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  • Triangle shaped Royal Ark Mariner Grand Officers Collar Jewel; with ‘N’ at the center
  • The collar jewel is silver metal
  • Long lasting silver plating.
  • Height = 6.5cm
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Grand Officer Collar Jewel

Grand Officer Collar Jewel; Metal Silver


  • Triangle shaped Royal Ark Mariner Grand Officers Collar Jewel; with ‘N’ at the center.
  • The collar jewel is metal silver.
  • Long lasting gold plating.
  • Height = 6.5cm
  • Width = 6.5cm
  • It has Silver Tone.
  • Loop fitting to the attach to the collar
  • Metal plating is tested.


The Royal Ark Mariner Grand Officers’ Collar Jewel; symbolizes devotion to long held masonic beliefs. The jewel is highly regard for its flawlessness and excellent finishing. As a result; it is an appropriate thing to give to fellow lodge brothers.

We are offering you the highest quality collar jewel; with a lovely metal silver and a robust loop; fitting to attach to the collar. Our professional employees have created this lovely collar gem in a very exquisite manner; with outstanding workmanship and finishing. This is the simple; but elegant collar jewel is ideal for gracing a Freemason’s collar. This Masonic Jewel comes in a plastic bag.

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