Masonic Square and Compass Ring


  1. Item Type: Rings
  2. Width: 11mm
  3. Weight: 12.50g
  4. Color: Steel, Gold Plated or Black Plated
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Masonic Square and Compass Rotatable Ring (Various Colors)

Rotatable Compass and Square G Masonic Ring (Various Colors)


  1. Item Type: Rings
  2. Width: 11mm
  3. Weight: 12.50g
  4. Beautiful & Durable Ring indeed
  5. Symbol: Square and Compass
  6. Color: Steel, Gold Plated, or Black Plated


The Square and Compasses are the single most identifiable symbol of Freemasonry. It also reminds Freemasons to explore their desires and passions without stepping outside the realms of moral behavior.

In addition, the letter G within their symbolism is standing for ‘God’ and ‘Geometry’. Moreover, Others believe it represents the word ‘Gnosis’, meaning the knowledge of spiritual mysteries, which is a big component of Masonry.
This ring is made of solid Stainless Steel that will never rust or lose its color. It is unique and it’s a detailed design that will make your friends want it for their own. 

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