The best books on the Knights Templar

knights templar books

The best books on the Knights Templar

The best books on the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar is a legendary warrior order from the Middle Ages. These texts tell us about the lives of the knights templars and their secrets. Many novels have been written about who the knights templar are and what rituals keep them alive. Different authors wrote about the life narrative of the Knight Templar in the twenty-first century because the history of the templars is easily understood. Many works recount the true tale of the Knights Templar and the events that occurred during their reign.
The best books on the Knights Templar

First Book:

The Templar Knight was the first in a trilogy of books about a disturbed Swedish templar knight. It’s his Templar trilogy, though, for the sake of this site. The book is about defending Jerusalem against the Muslims. The author’s ability to weave Arn’s storey around all of the current events and politics in Jerusalem and Europe is incredible. He writes mostly from the point of view of the Templar Knights, particularly one named Arn.

Knights Templar


With firsthand insights, the author relates the story of the knights in a logical, chronological order. Write the history in simple language that the reader may comprehend. Describe the history of warrior monks so that the reader can understand what he couldn’t before. A map, a timeline, and a table of the kingdom’s rulers are included.


Knights Templar myths


If you really must investigate the Templars’ legends, start with the facts. Martin wrote on the legends surrounding the Knights Templar. Some of them may be myths, while others may be also factual. Martin Explain the distinction between facts and hypotheses. A chronology, charges present against the Templars, and a list of grandmasters are also included.

So, The Templars’ Templars’ Templars‘ Templars’ Barber describes the anti-Islam and anti-Muslim campaign. The knights templars were imprisoned and charged with major heresy by; King Philip IV, King of France, in October 1307. Barber’s book addresses the unsolved issues surrounding the trial’s outcomes.

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