Masonic Funeral Committee

Masonic Funeral Committee

Masonic Funeral Committee

Masonic Funeral Committee

The Masonic Funeral Committee comprises three men who are appointed by the Worshipful Master of the Lodge. They are in charge of the following:

Location of Jewels and Aprons: The Masonic Funeral Committee must be aware of the location of all Masonic jewels and Masonic Funeral aprons.

Maintain Jewels and Aprons in good condition: The Funeral Committee should take care to know the state of every single Masonic gem and cover and guarantee that they are in great condition. They should guarantee that all gems and covers are finished, and none is lost or filthy. They need to educate the Brothers regarding all lost Funeral covers. So courses of action can be made to supplant them.

Funeral Rituals: The Masonic Funeral Committee keeps a refreshed rundown of individuals that can perform Masonic Funeral ceremonial administrations. You can refresh the rundown by contacting the Grand Lodge to see a list of those who can help you.

Obituary check: They watch out for eulogy sections to keep an eye out for any individual from the Lodge who might have passed on.

Member Directory: The Committee maintains an updated directory of all members of the Masonic Lodge.

Funeral Ceremonies
                                      Funeral Ceremonies

Death of a Brother

At the point when a Lodge part passes on, the Masonic Funeral Committee contacts the group of the dead Brother and inquires as to whether the part needed to have a Masonic Funeral performed by the Brethren.

Preparation for a Masonic Funeral

When conducting a Masonic Funeral, you must do the following:

  1. Also, To start with, they tell the spouse or group of the perished Brother to bring the white cowhide cover of the Brother. This white calfskin cover is the one that was given to him when he turns into a Master Mason.
  2. Moreover, They inquire as to whether they will require pallbearers and request the time, date, and name of the burial service home where the Masonic Funeral Service will perform.
  3. They ask the family of the deceased Brother for anything that they can do for them also.

At the point when a Brother kicks the bucket, the Lodge Secretary sends a compassion card to the group of the expired and handles all correspondence between the Masonic Lodge and the group of the perished part.

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