adding to its attractiveness and significance. ribbon with multicolored stripes and a stickpin that attaches to the back of the jewel This jewel piece complements your outfit, which is made to a high standard with polished silver plating. 

In the intricate realm of Masonic regalia, the PCN Breast Jewel stands as a distinguished emblem, encapsulating a rich tapestry of symbolism and tradition. This exploration transcends the functional aspect of the breast jewel, delving into its storied significance within Masonic culture. From its design intricacies to the ceremonial significance it carries, the PCN Breast Jewel emerges as a symbol of honor and commitment in the vast array of Masonic regalia.

Unveiling Elegance: The Design Aesthetics of PCN Breast Jewel

The journey of the PCN Breast Jewel begins with a visual feast, as its design aesthetics intertwine with Masonic symbolism. Each element, carefully crafted and placed, contributes to a larger narrative that reflects the values and principles of Freemasonry.

Craftsmanship Mastery: A Closer Look at Design Elements

The PCN Breast Jewel is a testament to the mastery of craftsmanship, with intricate details that demand appreciation. From the polished metal surfaces to the delicately enameled symbols, each design element serves as a visual representation of Masonic ideals.

Symbolism in Metal and Enamel: Crafting a Narrative

The transition from metal to enamel within the breast jewel design is not just a shift in materials; it signifies a transition in symbolism. The metal components may represent strength and durability, while the enameled details bring color and life to the narrative, making each jewel a visual poem of Masonic values.

Ceremonial Significance: The PCN Breast Jewel in Masonic Rituals

Beyond its ornamental allure, the PCN Breast Jewel plays a pivotal role in Masonic ceremonies, adding layers of meaning and solemnity to the rituals in which it is worn.

Wearing with Pride: A Transition to Ceremonial Attire

The transition from everyday attire to the donning of the PCN Breast Jewel marks a ceremonial shift. It is a visible declaration of a Mason’s commitment to the Craft, signifying a solemn occasion where Masonic principles are celebrated and revered.

Initiation and Advancement: Breast Jewels as Markers of Progress

The PCN Breast Jewel takes on additional significance as a marker of Masonic progression. Different designs or variations may indicate a Mason’s degree or rank within the fraternity, symbolizing the individual’s journey through the various stages of Masonic knowledge and enlightenment.

Legacy and Continuity: PCN Breast Jewel as a Symbol of Masonic Tradition

As an integral part of Masonic regalia, PCN Breast Jewel becomes custodian of tradition, carrying forward legacy of Freemasonry through generations.

Transitioning Through Time: A Connection to Masonic Heritage

The PCN Breast Jewel serves as a tangible link to Masonic heritage. As it is passed down from one Mason to another, it becomes a bridge that transcends time, connecting contemporary Masons with those who have gone before, creating a continuous chain of tradition.

Preserving Rituals: PCN Breast Jewel as a Custodian of Masonic Practices

The breast jewel is not only a symbol but also a custodian of Masonic rituals. The ceremonies associated with the wearing of PCN Breast Jewel are transition from one stage to another, preserving sanctity of Masonic practices and ensuring their continuity.

Unity in Diversity: PCN Breast Jewel as a Symbol of Masonic Brotherhood

The PCN Breast Jewel, despite its unique design and symbolism, serves larger purpose as symbol of unity within Masonic brotherhood.

Wearing a Common Insignia: Transitioning to Visual Unity

As Masons don the PCN Breast Jewel, there is a visual transition towards unity. Despite individual differences, breast jewel becomes common insignia that unites Masons under shared principles and values of Freemasonry.

Ceremonial Unity: Breast Jewels in Collective Masonic Events

In collective Masonic events, the simultaneous wearing of PCN Breast Jewels creates a ceremonial unity. The transition from individual representation to collective display underscores shared commitment of Masons to ideals of Craft.

Philanthropy and Service: PCN Breast Jewel in Action

Beyond its symbolic and ceremonial roles, the PCN Breast Jewel becomes a catalyst for philanthropic endeavors and Masonic service, embodying the principles of charity and goodwill.

Transition to Action: From Symbol to Philanthropy

The PCN Jewel serves as a visual reminder of Masonic principles, prompting a transition from symbolic representation to actionable deeds. Masons adorned with the breast jewel are inspired to engage in philanthropy and service, embodying the spirit of benevolence.

Charitable Initiatives: Breast Jewels as Catalysts for Good

Masonic organizations often use the PCN Jewel as a means to identify individuals actively involved in charitable initiatives. This transition from symbol to action reinforces the commitment of Masons to making a positive impact on their communities.

Personalized Transitions: PCN Jewel and Individual Masonic Journeys

As a personal item of regalia, the PCN Jewel becomes intertwined with the individual Mason’s journey, marking significant milestones and personal transitions within the fraternity.

Transitioning to Leadership: Breast Jewels as Symbols of Authority

For Masons ascending to leadership positions, the PCN Jewel becomes a symbol of authority. This transition is not just a change in regalia but signifies the assumption of greater responsibilities within the Masonic community.

Retirement and Legacy: Passing on the PCN Jewel

As Masons transition into retirement or move to another phase of their lives, PCN Jewel takes on new role. It becomes cherished item that can be passed on to deserving Mason, creating seamless transition of honor and legacy.

Conclusion: The PCN Jewel – A Beacon in Masonic Regalia

In conclusion, the PCN Jewel, with its intricate design, ceremonial significance, and symbolic richness, stands as a beacon within the vast landscape of Masonic regalia. From its craftsmanship to its role in Masonic rituals, the breast jewel serves as a tangible representation of Masonic ideals, unity, and tradition. As Masons transition through different stages of their Masonic journey, the PCN Jewel becomes a constant companion, marking milestones, preserving tradition, and embodying the timeless principles of Freemasonry.

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