Silver Aiguillette | Masonic Regalia


  1. Premium quality silver aiguillette.
  2. Made of durable material.
  3. Fine silver colored wire.
  4. Two cords braided into multiple rows of loops.
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Silver Aiguillette – Masonic Supplies

Silver Aiguillette Military Aiguillette


  1. The Premium quality silver aiguillette.
  2. It is make of a long-lasting fabric.
  3. It has a fine silver color wire.
  4. Two cords are braid into multiple rows of loops.
  5. Two long silver color metal tips.
  6. Quality guaranteed.


The navy officer dress aiguillette is made of high quality, long-lasting material. The cord braide into multiple rows of loops in a lovely pattern. Long gold-colored metal tips include. Also, Our skilled artisans created this lovely aiguillette in a very elegant manner, with excellent detailing and finishing. It can also be wear for a variety of occasions.

Enlisted personnel wears close-end aiguillettes; while officers wear open-end aiguillettes. The proper way to wear aiguillettes depends on the duty position, uniform, and rank.

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