Knight Templar Cap Badge Gilt | Great Officer


  1. Metal gilt
  2. Quality Jewel with Knights Cross
  3. Gold Plated Cross
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Knight Templar Great Officer Cap Badge Cross Gilt

Jewel – Knight Templar Great Officer Cap Cross Gilt


  • Knights Templar Officer Cap Badge in Silver Metal
  • Metal gilt
  • Quality Jewel with Knights Cross
  • Fittings on Back to Attach to Cap, for easy fitting to your existing cap.
  • Solid Metal
  • Gold Plated Cross
  • High-Quality Jewel
  • Polished to a high shine
  • Complete Color guarantee
  • Handmade direct from Manufacturer


We present you with the finest quality breast jewel, professionally gold metal jewel, and quality jewel with a knight cross or adjusting back fitting for cap high quality. This is a Gilt-plated K.T Preceptory Cap badge with a simple rear fitting that can be used on your existing cap. Our professional Workers have created this magnificent breast jewel in a very elegant manner, with an outstanding level of detailing and finishing, and this basic breast jewel is ideal for any Freemason. You can wear it to any event and also give a present to your loved ones as a gift.

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