First Degree Breast Jewel


  • Blue and Yellow ribbon 
  • Comes with a complimentary pocket slider to fit in your jacket pocket; Engraving included. 
  • Star-shaped breast jewel along with three arrows
  • The breast jewel is metal gilded
SKU: LR-OSM-01043


First Degree Breast Jewel

First Degree Breast Jewel


  • Finest quality breast jewel
  • Purple and Yellow ribbon 
  • Comes with a complimentary pocket slider to fit in your jacket pocket; Engraving included. 
  • Star-shaped breast jewel along with three arrows
  • The breast jewel is metal gilded
  • Gilt Breast Jewel with stick pin attachment
  • Polished to a high standard
  • Excellent quality and detail


The Order of Secret Monitor 1st Degree Breast Jewel OSM is compose of the best materials. The expert craftsmen have beautifully produced this lovely breast treasure. The star shape, three gold-coated arrows, and two freemasonry characters, viz. The letters D and J are tastefully embossed in the center of this breast gem, which has a high level of craftsmanship and polish.

It is accompanied by a purple and yellow ribbon. This gorgeous breast gem is appropriate for wearing at lodge meetings and festivities. It adds a special touch to your outfit and comes with a stickpin attached to the back.

Within the illustrious world of Masonic regalia, the First Degree Breast Jewel emerges as a singular emblem that marks the commencement of a Mason’s journey. This exploration delves beyond its apparent ornamental role, unraveling the layers of symbolism, tradition, and significance that characterize this revered Masonic artifact. From its distinctive design to the profound meaning it carries, the First Degree Breast Jewel stands as a beacon within the rich tapestry of Freemasonry.

A Symbolic Inauguration: The First Degree Breast Jewel’s Introduction

The journey of the First Degree Breast Jewel commences with its symbolic inauguration, representing a Mason’s initiation into the Craft. This emblem, often worn with pride, becomes a visual representation of the transformative experience undergone during the first degree initiation.

Transitioning from Profane to Initiate: The First Glimpse of Masonic Identity

As a Mason is adorned with the First Degree Breast Jewel, there is a palpable transition from the profane world to that of initiation. This symbolic act marks the beginning of a journey into the sacred teachings and principles of Freemasonry, setting the stage for deeper exploration.

Symbolism in Design: The Craftsmanship of Initiation

The design of the First Degree Breast Jewel itself holds profound symbolism. Each element, from the square and compass to the letter “G,” represents key tenets of Masonic philosophy. This transition from mere ornamentation to a vessel of meaning underscores the meticulous craftsmanship inherent in Masonic regalia.

The Square, Compass, and Letter “G”: Symbols Adorning the Breast Jewel

The square, compass, and the letter “G” on the First Degree Breast Jewel are not merely decorative; they encapsulate foundational principles of Freemasonry, symbolizing moral truths and ethical conduct.

Transitioning from Tools to Symbols: The Square and Compass as Guides

The square and compass, traditionally tools of operative masonry, undergo a transition on the First Degree Breast Jewel. They become symbols, guiding the Mason along the moral and spiritual path. This transition marks the elevation of these tools from practical instruments to metaphors for virtuous living.

The Letter “G”: A Transition to Divine Geometry

The inclusion of the letter “G” on the First Degree Breast Jewel signifies a transition to divine geometry within Masonic symbolism. Representing both God and geometry, this letter embodies the Masonic commitment to spirituality and the pursuit of moral excellence. The transition from a mere letter to a profound symbol mirrors the transformative journey of the Mason.

The Masonic Apron: A Symbolic Transition to Purity and Virtue

The First Degree Breast Jewel is often accompanied by the Masonic apron, a symbol of purity and virtue. This dual symbolism reinforces the Mason’s commitment to leading a life of moral rectitude.

Transitioning from Mundane to Sacred Attire

The act of donning the Masonic apron is a transition from mundane attire to sacred regalia. This symbolic shift emphasizes the Mason’s commitment to purity and virtue as they embark on their Masonic journey.

Symbolism in White: The Apron as a Canvas of Virtue

The color white, prevalent on the Masonic apron, symbolizes purity and innocence. This transition in color represents the Mason’s commitment to leading a life of moral uprightness, free from the stains of vice.

The Ritual of Presentation: A Symbolic Transition into Brotherhood

The presentation of the First Degree Breast Jewel is a ritualistic act, signifying a profound transition into the brotherhood of Freemasonry. This ceremonial moment holds deep symbolic meaning for both the initiate and the Lodge.

Transitioning from Candidate to Brother: The Ritual’s Inherent Significance

The act of presenting the First Degree Breast Jewel marks a transition from being a candidate to a full-fledged Brother in the Lodge. This symbolic gesture solidifies the bonds of brotherhood and underscores the shared commitment to Masonic principles.

Symbolism in Light: The Lodge’s Illuminating Transition

The ceremonial presentation often occurs in the Lodge, bathed in the symbolic light of Masonic teachings. This transition into the illuminated space of the Lodge reinforces the Masonic belief in the transformative power of knowledge and enlightenment.

The Masonic Journey: A Continuous Transition of Learning and Growth

The First Degree Breast Jewel, adorned with its symbolic elements, becomes a constant companion on the Masonic journey. This emblem, representing the initial step, signifies an ongoing transition of learning, growth, and the pursuit of Masonic knowledge.

Transitioning Degrees: The Continuous Ascent of Masonic Knowledge

As a Mason progresses through higher degrees, the symbolism on the Breast Jewel takes on new layers of meaning. Each degree marks a transition to deeper insights and a more profound understanding of Masonic principles.

Symbolism in Layers: The Breast Jewel as a Multi-Faceted Emblem

The First Degree Breast Jewel, with its square, compass, and letter “G,” serves as a multi-faceted emblem. Each layer of symbolism represents a transition in the Masonic journey, from the initial step of initiation to the continuous ascent towards greater enlightenment.

Brotherly Obligation: A Transition to Service and Charity

The symbolism embedded in the First Degree Breast Jewel extends beyond personal growth, emphasizing the Mason’s obligation to serve others and contribute to charitable endeavors.

Transitioning from Self to Others: Service as a Masonic Virtue

The Masonic journey includes a transition from self-reflection to outward service. The First Degree Breast Jewel becomes a reminder of the Mason’s duty to contribute positively to the community and uphold the principles of charity.

Symbolism in Action: The Breast Jewel as a Catalyst for Good Works

Wearing the First Degree Breast Jewel becomes a symbolic call to action. The transition from symbolism to practical application underscores the Masonic commitment to making a positive impact on society through charitable deeds and service.

Conclusion: The Breast Jewel – A Symbolic Odyssey

In conclusion, the First Degree Breast Jewel, with its symbolic design and ritualistic presentation, represents a transformative odyssey within Freemasonry. From the initial steps of initiation to continuous learning, growth, and service, this emblem encapsulates the essence of the Masonic journey. The square, compass, and letter “G” transition from mere symbols to guiding principles, shaping the Mason into a virtuous individual and a dedicated contributor to the greater good. The First Degree Breast Jewel stands as a testament to the profound symbolism woven into Masonic regalia, embodying the principles of brotherhood, virtue, and the continuous pursuit of enlightenment.

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