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Masonic Past Thrice Illustrious Master Apron PTIM Mason Member Apron


  • Brand New Masonic Past Thrice Illustrious Master Apron PTIM Hand Embroidered
  • Nicely Hand Embroidered with gold bullion and silk threads
  • Apron made on white glossy satin


Masonic Past Thrice Illustrious Master Apron PTIM Hand Embroidered

Masonic Past Thrice Illustrious Master Apron PTIM Mason Member Apron


  • Brand New Masonic Past Thrice Illustrious Master Apron PTIM Hand Embroidered
  • Nicely Hand Embroidered with gold bullion and silk threads
  • Apron made on white glossy satin
  • Size 14-inch high x 16 inches wide
  • Purple polyester grosgrain ribbon border
  • 2 inch wide on the apron and 1.5 inches wide on the flap
  • Same ribbon side tabs with golden metallic fringe tassels
  • Matching purple fine polyester fabric lining on back with glove pocket
  • Matching purple polyester 40-inch long adjustable waist belt with golden metal snake fastener and adjuster (perfect for a waistline of up to 54 inch

So, Mason’s apron comes from the aprons worn by craftsmen that were made from the skin of an animal. Workmen wore to protect their clothes from injury and damage from the rough stones with which they worked; it also was a vessel in which to carry tools. The size of this apron is 14-inch high x 16 inches wide. A purple polyester grosgrain ribbon border is used. Matching purple polyester 40-inch long adjustable waist belt with silver metal snake fastener and adjuster (perfect for a waistline of up to 54 inches). 

The Masonic Apron, particularly the Mason Member Apron and its distinguished variant, the Masonic Apron PTIM (Past Thrice Illustrious Master), holds a position of paramount significance within the Masonic fraternity. Beyond its utilitarian purpose as a garment, the Masonic Apron is steeped in symbolism, representing a rich tapestry of Masonic ideals, values, and historical traditions. In this extensive exploration, we delve into the origins, design elements, symbolism, and the profound role that the Masonic Apron PTIM plays within the Masonic order.

Origins and Evolution

Historical Foundations

The roots of the Masonic Apron can be traced back to the earliest days of Freemasonry. Emerging from the practical necessity of protecting the operative stonemason’s clothing during labor, the apron gradually transformed into a symbol of honor and distinction as speculative Freemasonry evolved. The Masonic Apron became a tangible representation of the operative mason’s tools, signifying the principles of moral and spiritual building that Freemasonry espouses.

Evolution of Design

Over the centuries, the design of the Masonic Apron underwent a metamorphosis, adapting to the changing rituals and symbolism of Freemasonry. The transition from a purely practical garment to a symbolically charged emblem paralleled the evolution of Freemasonry itself. The Masonic Apron PTIM, in particular, reflects the historical journey of the Masonic order, with each element carefully chosen to convey profound meanings.

Design Elements of the Mason Member Apron

Material and Craftsmanship

The Mason Member Apron, crafted with precision and care, is typically made from high-quality materials such as lambskin or synthetic equivalents. The selection of materials is not arbitrary; it carries significance in aligning with Masonic values of purity and perfection. The craftsmanship involved in creating the apron is a testament to the dedication of the artisans who meticulously embroider, stitch, and embellish the apron with Masonic symbols.

Color Palette

The color palette of the Mason Member Apron is symbolic, with each hue carrying its own meaning. White, representing purity and virtue, is a dominant color, signifying the Mason’s commitment to moral uprightness. Accents of blue and gold may also be present, denoting fidelity and the enduring value of Masonic principles.

Symbolic Embellishments

At the heart of the Masonic Apron PTIM is a constellation of symbols, each laden with meaning. The square and compass, intertwined with other tools such as the level and plumb, are prominently featured, symbolizing moral rectitude, equality, and the pursuit of balance. The apron may also bear unique insignia denoting the Mason’s rank and achievements within the order.

Symbolism: Decoding the Masonic Apron PTIM

Square and Compass

Central to the symbolism of the Masonic Apron PTIM are the square and compass. The square, representing virtue, is a reminder for Masons to square their actions by the square of virtue. The compass, an emblem of circumscription, signifies the boundaries of ethical conduct. Together, these symbols encapsulate the Masonic commitment to living a virtuous and ethically circumscribed life.

Level and Plumb

In the Masonic Apron PTIM, the inclusion of the level and plumb reinforces the Masonic emphasis on equality and upright conduct. The level symbolizes equality, reminding Masons that, regardless of worldly distinctions, all stand on the same level. The plumb, representing integrity, urges Masons to lead upright and virtuous lives.

Colors and Materials

The carefully chosen colors of the Mason Member Apron are not arbitrary. White symbolizes purity, urging Masons to maintain an unblemished character. Blue, a color associated with fidelity and loyalty, emphasizes the Mason’s commitment to brotherhood. Gold, often used as an accent, represents the enduring value of Masonic principles and the worthiness of the Masonic journey.

The Masonic Apron PTIM: Past Thrice Illustrious Master’s Distinction

Historical Significance

The Masonic Apron PTIM holds a unique status within the Masonic order. It is a badge of honor bestowed upon those who have attained the rank of Past Thrice Illustrious Master. This distinction signifies a profound understanding of Masonic principles, dedication to the craft, and exemplary leadership within the Masonic community.

Design Specifics

The Masonic Apron PTIM, while sharing common symbols with other Masonic aprons, may bear additional embellishments denoting the wearer’s elevated rank. These embellishments could include specific insignia, colors, or variations in design that distinguish the Past Thrice Illustrious Master from other Masonic brethren.

Practical Significance: Beyond Symbolism

Initiation and Rituals

The Masonic Apron PTIM plays a pivotal role in Masonic initiation rituals. As a candidate progresses through the degrees of Freemasonry, the apron becomes a symbolic garment, signifying the wearer’s growth in knowledge, virtue, and Masonic understanding. The presentation of the Masonic Apron PTIM is a ceremonial moment, marking the culmination of a Mason’s journey to the esteemed rank of Past Thrice Illustrious Master.

Ceremonial Functions

Beyond initiation, the Masonic Apron PTIM is an integral part of Masonic ceremonies and rituals. Whether worn during lodge meetings, processions, or other Masonic events, the apron serves as a visible reminder of the wearer’s commitment to the principles of Freemasonry. It is a garment of honor, evoking a sense of solemnity and respect.

Conclusion: The Masonic Apron PTIM as a Living Symbol

In conclusion, the Mason Member Apron, with its distinguished variant, the Masonic Apron PTIM, encapsulates the essence of Freemasonry. Beyond its utilitarian purpose, the apron is a living symbol, rich in historical significance and laden with profound meanings. As Masons don these aprons, they not only wear a garment; they carry a legacy of tradition, virtue, and brotherhood.

The Masonic Apron PTIM, in particular, stands as a beacon of accomplishment and leadership within the Masonic order. Its design, steeped in symbolism, serves as a constant reminder of the Mason’s journey, from the operative origins of stonemasonry to the speculative heights of moral and spiritual enlightenment. The Masonic Apron PTIM, with its square, compass, level, and plumb, embodies the timeless principles that have guided Freemasons through the ages.

In the hands of a Past Thrice Illustrious Master, the Masonic Apron PTIM becomes more than an emblem; it becomes a badge of honor and a responsibility. It symbolizes not only personal achievement but also a commitment to leading with integrity, fostering equality, and upholding the tenets of Freemasonry.

As we reflect on the Masonic Apron PTIM, we recognize it as a thread woven into the fabric of Masonic tradition—a garment that transcends time, connecting Masons across generations. It is a symbol that, when worn with reverence, carries the weight of history and the promise of a future guided by the enduring principles of Freemasonry.

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